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YARIELA BRANDAO-PROSSER 36 Oliver Street a Watertown, MA 02472 ybd23266@westpost.

net a 617-803-8830 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCES PROFILE Budget / Accounting / Financial Planning / Compensation Strategy & Administratio n / Team Building & Leadership / Staffing / Immigration Dedicated bilingual professional with advanced education combined with unique mu lticultural experience in Budget, Finance and Human Resource Management. Solid knowledge of financial management to include budget formulation, monitoring, and execution. Great experience with the US Government, start-ups and Global Compan ies. Fluent in Spanish with knowledge of Portuguese. Over 9 years of budget expe rience with the US Government through the Panama Canal Zone and the Panama Canal Commission. Financial Management Strengths: a Budget Formulation and Execution a Performance Analysis and Justification a Defended budget at Board Meetings a Strategic Planning a Great experience consolidating, merging and downsizing operations a Compensation Analysis a Leadership strength a Financial Analysis, monitoring of expenses, & justifying variations a Financial Acumen and Analysis a Team Alignment and Development a Knowledge of ISO 9000 a Last position held: Budget Officer NM-12 EDUCATION Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) a Emmanuel College a" Bos ton, MA Master of Business Administration (MBA) a Nova Southeastern University a" FL, Pa nama Branch Bachelor of Science (BS) in Personnel Management and Accounting a St. Maryas Uni versity a" Panama PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ATTUNE USA a" Burlington, MA May 2007 - Present SAP AFS IT Global Consulting Company with offices in Germany, Italy, Spain, Hong Kong, India, Sri Lanka, UK, Australia, North and South America, providing ERP s olutions and SAP AFS applications and products to all customers in the Apparel a nd Footwear Industry.

Human Resources Regional Manager Responsible for Human Resources Management for North and South America. Leverag ed 12+ years of experience in human resources, compensation, benefits, finance, staffing, and recruiting to help grow the regionsa revenue from $5m to $15m. Created compensation packages for all consultants, including employees under spe cial working visas (H1B, L1B, TN) for US and Brazil. a Defined and managed process for obtaining US working visas for consultants com ing from India, Sri Lanka, and South America. a Analyze turnover rate, conduct surveys, and recommend employee retention strat egies. a Recruit permanent and contract consultants directly and through agencies a Created holiday policy, program management, business expenses policies, vacati on planning, employee referral policies, etc

a Manage all benefits (health care, dental, life insurance, LTD, 401K Plan, amon g others) a Perform site visits throughout the territory to implement career development, performance monitoring, and employee retention strategies. a Direct all team building activities in the US. a Defined and manage Attune Global Induction Program a Manage payroll through ADP PANAMA CANAL AUTHORITY a" Panama Mar 1997 to Jan 2005 Maritime Company with 9,000 employees and annual revenue of $1.4 billion, previo usly an Agency of the United States. Budget Officer/Supervisory Budget Analyst, NM-12 (1997 to 2005) a Budget Officer, supervisor of 12 Budget Analysts. Responsible for the Formula tion, Execution, Justification and Monitoring of the largest division of the can al, the Maritime Operations division. In charge of career progression planning, and succession planning of the Panama Canal pilots and technical personnel inclu ding IT engineers, mechanical engineers, and other personnel. Analyze operation staffing levels to ensure proper funding. Responsible for defending the budget s at the Board Meetings. Analyze the financial impact of labor contracts and neg otiations. Prepared and analyzed monthly and quarterly reports to ensure perform ance was on track. Significant Contributions: a Exhibited versatility and commitment during major organizational changes, incl uding the transition from a U.S. Federal agency to a for-profit company in 2000. Played integral role in restructuring and change management, reducing the workf orce from 12,000 to 9,000 employees. a Created a new strategy which lowered the time-to-hire ratio by 20% and reduced operational overtime by $900,000 per year. a Participated in union negotiations, analyzed proposals and advised management regarding cost effectiveness of the proposals/financial impact. a Created and administered benefit and compensation packages of the Panama Canal Pilots. a Monitored transit operations to ensure that operational crews were properly co mpensated (compensation was based in transit category, size, type and materials carried) a Created and implemented new training initiatives, including a cross-training p rogram for accounting personnel that increased productivity. a Recognized for keen analytical skills, and creativity when overseeing financia l operations of the core business of the department of maritime operations at th e canal (approximately 5,000 employees). a Functioned as key contributor during ISO 9000 certification of the Panama Cana l; ensured that written procedures reflected the efficiency of the operation, an d later served as internal auditor (2 years). Budget Analyst / Supervisor, NM-11 (1992 to 1996) Earned several promotions to plan and execute financial and administrative opera tions for the fast-paced Engineering Bureau. Compiled and analyzed data, determi ning appropriate actions to control and minimize costs in the Dredging Division. Served as trusted liaison and advisor to cross-functional managers. a Provided a level of skill and focused budget management that led to promotions to progressively responsible and challenging positions. a Worked exceptionally well in a demanding and rapidly changing work environment ; contributed to continuous process improvement and a high level of team morale. a Supervised two budget analyst and one budget assistant Budget Analyst NM 7-9 (1990 to 1992) Started as Budget Assistant working for the Engineering and Construction Bureau of the Panama Canal and got promoted to Budget Analyst for General Services Bure

au and subsequently got transferred to the Marine Bureau as a Budget Analyst Sup ervisor. Other Experience with the US Government LN-03- NM-6 (1985 to 1990) Library Aid, US Army Library; Clerk Typist, General Services Bureau; Secretary S teno working for the USA MEDDAC Panama Gorgas Army Community Hospital. Acting, Administrative Officer working for the USA Army. Other Accomplishments at the Panama Canal Authority a" a Panama Agency: a Career Progression and Succession Planning. Created an excellent career progr ession planning system to ensure that the Panama Canal had enough qualified Pana manian pilots to take over the Canal in the year 2000. The new strategy contemp lated upper mobility programs, accelerated recruitment of experienced marines wh o studied abroad, in-house training, among others and a revised compensation pac kage. The canal exceeded its goals. a Performance Evaluation Management. Created and implemented an objective perfo rmance evaluation process that enabled management to better measure performance. Presented the project to Companyas directors and provided training to six divi sion managers. a Employee Retention Strategies. Wrote an executive paper to demonstrate the ben efits of decentralizing the funds for employee rewards. As a result, each depar tment was able to create reward strategies directly related to its operations; e mployees felt motivated. Employees received cash, hats, pens, and other company souvenirs whenever they made a suggestion to improve efficiency and reduce cost s. AFFILIATIONS Member, SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) Member, APEDE (Association of Panamanian Executives) Founding Member, FUNPANISO (Association for Deaf-Blind Children), Panama Advisory Committee Perkins School for the Blind.