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Graphics Artist/Creative Web Designer Developer Dear Hiring Manager This letter is to express my interest in bringing my years

of expertise in Creat ive Web Design, Web Visualization, Graphic Design and Multimedia knowledge to yo ur firm. As my resume indicates, my background includes a little more than a decade of vi sually bringing to life client ideas with significant expertise in: *Design and create Web Sites using latest web techniques maintaining CSS W3C Sta ndards. *Sales team visual support content to persuade potential clients to choose produ ct. *Lecture and advise financial institutions on latest SEO/SEM techniques. *Managing and generating complex attention getting marketing media (including sp ecial effects) for videos, web, and computer presentations. *Managing and editing photo images and layouts for still image presentations, pr int media and web. *Expertise in visually getting clients attention through creative eye-catching v isual presentations and direct marketing proposals. *Manage and produce direct marketing CD/DVD animations from personal animation s tudio computer. *Produce web based streaming video animations for internet purposes. *Manage and visualize the Big Picture or idea, read the clients mind and win ove r the client. In view of the foregoing, my experience and skills would make me a valuable crea tive dedicated team player to your department. This includes my ability to take a project and literally follow through quickly to meet that all important deadli ne without sacrificing creativity. You can leave a project in my hands at the la st minute and Ill find a way to get it done ASAP. I have never missed a deadline . In conclusion, I also feel certain, that with my rience and dedication to providing comprehensive mination as a team player in working with others untless hours toward the advancing excellence of years of actual on the job expe professional services and deter and customers, I can provide co your firm.

Even if you have already filled the positions, I guarantee that at least an inte rview would not be a waste of your time. Full Resume Creative Web Designer Developer /Graphics Specialist 10+ years experience with Interactive Multimedia/Web/Print Proposals and Digital Projects. QUALIFICATIONS (Tasks done for each of my previous employers) *Provide U.I. and Icons for mobile technology.

*PowerPoint presentations and mock ups designed to excel account development *SEO/SEM public speaking *Increased sales 30% and penetrated new market areas with visually pleasing web based marketing promotions. *Visual design lead and problem solving *Create online training videos and interactive CD projects plus various DVD proj ects. *Provide GUI/look and feel design support for programmers. *Define site architecture and interpret business requirements, design brochures, police company branding. *Creative/graphic design support for marketing promotions. *Project management *Proficient in Adobe FLASH CS4, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe Fireworks, CS4, Ado be Photoshop CS4, Adobe Illustrator CS4, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premier, Corel Dr aw, Quark Express, Microsoft Technologies, DotNetNuke Web Portal Design, ASP Cla ssic, MS SQL Server 2005, MS Advanced Server 2000/2003 Web Site Administration, IIS 6.0+, HTML, DHTML, Certification in Macromedia Flash MX Advanced Action Scri pting, SEO/SEM and CMS Portal design. *Current Studies: CMS Systems WordPress/Drupal, C#, ASP.NET, XML, PHP,JSON, Java Script, Advanced Flash Action Scripting. *Home Office Includes: Windows XP, Fax, Copier, High-Speed Internet, and Telepho ne. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Jul 2010 Sept 2010 (contract) Apptricity Corporation PHP WebSite Web Designer/Graphic Designer (Temp. contract) TASKS - Corporate freelance work Site Redesign of, served as design team consultant during development and re-launch Graphic Designer for Pre sentations Coordinate create and design e-blasts Jan 2010 May 2010 (Temp. contract) American Airlines Allied Pilots Association via Ajilon Consulting TASKS - Web Designer/Email Blasts to Pilots Manage/Theme DotNetNuke CMS systems. Work with Marketing Communications to layout, design mockups, website templates, Icons for iTunes Web Site, Web Content Management. Coordinate create and design e-blasts May 2004 Dec 2009 (Full Time) Sharp BancSystems Visual Graphics Director Designer / Creative U.I. Web Designer Manage/Theme DotN etNuke CMS Systems TASKS - Senior Graphic Designer,Web Site Development and conversion to DotNetNuk e/ New Web Design /Lead DotNetNuke Skin and Portal Design, Search Engine Optimiz ation (SEO) specialist. ALL OF THE ABOVE done for over 20 different financial banks in Texas and Oklahoma U.I. Design for applications/ Intermediate level programme r/Build Icons for web applications. Nov 2003 - April 2004(contract) Verizon Corporation via Info-Vision Staffing Visual U.I.-U.X Designer Consultant for Internet Projects U.I. Designer. Produce Web Mockups for Fiber to the premises project (now known as Verizon Fios/ Analyze user experience and tendencies. Produce screen mockups for programmer application support. Goal was to ease the user experience through U.I. design of web application fron

t end. (Corporate Work Experience Continued On Next Page) Feb 2001 - July 2003 (Full Time) The TriZetto Group (Healthcare) Software and Website Design Developer Consultant TASKS - Graphic Designer/ U.I. Design for applications/ Intermediate level progr ammer/ Web Site Design Architect for and conversion to CMS Web Portal June 1994 - Feb 2001 (Full Time) RadioShack Corporation TASKS - Graphic Designer/ Multimedia Events/Internal Broadcast Graphic Support/W eb Design Managed CMS Web Portals. Creative Digital Artist for Corporate Presentations. Web Designer for Corporate Communications. Enforced Corporate Brand on and RadioShack Online initiatives. Programming on the intermediate level 1 for intranet projects as we ll as e-Commerce. Analyze user experience and tendencies and produce screen mock ups for programmer application support. Goal was to ease the user experience thr ough U.I. design of web application front end. Certified Story Server Web e-Comm erce Application Designer. Provide Visual Graphics and Broadcast presentation su pport. October 1990-June 1994 Full Time Previously employed as AutoCAD Graphic Artist/Programmer Designer with PASTUSEK INDUSTRIES (now DNJ Technologies) .

EDUCATION Draughons College of Business, Fort Worth, TX Technical Diploma, 1989 STUDIES: Programming for AutoCAD, Commercial & Technical Illustration, Architectural, Ele ctrical & Electronic and Mechanical Design Weatherford Area Vocational Center, Weatherford, TX STUDIES: Advanced Commercial Art & Advertising Design, Computer Science, 1987 Awards: 3 Congressional Awards of Artistic Merit Voted as 1986-87 Artistic Discovery by U.S. Congress Painting was displayed for 1 year in the U.S. Capital Voted most outstanding vocational worker of the year by Weatherford Rotary Club. Twice received RadioShack Corporations employee of the month serve the server aw ard in 1994 and 1997. NOTE: Additional references, testimonials, letters of recommendation and multimedia sa mples of portfolio provided at interview. Respectfully yours, Reginald Thomas