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INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE REPORT: Each professional degree needs practical knowledge of the respective field of discipline to be fruitful

. As a student of the BBA Program we need to submit an assignment for every course during a semester. This kind of assignment helps us to find relationship between theoretical knowledge & real life practical situation. In the seventh semester our “Selling & Sales Promotion” teacher Usmita Afrose, Lecturer, Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka, has told us to prepare an assignment on “Sales Promotion Campaign”.Then,we will decide to prepare a sales promotion campaign on apartment company. OBJECTIVES: The general objective of the study is to have a clear knowledge on sales promotion campaign on apartment company. Beside this general objective the report can be categorized into two parts: [Broad Objectives Ä To prepare an assignment for the “Selling & Sales Promotion” course. [ Specific Objectives
Ä Make a clear concept on Sales Promotion Campaign

(Apartment Company).


METHODOLOGY In order to prepare an assignment we need to gather data. We can use two types of data in an assignment. Those are:  Primary Data In our assignment there is use of primary data. We went to various developers company to know how they will operate various sales promotion campaigns. They helped us very much by providing various information on sales promotion.  Secondary Data This assignment is full of secondary data also. In order to prepare this assignment we took help from various websites available in the internet, from newspapers, articles & magazines, etc.


consists of a group of activities (publicity. and reinforcement regarding product’s attributes. Advertising & publicity are informational vehicles. while sales promotion serves as the persuasive element of the promotional mix. personal selling. persuasion. 6 . advertising & publicity that stimulate consumer purchasing & dealers effectiveness. personal selling & sales promotion in order to motivating sales personnel. The American Marketing Association defines sales promotion as “…. A company’s promotional mix. beyond advertising.” Sales promotion goals & strategies should always be tied in with a products marketing strategy. To accomplish these goals. but still working with the other promotional elements. dealers & to offer incentives to consumers.those marketing activities other than personal selling. marketers use a wide variety of techniques collectively known as sales promotion.LITERATURE REVIEW SALES PROMOTION: Each year marketers spend billions of dollars. the various the various promotional components will complement each other to achieve maximum sales. Properly planned & coordinated. & sales promotion) designed to produce sales by providing information. as we have seen. advertising. supplementing the broader plan.” Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong defines sales promotion as “short-term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service.

Beyond this. and personal selling. We (Mercury group) are a new company in this business. such as  To stimulate. support & provide incentives for the sales force in its merchandising& selling efforts. sales personal often operate under a variety of incentives that are part of the sales promotion campaign. Not everyone perceives this need. 7 . because sales promotion activities support advertising. since members of the sales force often serve as the coordinators for various sales promotions.  To motivate middlemen toward providing active and enthusiastic support in marketing our products & services. Therefore. publicity.Personal selling & sales promotion likewise interrelate.  To provide consumers with incentives aimed at stimulating trial or continued used of our specific products & services.  Increasing order size and profitability as well as lowering sales costs.  Gain new users and encourage repeated product usage. planning for these components should precede together. § Sales promotion objectives: We have to choose the following sales promotion objectives for our “Apartment business”. OUR SALES PROMOTION CAMPAIGN: § Product: We have decided to promote “Apartment business”.

Direct premium: Direct premiums go right to the consumer.  To offset competitive promotional activities.  Offers usually take the form of a “cents-off” reduction appearing on the apartment price. Direct price reductions: Direct price reductions offer the consumer the opportunity to purchase a product at a specified saving of the regular retail price . etc. To stimulate off-season purchases.These offers usually take the form of a “cents-off” reduction appearing on the product.600/=. It doesn’t require any types of proof of purchase.  15% discount for every flat. free of charge. II. § Sales promotion tools: We have to choose the following sales promotion tools for our “Apartment business”. II. at the time of purchase. Reasons to be chosen:  To offer the consumer the opportunity to purchase apartment at a specified saving of the regular retail price. encourage impulse purchase. Direct premium. Advertising specialty.  Effective in stimulating sales during off-seasons. such as: I. We offer the following for our “Apartment business” Discount for per square feet TK. and offset competitive promotional activities. Direct price reductions. III. if the consumer will pay the full amount at a timeless. There are four types of direct premium:  On-pack premiums  In-pack premiums  Near-pack premiums 8 . I.

logo & promotional message. We offer the following for our “Apartment business”Pens. Container premiums Reasons to be chosen:  To offer the consumer the opportunity to purchase apartment with a variety of gifts. logo & promotional message. etc. Like… 9 .  Effective in stimulating sales during off-seasons. § Our media plans: We include several types of media to inform people about our products& services as a part of sales promotion. Ashtrays. often bearing the advertiser’s name.  To offset competitive promotional activities. Advertising specialty: Advertising specialty involves the distribution of useful articles of merchandise (usually of nominal monetary value). T-shirts. Calendars.     Reasons to be chosen:  The distribution of useful articles of merchandise (usually of nominal monetary value). III. often bearing the advertiser’s name.  To offset competitive promotional activities.  To preselected recipients as goodwill gestures  Effective in stimulating sales during off-seasons. to preselected recipients as goodwill gestures.  Key chains & the like. etc. They are given without cost or obligation.

If we summarize this above discussions. • Cost effective.I. it is another reason that’s why we select this type of media. Many people want to get any service or product related information through newspaper. then we can come in to these conclusions that…. • Long lasting. and choose two most published daily newspapers among the different types of newspapers in our country. Print media is less expensive comparatively with other media. Print media: Among the different types of media. It is also long lasting. print media is one of them that carry product and service related messages from the business organization to the consumer very easily. The People can keep it to take any product and service related decision in future. We select print media because it is very effective to inform people about our products and services on day to day basis. These are Prothom Alo &  Daily Star. because it creates more visible information in front of the people. • More visible. 10 . Basically we select newspapers as our print media. it is also another reason to choose this media. • Effective media to inform people.

. then we can come in to these conclusions that… • Television is most popular broadcast media type.. • Most effective. On the other hand television advertisement is more effective to attract new customers and retain old customers. because it is also more visible. print media will help us continuously. We select only one type of broadcast media. As a result they become more influenced to take any purchase decision regarding particular product and service. So if we provide any product and service related information through television it will be most effective. II.  Channel I &  ATN Bangla. If we summarize this above discussions. Through television peoples can hear & see any advertisement and any information at the same time. Most of the people in our country are accustomed to see television. We choose two most popular types of television channels among different types of television channels in our country. 1) Television.So we hope that to inform mass people about our products and services. such as. These are……. 11 . • Instantly inform to the people. Broadcast media: It is another type of media which also useful to inform the people about product and service.

Display media: In our country display media like-billboards & posters becoming more popular. There are several reasons that’s why we choose display media. We select two types of display media among different types of display media. Such as: 1) Billboards & 2) Posters. After all we can say that broadcast media like television will be most powerful media tool to inform the people about our products and services instantly. • To inform mass people: 12 . Like other business organizations we also arrange different types of display media to inform potential customers about our services. but uniquely.• It is possible to hear & see at the same time through television. These are as follows…. Like Ghulshan  Shabag. We also select different locations for our billboards. because of its effectiveness and simplicity. III.  Dhanmondi  Mirpur We select these are the most suitable places for display media (billboards).

for them this media is very useful and also for us. because all types of people can observe what are we wanted to say through this media. It is less time consuming than other 13 .Online media: 1) E-mail 2) Web sites. We will able to provide inform with a low cost. IV. • Cost effective: Billboards and posters are not very much expensive that also encourage us to take these tools. Because we don’t display billboards for only two or three days even a week. Such as: people will get information about our services through visit our web sites within short time and easily.To inform mass people display media like billboards& posters are very useful. Some people who wants to get information near about their hands. Now-a –days many business organizations are providing online service to customers through their web sites and e-mail. potential customers will see frequently as a result they can fix their mind to purchase our products and services. Because long lasting. • Effective media tools. So we can say that these tools are effective. It is basically express how much technologically advance the company is? In our organization we also have web sites. • Long lasting: Display media is long lasting than other media types. Because of some reasons we choose this media type. through which we will provide online service to our customers. So it can be said that it is long lasting.

We choose two types of transportation media. On the other hand international trade fair also helps us to promote our services and increase our new customers. facilities and other incentives to the customers with direct communication. It is very easy medium through which we will be able to face to face communicate with customers.  International commercial fair. In our country basically two types of trade shows are visible. Through rehab fair we will be able to inform about our different types of offers. types. like- 14 . Like Rehab fair.Trade shows: Through different types of trade shows we will be able to provide necessary information to our potential customers about our product and service.Transportation media: It is another type of media through which we will be able to advertise our products and services to inform people. V. It is also possible to get immediate response from customers through this media.

• Easy to use or manage. § Time schedule: I. • Close to the people. so like them we think that it also helps us to fulfill our expectations.  Outsides of cars. We give our advertisement each Tuesday at Daily Star & each Friday at Prothom Alo.Print media: • Doinik Prothom Alo • The Daily Star We use print media as Doinik Prothom Alo & The Daily Star for two months. Insides of cars. Because• At Friday most of the people pay more time& attention to read the newspapers. • It is not very expensive. • People can observe frequently. Etc In our country we see that many organizations use this type of media. We choose this media because……. When people will go one place to another place through public car then they can be able to see our advertisement insides of car. 15 . • Remain for many days. • Visible. On the other hand outsides of cars mean that we use outsides of cars to advertise our products services.

Broadcast media: We use ATN & Channel i to advertise for two months. ATN: • Advertisement will be shown after the short break of the news at 7. As a result.• We think wise to advertise in Tuesday at The Daily Star.Display media: 1. Billboard: Billboard will be displayed at four points: • Gulshan • Shahbag : : One month One month One month : One month • Dhanmondi : • Mirpur Though the cost of billboard is so high.00pm. Other reasons of using billboard at these points• Some of these points are the main places of Dhaka. • Through the program of “Business Week” we will demonstrate & inform about our unique offers & activities each week at Tuesday 6. but now-a-days. as it is a business newspaper. • Other points will used to attract our target customers. 16 . almost everyday most of the people have to go through these points. III.00pm. Channel i: • Advertisement will be shown after the short break of the news at 9. II.30pm. the impact of billboard is so vital.

Trade shows: Each year a lot of trade shows take place across the nation. where we have• Company details • Product details • Policies • Consultancy facilities • Mailing list of interested visitors for follow-up • Facilities to place customer suggestions & complaints V. • To provide selected markets with product information & offers.Online media: We have our website as www. Considering the type of our product. because more they see our displays at several places more the positioning will be reinforced.mercury@hotmail. IV. There are several reasons why we participate in trade shows. 2. we decide to participate in two main fair of our country: • International Trade Shows • REHAB fair These two fairs play a dominant role within our target market. • To inform the systems & procedures. as17 .• We will display four billboards at a Through participating in the trade shows we can promote our products & gather needed information. • To provide product literature. The reason behind• To introduce our new products. Posters: • Posters will be used before & during the fairs.

To introduce our new products To make sales To generate new sales leads To promote the corporate image To conduct marketing research To observe the completion To gather experience To get immediate customer feedback. but we have our proper planning & execution which can make them cost effective. Although some immediate sales activity may happen as a direct result of trade show exposure. because it held only to promote 18 . trade shows are expensive.  Authority to buy.• • • • • • • • • Trade shows are gaining increasing favor in the consumer market.  Identification of the attendees by job title. our fundamental reason for participating in these forums are. • To provide selected markets with product information & • • • To provide product literature & make media presentations To develop a mailing list of interested visitors for follow-up To know the consumer information:  Number of people attending the show. Though we know. REHAB fair will play a vital role for achieving our goals.  List contact with qualified sales prospects.

VI. One is Channel I and the other is ATN Bangla.Transportation media: Inside & outside of the bus : Six months The reason behind the duration & vehicle• Buses move around different routes across the country which can advertise very easily. • The cost of this media is very low. it will be imprinted on the third page of the newspaper. One is the billboard. We will use these before any kind of fair. § Where of Media: We select two types of media. The other type of display media is the posters. 19 .housing & developers. And our special offers will distinguish among all the participating members of the fair. We do our advertisement on every Saturday and Friday for six months. (3) Display Media: We will choose two types of display media. trade shows etc. That’s why we decide to use this media for long duration. (1) Print media: We select two types of print media. Basically. Dhanmondi and Mirpur. we will contract with them for 2 months for media coverage at the middle of ATN Bangla News. We do our advertisement on every Monday and Wednesday. It will also continue for six months. (2) Electronic Media: We select two types of electronic media. For ATN Bangla. One is Prothom Alo. • Passengers of the different rotes may be interested to see our advertisements. The other types of print media are The Daily Star. We will establish our billboard at Gulshan. we will use it for 1 month. Basically. We will contract with Channel I for media coverage before Channel I News at 7 pm. these are print media and electronic media. It will continue for 2 months. Shahbag. It will also be imprinted on the third page of the newspaper.

It will be used for forever. then it will be very helpful for us and our firm. (6) Transportation Media: Transportation is an effective media. § Budgeting: Types of media Print Media Prothom Alo The Daily Star Duration 6 months 6 months 2 months Single payment Tk 20000 Tk 20000 Tk 80000 Total cost Tk 960000 Tk 960000 Tk 4800000 Electronic Media Channel I ATN Bangla 2 months Tk 80000 Tk 1500000 Tk 100000 Tk 4800000 Tk 6000000 Tk 500000 Display Media Billboards Posters 1 month Before fairs 20 . We have a web site.mercurygroup@hotmail. If we can participate in this kind of fair. We will use this type of media for 6 months. One is inside of car and another is outside of . We hope that it will bring huge success for us and for our company. (5): We will join at REHAB fair and International Trade Fair yearly.(4) Online Media: Online media is one of the effective ways of media. The name of our web site is www. It will help us to become familiar in the market. We will use two types of transportation media.

(2) Gain new users: Good sales promotion can help us to gain new customers. (4) Creating good image: We all know that good image is an asset for all the company. If we can not handle the competitors in an effective way. As a result. On the other hand. then it will be destructive for our company. new users will be the best advertisers for our company. handling competitors effectively will also help us to predict future. Every company wants to increase of its own image. It 21 . Good sales promotion can help us to inform people. (3) Counter competitors activity: Effective sales promotion can prevent strong competitors easily.Online Media Forever Nil Tk 200000 REHAB Fair International Trade Fair Once a year Once a year Nil Nil Tk 1000000 Tk 2000000 Transportation Media Inside Car Outside car 6 months 6 months Tk 50000 Tk 70000 Tk 300000 Tk 420000 § Expectation: Here are some of our expectations regarding sales promotion: (1) To inform people: If can appropriately do our sales promotion then we can get a certain good result. On the other hand. If we can increase our users rapidly. then it will be profitable for us. we can rapidly expand our product very close to the target customers.

helps every company to become stronger in the field of competition. § Extra Sales force needed: As a new housing company. 22 . we need not any extra sales force. • • • • To go through the introductory stage more smoothly. So the reason behind not to use extra sales force are• To reduce the cost & expenditure of staffing & training programs. If we can promote our sales promotion effectively. And to go through according to our company objectives. To build strong organizational structure without a mass. we are having lots of costs & expenditure to introduce & inform our company in the industry & to our customers. then it will help us to build good image. To follow the organizational plan gradually. It will also help us to balance our costs as well as the strategic & planning objectives. To inform the customers about the company properly without the hassle of sales people.

§ Copy: 23 .

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 Expand or improve distribution.  Reduce or increase trade inventories. LIMITATIONS OF THE ASSIGNMENT: Although we tried our best to make this assignment a successful one.  Off season purchases. brokers.  Due to lack of practical experiences. If we got more time then we could make it a better one. but there are some limitations. which are given below:  We got very little time for preparing this assignment.  Repeat purchases. 26 .  Motivate dealers. or creative advantages. or other trade support.  Counter competitive activity. persuasion.  Encourage more frequent or multiple purchases. geographical. some errors might be occurs during preparing the assignment.  Capitalize on seasonal. and reinforcement regarding product’s attributes. display. sales force. or franchise holders.  Providing information.FINDINGS:  Introducing new or improved products or product uses.  Obtaining feature pricing.

Edward W.Robert Eng & Morton Galper  & Norman  we decided to prepare a sales promotion campaign on apartment company. The assignment helps us to a have a clear idea on “Sales Promotion Campaign”.Then.Still .CONCLUSION: At the end of the assignment we want to say that it was very interesting & exciting to make this kind of assignment. Richard R. BIBLIOGRAPHY:  Sales Management-Decisions. For this we want to give thanks to our course teacher for giving us the opportunity to prepare this assignment.Strategies & Cases 27 .