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Should Circumcision in Female Continue to be in Practice in the Country of Nigeria? Female circumcision can be defined as the removal of the Clitoris from the Genital area of the female body. This traditional procedure is done in the country of Nigeria together with the ritual ceremony to honor and welcome the circumcised girl into their communities. It is usually performed between infancy and puberty stage. In western mentality, it seems to be barbaric and humiliating, however this ancient practice hold a significant meaning to the people who practice it by promoting their religion and culture. Despite all the critics by the western world, religious scholar and traditional rulers in some villages like oja odan and ohunbe in Ogun state of Nigeria feels that female circumcision should not be abolish because of their moral reason which can be justifiable in most cases over sexual control, religion, and myth while the critics of female circumcision by the western civilization is primarily because of science and medical ethics. According to the believes impacted by the religious scholar and the traditional rulers, one major reason to justify female circumcision is to have sexual control over women. Female circumcision will limit sexual pleasure and the act of prostitution because it is discovered that not all prostitute do prostitution for financial reason, some are into it because of the pleasure they derive from it due to the high sensitivity they already had for sexual activities being uncircumcised.

. it is performed more heavily in the Muslim community. Traditions and religious policy are very hard to get rid off and the controversy over female circumcision may last for several more years. The practice is seen as protecting the modesty and chastity which is highly valued and clearly prescribed in the Quran. The second myth justify the believes that female circumcision increases fertility and the future products (Babies) of the circumcised girl. It will grow into a size of the male organ. In Nigeria female circumcision is performed by the Muslim and the traditional worshipers. it is the part of the Suna in the Holly Quran and also it lessen sexual desire in women.Another reason why female circumcision should be approves and continues to be embrace in Nigeria is because of its religion and tradition. Female circumcision must continues to be in practice because of the women sexual morality. Sokoto and Gombe state that the clitoris represent the male organ and if it is not cut. it is believed in some parts of Nigeria like Kwara. Female circumcision should be allow by the people who really had a great passion for it. Since every person is entitle to fundamental human right. All this justifiable reasons are worthy enough for female circumcision to continue to be in practice without associating it with any forms of embargo. after all it is being done with a good intension. In conclusion. The final reason why female circumcision be approve and appreciated is because of the myth that has been in existence since the days of the ancestors up till this present era . Religious leader believes that. people that supports the practice of circumcision in female believes in the tradition and religion on what happen if a female does not undergoes such non scientific surgery.

.religion and the myth that¶s surrounds it that happens to be true life experience in some parts of Nigeria in West Africa.