Case 10-51328

Claim 2-2 Part 8

Filed 11/24/10

Desc Exhibit F

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Exhibit F

Case 10-51328

Claim 2-2 Part 8

Filed 11/24/10

Desc Exhibit F

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WHEN RECORDED, MAILTO: Martha Croog, LLC 740 North Main Street,SuiteM West Hartford,CT 06177

I¡¡STR # ?ø10øø99ø6 VOL Ø72ØB PG ØØ4ø REüÛRDED ø6f3¡øt2øLø tt:3I:54 ÁHDREI{ S. GÁRFUFIKEL J0!{H CLERH ¡¡ORifALHCT


KNO\ry ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS,that SAND CANYON CORPORATION FKA OPTION ONE MORTGAGE CORPORATION ( Assignor ), whosemailing address 6501 Irvine CenterDrive, Irvine, CA is 92618,doesgrant,bargain,sell, assign, transferand setoyer unto: DEUTSCTIE BANK NATIONAL TRUST COMPANY, AS TRUSTEE FOR SOUNDVIEW IIOME LOAN TRUST 2005-OPTI, ASSET-BACKED CERTIFICATES, SERIES 2005-OPT1( Assignee), whosemailing is address l76l EasüSaint AndrewPiace, Ana,CA927A5, Sant¿ all of Assignor s righÇtitle and interestin, to and undera certainMortgage,to secure original principal an indebtedness ofThree HundredForty Thousand Dollars and 00/100 ($340,000.00), any other amountsor and obligationssecured thereby,datedJanuaryI 9, 2005 and recordedJanuary21,2005 in Volume 5692 at Page55 of the Norwalk Land Recordsexecuted EVANGELOS KRITHARAKIS AND TIFFA¡IY M. KRITIIARAKIS by FKA TIFFANY M. STADLER as Mortgagorsto M.A.C. Mortgages, assigned Assignor,togetherwith the as to note(s) and obligations therein tlescribedand the money due and to becomedue thereonwith interest and all rights accruedor to accrueundersuchMortgage. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the sameunto Assignee, successors assigns, its and forever,subjectonly to the terms t . '. : .i: and conditionsof the Mortgage. THE LEGAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PROPERTY TO WHICH THE MORTGAGE RELATES IS DESCRIBED IN THE MORTGAGE. THE EFFECTIVE DATE OF THIS ASSTGNMENTIS MAY 1,2005. IN WITNESS IYHEREOF, Assignorhasexecuted Assignment of the ll day of *)¿tU ,2010. this as
¡ l :


rüerd¡:J, AssistantSecretary . Rhonda


couNrY 0øn1fi or

) ) ss. )
r t : -

BEFORE pERsoNALLy ME ApppARED,Kh{udt( roacr l^J0vúl. kqt súúùtu,îulyaurhorized
for SAND CANYON CORPOR.A.TIONFKA OPTÍON ONE MORTGAGE CORPORÃTION. who acknowledged executionofthe foregoingas his/herfÌee act and deedon behalf of SAND CANYON the CORPORÄTION FKA OPTION ONE M asofthet l ¿uV Sunl-, 2010. of

R. A. SALAZAR # Commisslon ¡ 759905

NotaryPublic My Com4ission


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