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_MARK S CLARK_ CAREER SUMMARY: * Multiple industry mechanical design experience (Military Trucks, Cranes, Satellites and Communications

Equipment, Aircraft-mounted electronics; Optical, R&D, Consumer Products, Computer Design, Industrial Equipment, Cooling Towers, Conveyors) * Conceptual Designer, work well alone and prefer a collaborative environment * GD Perl, PHP, MySQL, HTML, XML, photography and graphics

CAD SOFTWARE: Pro/E (13,000 hours: releases 2001 thru WILDFIRE 3.0), AutoCAD (1,000 hrs), Solid Works (1,200 hrs), CADDS 5 (4,000 hrs)


MANITOWOC (GROVE) CRANES, Shady Grove, PA July, 2010 to Present Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 & Intralink a" Electro-Mechanical Cabling Designer a" Crane Mfg Worked on battery box designs, sheetmetal cabinetry, and cabling routings for industrial cranes.

Self-Employed, Austin, TX and Temple, TX Jan 2010 to June 2010 Worked in the Satellite and Cable TV Installation field.

JACOBS ENGINEERING, Houston, Texas June 2009 to Sept 2009 Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 some mechanical, almost all using Pro/Cable Routing cables Used Routed System Designer (RSD) some. Developed new cable management system

Mack / Volvo, Winston-Salem, NC Sept 2008 to Dec 2008 ProE Wildfire 3.0 & Intralink 3.4 a" Mechanical Designer

Trained on truck design, full production processes and use of light version of Catia. Was paid oncall for duration only.

ASCENDANT ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, Austin, Texas Nov 2007 to June 2008 Pro/E Wildfire 2.0, 3.0 & Intralink 3.4 - Electro-Mechanical Designer a" Engineering Solutions / Outsourcing Company Worked on optical product with tiny, high accuracy machined components, heavy GD&T, flex cable routing, cast aluminum Executed layout of video processing product, connectors and enclosure design

ARMOR HOLDINGS / BAE SYSTEMS, Sealy, Texas Sept 2006 to Oct 2007 ProE Wildfire 2.0 & Intralink 3.4 - New Product Mechanical Designer - Heavy Military Utility Trucks Lead designer on military vehicle prototype design projects, most notably MRAP prototype truck Large assembly management, Pro/Mechanism, worked in Prototype shop to help build new trucks

TRANE / AMERICAN STANDARD INC., Tyler, Texas May 2006 to Aug 2006 ProE Wildfire 2.0 sheet metal and molded plastic parts, drawing changes STEWART & STEVENSON / ARMOR HOLDINGS, Sealy, Texas May 2005 to May 2006 ProE Wildfire 2.0 & Intralink 3.3 - LMTV New Product Designer Heavy Military Utility Trucks Designer on military vehicle prototype designs, Pro/Cable and RSD, Hydraulic system routing, Pro/Sheet metal for bracketry Pro/Mechanism used to evaluate new front-end steering and suspension system

DELL COMPUTERS, Round Rock, Texas Nov 2004 to Apr 2005 ProE Wildfire 2.0 & Intralink 3.4 - Electro-Mechanical Designer a" Rack Mount Server Rails Injection molded plastic computer parts design, E/M Packaging, sheet metal design, Drop forged parts,

Pro/Mechanism used to test linkages and rack rail motion, Six Sigma tolerance evaluations, documentation packages with GD&T RAYTHEON COMPANY, El Segundo, CA Nov 2003 to June 2004 ProE Wildfire 1.0, 2.0 & Intralink 3.3 a" Pro/Cable Routing Designer a" Aircraft-Mounted Military Electronics Used Pro/Cable for routing RF Coax cabling Mechanical Designer for Waveguide rectangular tubing, machined aluminum and sheet metal. Created engineering process improvement for plan engineering BOMs and automating this process.

SHERPA TECHNOLOGIES, LLC, Hartford, Connecticut Jan 2003 to Nov 2003 PHP programmer and MySQL database designer a" Web site design company Created PHP code for MySQL database-driven websites: Used PHP and XML to process credit card orders Completed design of nutritional supplements site, shopping cart using Perl / MySQL, later changed all code to PHP

SOLAR TURBINES, San Diego, California May 2002 to Oct 2002 ProE 2001, Pro/Intralink, CADDS 5 a" ProE Implementation Engineer / Programmer a" Power Generation Company Created programming using Perl and C programming to automate the conversion of CADDS library parts to ProE Helped to train Pro/Intralink administrator on system setup and other CAD Support personnel to above process

BOEING SATELLITE SYSTEMS, El Segundo, California Dec 2001 to Apr 2002 ProE 2001 and Pro/Intralink, CADDS 5 a" ProE & CADDS 5 Application Engineer Helped users with ProE and CADDS 5 and all other software and printing issues


to Sept 2001 ProE 2001 and Pro/Intralink, CADDS 5 a" CAD Implementation Engineer a" CAD Software Company Worked on software testing, best practice methods, expert on CAD data translation to/from CADDS 5 / ProE One of 18 members on PTC implementation group, taught CADDS 5 classes, Perl programming, HTML documentation

HALLIBURTON ENERGY SYSTEMS, Carrollton, Texas Sept 1996 to Apr 1998 CADDS 5, Solid Works, Visual Basic, AIX Unix, CVMAC a" CAD Support and Trainer - Energy Services Company Certified CADDS 5 trainer, CAD support engineer, wrote programming for Solid Works using Visual Basic Optimized CVMAC programs, setup new IBM AIX CAD stations

QUADLUX, INC., Fremont, California Oct 1995 to Apr 1996 CADDS 5, UNIX a" Mechanical Designer Sun UNIX administration, CAD software, CAD programming language Did sales layouts; CAD programming for automation, engineering calculations and usage consistency Setup Sun Microsystems computers, maintained network and equipment, trained new CAD users

CONTINENTAL ELECTRONICS CORPORATION, Mesquite, Texas Aug 1987 to Jun 1988 Board Mechanical Drafter a" Military communications transmitters Electro-Mechanical Packaging, Sheet metal brackets and enclosures, Plastic parts design

ASTRO SHEETMETAL COMPANY, Irving, Texas Oct 1996 to July 1987 Board Design Drafter a" Architectural Sheet Metal Products Sheetmetal design, sales proposals and job quotes

CUSTOM CONVEYOR CORPORATION, Dallas, Texas Apr 1984 to Oct 1986 Board Mechanical Drafter / Project Engineer a" Airport and Postal Conveyor Systems

Airport and Postal Conveyor System design; occasional installation and supervision THE MARLEY COMPANY, Mission, Kansas Aug 1980 to Apr 1984 Board Mechanical Designer - Drafter / Structural Designer and Checker a" Industrial Cooling Equipment Designed Sheet metal parts, handrail, ladders and platforms, brackets and enclosures, Plastic parts design Designed pressure vessel components; checked piece part and field installation projects, Rendered Perspective illustrations

PLATT COLLEGE, St Joseph, Missouri Sept 1979 to Aug 1980 Teacher's Aide a" Technical College Helped out other students and checked their work

EDUCATION: PTC Certified Training 1996, 2001 ProE rev 17, rev 2001, ProE Basic, Advanced, Intralink and Sheet Metal CADDS 5 Certified Training 1996 Parametric Design and Assemblies Platt College 1980 Associate Degree a" Mechanical Drafting & Design and Trigonometry