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way to a meeting with the catechists and invited Mumba to accompany him.

The catechists agreed the parish would help to look after the family but Mumba had to do his part. One of the mothers would help with the childcare if Mumba would help on their farm. And, thanks to Missio, the parish could help with school fees, uniforms and books needed by Mumba’s family. And supported by Missio and World Mission Sunday the parish was able to help many more child-headed households in the community. When you share your faith, you are also giving life, love and hope.

What is Mission Sunday?
World Mission Sunday is celebrated everywhere in the world on the penultimate Sunday in October. Celebrations on this day encourage prayer and financial support for the mission outreach of the Catholic Church in a world where millions are thirsting to hear of God’s love for them and longing for the light of Christ in their lives.

The people of our day are more impressed by witness than by teachers, and if they listen to these it is because they also witness. (Evangelii Nuntiandi §41)

Where do donations go?
The World Mission Sunday collection is given in its entirety to support the outreach of the Church where it is too new, too young or too poor to fend for itself. Monies from England and Wales go directly to the bishops in the mission territories - local Church directly helping local Church! The prayers and contributions of our ordinary parishioners are vital. They provide:

Her faith helps others to find life Your faith has given them life
When 14 year-old Mumba’s parents died, his brothers, Simon and Chiti, were aged 11 and 7 and his sisters, Blessing and Kabwe were 9 and 2. Mumba was almost an adult but he was frightened. Perhaps one of the priests in his parish of Kasanka, Zambia could help. Finding food was easy. From an early age he had learned to use a canoe and catch fish. The problem would be paying school fees for the younger children. Even if Mumba sold every fish he caught, life would be very difficult. If he was fishing and Blessing was in school, who would care for Kabwe? If one of them became ill, how would they pay for their medicines? Mumba spoke to Fr Bernard, a Missionary of Africa, who lived two hours away in the swamp. Fortunately, Father was just on his Sr Rogita Bonaventure is a Franciscan Missionary of the Divine Motherhood from Nigeria who works in the same Zambian village of Kasanka. She works with childheaded families in which children must care for sick adults and orphans. Sr Rogita helps others to visit and comfort the sick. Help and support from the parish community are vital and enable the children to look to the future with some sense of hope. Thanks to the support of Catholics on World Mission Sunday thousands of parishes across the world are able to share their faith and give life through the work of catechists and missionaries like Sr Rogita and Fr Bernard.

Why does Missio coordinate World Mission Sunday?
Missio is the official support organisation for the overseas mission of the Catholic Church. It supports EVERY mission diocese in the world on their journey to becoming self-sufficient. It is charged with enabling all the faithful to actively participate in the Mission of the Church. It also makes sure that financial support received by local bishops, churches and missionary congregations is distributed fairly – on the basis of need rather than particular links. ‘Twinning’, although worthy, can sometimes cause an unfair disparity in the distribution of resources.

• places of prayer and worship • health and education • support for 'front-line' missionaries • training and support for the thousands of catechists who teach the faith and provide spiritual support in their own communities Missio relies entirely on donations from Catholic individuals and parishes; we receive no grants or subsidies from any other source.

For more information please see the fact sheets on our website: 1. What is a Mission Diocese? 2. The origins of World Mission Sunday 3. Why does Missio coordinate World Mission Sunday?

To read these stories in full and for information about Missio’s support in other continents please visit our website

4. Zambia fact sheet and stories in full

Mgr John Dale National Director Share your faith – Give life! established in 1926 and celebrated in 159 countries around the world Support from APF England and Wales Pakistan (2 dioceses – Faisalabad and Quetta) £ LITURGY PREPARATION NOTES NOTES FOR CHILDREN’S LITURGY HOLY FATHER’S MESSAGE AND MISSION INTENTIONS £404. 1056651 Web: www. You can be certain that the generous help from your parish and community through World Mission Sunday is guaranteed to reach the mission dioceses. Your financial support equips Reg Charity No. On World Mission Sunday this is expressed by a worldwide effort in which even the poorest countries have a collection to give what they can.World Mission Sunday Dear friend in mission Thank you for all your support for the worldwide mission of the Church. mutual friendship and support. World Mission Sunday helps each local Church to care for other Churches and support its poorest members Missio 23 Eccleston Square London SW1V 1NU Telephone: 020 7821 9755 Email: missionsunday@missio.988 India (15 dioceses including Hyderabad and Jammu-Srinagar) £997.559 World Mission Sunday helps each local Church to care for the other Churches and support its poorest members. Religious and priests to bring hope and the fullness of life to communities across the world. Every parish in the world is called to share in world mission. please encourage your parishioners and community in this celebration. As Pope John Paul II reminded us. no Church is so rich it cannot receive’.488 South Africa (9 dioceses including Durban and Rustenburg) Zimbabwe (8 dioceses including Bulawayo and Harare) £450. World Mission Sunday unites Catholics all over the world in prayer.015 Ghana (6 dioceses including Accra and Cape Coast) £491. For the sake of shared faith and life. Missionary cooperation is an exchange of gifts across the whole Church.missio. ‘No Church is so poor it cannot PRACTICAL INFORMATION & NEWSLETTER INSERTS COUNTING THE COLLECTION POSTERS .org. This strong symbol of universal solidarity is strengthened and made ‘mission’ by the prayers that we share and the faith that unites us.