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Linda M. Helton 17963 Huntleigh Country Club Hills, Ill, 60478-4375 708-336-0629 lh73e4cc@westpost.

net Qualification Summary A self-demonstrated professional with an earned B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studie s concentrating in communications and also, focused in Information Systems Certi fication anticipated in January, 2011 in areas of A-plus certification, Windows 7, Network certifications. Education New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, Chicago, Ill, 60606 Information Systems Certification, Estimated Graduation January, 2011 Governors State University, University Park, Ill, 60484 Bachelor of Arts Degree, Interdisciplinary Studies, June 2009 Richard J. Daley, Chicago, Ill, 60620 Associate of Arts Degree, General Studies, May 1994 Capabilities Include -Troubleshooting -Microsoft Office -Problem Solving -Self-Decision maker nes -Multi-tasker -Operate standard Business Machi

Professional Experience AT&T, Chicago, Ill, January 2007-December 2009 Network Planning & Engineering * Maintained and Monitored the central offices that stores data for phone lines to ensure proper dial tone for over 1,000s of business/residence accounts. * Troubleshoot problem service orders by way of lfacs, boss, nma, pib, switch, e -mails are the systems used to provide accurate and detailed information to meas ure usage. * Collaborated the Integrity of AT&T inventory of central office equipment Outsi de Plant Facilities, Intergrated Digital Loop Carrier, Telephone Numbers and oth er network elements as required. * Managed user access to the operating systems and equipment through account man agement and password administration. * Monitored and Analyzed system performance such as network traffic, security an d capacities on high volume of studies. * Instructed in use of voice and data communications systems, such as voicemail and videoconferencing for meetings. * Consulted with users, administrators and engineers to identify business and te chnical requirements for office systems changes of for the use of technology cha nges. * Implemented measures by password security for operating systems, software and data. Ameritech, Chicago, Ill, December 1994-January 2007 Provisioning Specialists * Documented user support activity such as system problems, corrective actions, resolution status, and completed equipment installations for 1000,s of customers in the Midwest Regions Universal. * Used Computer-aided design layouts to help with network diagrams, in office eq uipment. * Prepared reports to provide data for daily, monthly, annually reports to keep up with office equipment and phone numbers. * Kept abreast of changes in the industries practices and emerging telecommunica

tion technology by reviewing current Manuals & Procedures, talking with colleagu es, participating and attending training workshops and or participating in profe ssional web conferencing or professional organizations. Illinois Bell, Chicago, Ill, April 1989- December 1994 Network Administrator * Maintained and Administered computer networks and related computing environmen t including computer hardware, systems software, applications software, and all configurations. * Diagnosed, troubleshoot, and resolved hardware, software, or other network and system problems, and replaced defective office equipment with new pieces that r anges from 1 to 1000's pieces. * Operated master operating consoles to monitor the performance of computer syst ems and networks access and use. * Monitored network performance to determine whether adjustments needed to be ma de to be forecasted into the future. * Confer with other network users to help solve existing problems Remittance Processing Clerk, October 1986-April 1989 * Verified and checked accuracy when processing phone bill payments. * Processed customer payments on various machines, such as opex, trp, and 10 key calculator * Ensured payments were processed and sent to the bank to be deposited * Compiled mailed on 24 hour 7 day operation for night depository transaction .