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_________________ _ _MARTHA E. WOLDT (MARTY)_______________________________ 890 Dexter Street #202 Denver, CO 80220 Email: mwd23e6e@westpost.

net Phone: 720-215-1455 Competent, innovative professional with IT and English teaching experince seeks to utilize education, experience and proven capabilities to change careers. Strong desire to learn new skills, work with people and be of maximum benefit to a new company..


* Results-oriented individual possessing extensive experience in many fields, especially working with and teaching others. * Enthusiastic teacher employing humor and dramatic gestures to keep the attention of students and lighten the atmosphere with one-on-one attention to detail whenever possible. Internet resources used for enhanced listening, music and challenging games. * Ability to work with people at all levels in a high stress environment with excellent communication and teaching experience. * BA in Comparative Literature with emphasis on the modern American novel influenced by French Existentialists. * Completely self-taught computer professional, starting at the bottom and being promoted to a very high-level position. * Life-long interest in different cultures, taking courses and reading books on history, civilization, religions and current events. * Taught freshmen and sophomore English Majors, International Business Majors, graduate students and under-graduate technical students in Oral and Written English, using role plays, proper pronunciation, casual oral and formal written grammar, word and sentence stress, American casual and business slang, and, especially, new vocabulary. English Literature and American business practices reviewed. * In written English, used familiar, news and controversial topics for compositions, as well as teaching basic and advanced grammar, such as connection words, verb tenses, conditionals and casual versus official writing techniques. * Employed constant encouragement, non-threatening correction, games, puzzles and real life experiences to stimulate interest.

* Served as a judge in English-speaking contests, once at a university-level final contest and twice at all-grade Chinese National elimination contests. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:

INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL ESL TUTOR/TEACHER, Denver, CO, USA (5/10 a" Present) -Tutoring foreign children and adults who are currently living in the Denver, Colorado, area in all facets of the English language: reading, writing, speaking, pronunciation, grammar and common idioms used in business and personal life. Current students are seen five days a week, if desired, for 2 hours/day each. Also tutored one Chinese student in TOEFL here. NORTH CHINA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Beijing, China (2/09-4/10) English Foreign Expert Instructor - Taught Oral English to graduate and under-graduate students in technical and artistic fields, presenting different teaching plans to cater to the differing needs of the students' abilities. Defined new vocabulary, clues to pronunciation, word and sentence stress, English sound articulation, practical skill role plays for graduates and fun role-plays for under-graduates. - Special emphasis on individual help, repeat practice, verb tense practice as well as allowing students to choose their own words and plot/debate endings within guidelines; included American Culture in lesson plans according to students' requests. - Corrected written English compositions given as homework. - Solicited and tutored private students for pay, gearing lessons to each student's level of competence and needs for oral and written English instruction. WENZHOU VOCATIONAL & TECHNICAL COLLEGE, Wenzhou, Jheziang Province, China (9/08-2/09) English Foreign Expert Instructor - Taught English vocabulary, pronunciation, proper writing and grammar to Freshmen English Majors and International Business Majors, putting special emphasis on business practices for Business Majors and literary works for English Majors. - Taught two 3-hour Pubic English courses to any student who wished to attend, registered or not, from very basic speakers to

accomplished speakers. Particular attention to speaking practice, creative plot creation and debates. - Written homework was assigned, corrected and graded. HENAN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY, Jiaozuo, Henan Province, China (07/07 a" 6/08) English Foreign Expert Instructor - Taught English pronunciation, grammar and writing to first- and second-year technical students in every field offered at the university except English majors. - Hosted Open English courses to any students who wished to attend, registered or not, from very basic speakers to graduate students, using various multi-media techniques, conversation topics and debates. MARTY WOLDT a" PAGE 2

HOME DEPOT, Glendale, CO (07/06 a" 6//07) Cashier/Customer Service Professional - Extensive customer service in a very large home improvement store, cashiering, and researching product codes for computer input while taking English teaching courses at the TEFL Institute. THE BIRD HOUSE, Otis, Indiana (08/03 - 05/06) Administrative Assistant/Customer Service Representative - Performed administrative functions including customer service, answering phones, placing call-backs, taking orders, helping customers and selling products, keeping schedules on time, ordering supplies, creating all correspondence, mass mailings and reports including spreadsheets, for this wholesale craft shop which supplied hand-made bird feeders and bird houses to the many craft shops and to some trade magazines. Owners have now retired. PERSONAL LEAVE (10/00 a" 08/03) - Took care of very ill mother for almost 6 years, including time spent in Indiana mentioned above. QWEST COMMUNICATIONS, Denver, Colorado (1/00 - 10/00) Software Engineer - Team Lead, providing functional analysis, detailed design, coding, performing unit tests and creating integrated test plans for their

Wireless System. Interfaced with users, co-workers and vendors for project design. Mentored the newly-hired employees. - Taught group interactive software instruction classes using video-conferencing for system enhancements to users in 14 states. - Wrote documentation while monitoring projects to ensure deadlines were met. EXCEL PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (TEAM EXCEL), Englewood, Colorado (6/92 - 10/99) Consultant - Provided functional and design analysis, coded programs, performed initial and integrated testing primarily at Qwest Communications, but also at large insurance agencies, AT&T and Hewlett-Packard. Taught new languages to others on teams. - Created documentation meant for the user community and instructed users in the use of new software. - Interacted extensively with clients, management and outside vendors. PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF COLORADO (Xcel), Denver, Colorado (9/90 6/92) Senior Programmer - Technical Team Lead on Human Resources data conversion project for all company employees in 14 states. - Created company-specific changes to packaged subroutines, provided and executed unit and integrated test plans. - Helped system technicians install packaged systems and managed hired consultants as well as fellow team members. INNOVATIVE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, Denver, Colorado (6/87 - 9/90) Programmer Analyst - Traveled to many Western states, providing maintenance, enhancements and software installations at various buyer sites. Frequently managed hired contractors for limited assignments. - Expertise in customizing software, converting user data, troubleshooting and repairing bugs in Asset Management, Prospect CrossReference, Land Lease and Land Contract Systems. - Designed and implemented unit and integrated test plans, as well as user documentation for buyers.

- Handled one-on-one and phone interaction with buyers of our systems when problems cropped up, providing fixes, system updates and technical/user training during installations and yearly all-user seminars held over several days.


INDIANA UNIVERSITY, Bloomington, Indiana BA, Comparative Literature UNIVERSITY of COLORADO, Denver, Colorado 9 hours of Information Systems Courses TEFL INSTITUTE, Chicago, Illinois Certification, Teaching English as a Foreign Language COMMUNITY COLLEGE of DENVER, Colorado Student Teaching