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David Schroers - Available to relocate 336-870-9769 * dsd1db5f@westpost.

net * 4340 Edgar Rd * Sophia NC 27350 Summary: Senior Software Engineer with extensive technical knowledge, creative problem so lving, fast learning, and communication skills. Results-orientated with a prove n record of delivering quality software within required time frames in both offi ce and telecommuting environments. Leading developer on a multi-million dollar product used worldwide by millions. Experience using various technologies inclu ding: * C++ * COM * C# * C * MFC * OOD * WPF * MS Visual Studio

* MS Windows.

Professional Experience: COREL SOFTWARE (formerly JASC), Eden Prairie, Minnesota 2000 - 2010 Principal Software Engineer Leader for engineering related activities including code, design, and peer revie ws. Worked individually and as part of a project team to develop software using established practices and procedures. > Principal developer and key team member for multiple versions (7-14) of the Co rel PaintShop Photo Pro (PSPP) application. PSPP is an award winning photo edit or and paint program used by millions worldwide and generates over 20 million in revenue annually. > Facilitated the smooth transition of product development from the Minnesota to Taiwan office. > Designed an SDK to use PSPP commands in the new Corel PaintShop Photo Express 2010. The SDK allows the WPF/C#/Managed code of Photo Express to use the comman ds from the MFC/C++/Unmanaged PSP code base via a COM interface. > Investigated, designed, and implemented threading enhancements in PSPP. This involved looking at threading options and code issues with previously sequential code. A thread pool and task pool were implemented. > Architect for new applications based on the PSPP framework including Corel Med iaOne, Snapfire, and Paint Shop Pro Studio. > Developed the idea, design, and implementation of the PSPP on-demand load syst em, which caches command data and allows commands to be loaded as needed by the application. This provided users with a 30% faster startup time and smaller mem ory footprint. > Created the command processor and history sub-systems of PSPP. These sub-syst ems are responsible for: the discovery and loading of commands dlls, creation of commands, caching of command data, macro recording, undo and redo, streaming an d memory management of undo data, managing sub-commands, script execution, docum ent locking, and command synchronization. COMSQUARED, Burnsville, MN 1995 - 2000 Software Engineer Designed, specified, implemented, and tested new programs and enhancements to ex isting programs. > Designed and implemented a COM interface and image manipulation enhancements t o ComSquared's "UNIView" program. The program uses Accusoft imaging libraries t o view over 20 raster formats such as GIF, TIF, PCX, and others. The program is an ActiveX in-place OLE document server. > Worked with a diverse team to design and implement a fully threaded, object or

ientated, 32 bit Windows program called UNISearch32. It was developed using Mic rosoft Visual C++, ActiveX, and client server technologies. The application con tained a Visual BASIC for Applications kernel and form overlay support. > Developed a program to image enable text-based systems using OLE and Visual BA SIC. The program performs screen scraping to capture key text, and uses this da ta to retrieve or index images in a UNISearch database. The program is highly c onfigurable and can be used with many different systems. IC SYSTEMS, St. Paul, Minnesota 1994 - 1995 Programmer Analyst Responsible for the development of database programs from specifications. Worke d directly with the project manager to ensure customer requirements were met. > Developed programs for both the UNIX and MS-Windows environments using C and e mbedded SQL. > Significantly reduced coding, maintenance, and execution times, by developing an embedded SQL function library in C. > Significantly enhanced an MS-Windows based product written in Borland C++. Th e enhancements reduced the data-file size, improved performance, increased capac ity, and made the product easier to use. Education: Master of Science in Software Engineering University of St. Thomas - Saint Paul, Minnesota Bachelor of Science in Computer Science University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, Wisconsin