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“Usually, the stuff that’s your best idea is going to be attacked the most.

- Francis Ford Coppola


The basics have remained the same but the nature of business itself has become more global.With this change, HR needs to develop a broader view and foresee potential crises.The need to communicate expeditiously and effectively has grown even greater because of the breadth of the affected audience and the speed required to reach out to them. 4) What is the significance of leadership at times of crisis? Leaders play a significant role because they need to provide others with a clear picture of reality, greater clarity and the confidence to deal with the situation at hand. During a crisis, people look for leadership and the organisation should be able recognise and allow for ‘situational leadership’ where leaders emerge, regardless of rank. 5) What are some of the skills that HR managers should possess for effective crisis management? They require dedication and persistence towards knowing who their people are, where their people are and what they need so that they can ensure their associates’ welfare during times of crisis. A sense of objectivity and strong communication skills are essential. - Sheetal Srivastava sheetal.srivastava@

director people resource McDonald’s India (West & South) Wish 1: I would like to wish for a ‘Magic Wand’ that can make the prevalent education system more efficient in order to harness the true potential of young India. The youth of India is promising but needs to be channelised in the right direction. A robust education system can ensure just that. Wish 2: My next wish is for an unlimited supply of ‘Magic Potion’ that will provide our youth a value-driven culture that is vital to ensure an integrated functioning within an organisation. Wish 3: I wish for a giant ‘People Magnet’ that will help attract/retain quality talent. The retail industry has a high employee turnover ratio and this needs to be tackled. In addition, the service industry (where there is direct interface with customers) needs a far more evolved talent pool and the people magnet can come in handy .

senior VP, Lodha Developers Wish 1: I would wish for the brightest talent from our best B-schools queuing up for jobs in real estate development. Wish 2: I would wish that all leaders have their successors developed, ready, gift-wrapped and delivered in the boardroom by Santa on Christmas Eve. Wish 3: I request Santa to take some time-off from his busy schedule and personally come and explain to everyone why different employees are entitled to different bonuses during Christmas.

chief human resources officer, The Nielsen Company emphasises the role of a leader in a crisis situation

VP, HR, IBM Global Process Services, India & chairperson, India Women’s Leadership Council, IBM India/South Asia

SVP and global head, culture and competence, MindTree Ltd Wish 1: I wish for a device that consolidates “related” actions and projects consequences. Most of us have good intentions, but run into undesired results as a consequence of our actions. Sometimes, our actions spur other people into action as well, often unintended. For example, if we get into the wrong lane when stuck in traffic, and others follow us as well, very soon we create a traffic jam, something we didn’t intend to create. Or by allowing tax exemptions on buying cars and their maintenance, we have created our current urban problems of pollution and slow traffic. If only we could view related actions and the impact they create, we would act more wisely . Wish 2: I wish for a ‘BioRhythm Meter’ connected with every mobile through which an individual’s mood can be gauged. Most problems can be solved if we approach the stakeholders
when they are in the right mood and leave a few words unsaid when they are in the wrong mood. Most conflicts in this world will reduce radically if we could plan according to the moods of the people we interact with. Wish 3: I wish for an ‘Inspiration Meter’ that displays the level and quality of motivation of employees associated with an initiative. Inspired leaders create an initiative with lofty goals and high aspirations. People who execute may have a completely different level of inspiration and also possess diverse motives. Wish 4: I need a website that highlights opinions of individuals on people connected with them. We go wrong in our judgment of people and once we are badly burnt, their acquaintances tend to warn us. Can we know what the networks are thinking of our colleague or business acquaintance well in advance?

While you may be preoccupied planning for the holidays, it is the busiest time of the year for Santa and his loyal entourage of elves! And our very own India Inc executives could be keeping them busy. These hopeful individuals share their wish-lists with Viren Naidu

Wish 1: I wish Santa for a ‘Knowledge Eye’ that would enable me to bring in more diversity of thought so that I am able to expand my employees’ horizon and add to their experiential learning and knowledge bank. Wish 2: I wish for an ‘Aspiration Window’. This would enable me to get an enhanced view of employees’ career and personal aspirations. Wish 3: An ‘Insight Board’ would be the most apt gift this Christmas. It will help me understand employees’ concerns in real-time in this dynamic environment and provide effective solutions; hence, this wish if granted, will have great benefits.

1) How should a leader react to an unprecedented crisis? Leaders should first ensure the welfare of their associates.They should then address the continuity of the business and its ability to serve its clients. Once these two aspects are tended to, leaders should assist and participate in serving community needs related to the crisis while continuing to communicate with its associates, clients and the media effectively. 2) How important is crisis management today? I would say it has always been important but increasingly more so now because of the rapidity of change and the number of factors involved in running a business that create greater opportunities for risks to emerge. In addition, the breadth of crisis in terms of their size and scope has increased. Today, a crisis could be anything from a natural disaster, a man- made one, a product malfunction or a reputational one.This makes it even more vital to be good at responding correctly and quickly. 3) How has HR, over the years, evolved as a crisis manager?


country head, Fidelity National Financial India Wish 1: I wish for CEOs to be designated in government services to bring about a professional change. If MNCs are run as profitable business units, it’s not money that drives the business, but CEOs who run it as their own shop. Wish 2: I wish for Santa to install ‘Switch Off/Re-boot’ buttons in the brain to destress after a hard day at work. All day work and no fun, has become the mantra at IT hubs. We shut down our computer systems after a work-day and wish there were buttons to de-stress and a re-boot button to rejuvenate the next day . Wish 3: I wish we could avail of the services provided by our dabbawalas in our Bangalore offices.

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director HR, L’Oreal India Wish 1: I wish Santa made placement agencies pay for every bad CV sent to companies. This would help make the recruitment process more efficient. Wish 2: I wish Santa gave me a ‘Mind Reader’ to read the minds of Generation Y, also referred to as Generation

“Why” due to their demand for justification behind methods rather than acceptance of institutional norms. Wish 3: I wish Santa would make more companies implement sustainable business practices and help them realise that it can actually lead to better profits. Wish 4: I wish Santa gave all of us a magic carpet so that we can get to work on time.



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Industry expert: Bhuvaneswar Naik, VP, HR, SAP Labs India Topic: IT Time: 3pm-4pm Date: December 22, 2010 (Today!) Log on to today! support of operating systems such as AIX/UNIX/Windows & hardware. BE/MCA/MBA IT with m m . 3+ years experience in any of the SAP modules like MM/ WM/FICO/SD/PM/HR/BI. Should have done 2 E2E implementations. SAP Certified preferred.
12. SAP—All module MM/WM/FICO/SD/PM/HR: Consultan t/Manager (ITSAP-04)

Be it w it h our peop le or our cars , we have alwa ys appreciated true quality.

Graduate Engg. (8-10 Yrs) for manager position and diploma (7-10 Yrs) or graduate (4-6 Yrs) for assistant manager in automobile industry (Car OEM/Tier I Supplier) having knowledge of MS Office , SPC SQC , TPM, ISO TS 16949, VDA & 7QCT with following specific expertise: Coordination of sample parts approval, identif ying and resolving parts quality problem, optimization of the part and its continuous Improvement and problem solving. • QPP-O1 Interior/Exterior • QPP-02 Electrical
• QPP-03 Sheet Metal

13. Supplier Quality : Manager/Asst. Manager


Purc hase Parts


QPP-04 Powertrain/Chassis

sta n d ar d : Volkswagen became number one in the European car market decades ago and continues to do so through exceptional value for money and premium products, which are reliable and of high quality. To achieve this position in the Indian market within a short period of time and to capture the heart of the Indian customers, we need talented, committed, qualified and hgh performing people to run our facility at Pune. i To be a part of this success story appl y now! 01. Production: Sr. Manager/Manager - Paint Shop (SMPS-01), Graduate Engg. (8-15 Yrs) /Diploma Engg. (12-15 Yrs) of experience in automobile Industry. Candidate should have strong knowledge of problem solving techniques, Process knowledge, concept of Material flow Management, Developing Standard Operation & Work Instruction Sheet, QMS/EMS, technical drawing, Safe Operating Process, Productivity Improvement, Cost Reduction Initiatives, strong focus on Quality Improvement, able to handle a team of 200 people & possess good leadership quality with following specific expertise: SMPS-01 Sound knowledge & know how of Paint Shop processes, ex perience of handling one shift independently, able to manage a large team for quality; cost and delivery targets. SMBS-01 Sound knowledge of complete welding process, operations, fixtures, equipments and technology, experience of handling one shift independently,able to manage a large team for quality; cost and delivery targets. 02. Production: - Group Leader/Asst. Manager (PBS-02) • Body Shop/Weld Shop - Group Leader/Asst. Manager (PPS-01) • Paint Shop - Group Leader/Asst. Manager (PAS-Ol) • Assembly Shop Graduate Engg. (3-6 Yrs)/Dip loma Engg. (4-10 Yrs) of experience in automobile industry. Candidate should have knowledge of problem solving techniques, process knowledge, concept of Material flow Management, developing Standard Operation & Work Instruction Sheet, QMS/EMS, technical drawing, Safe Operating Process, Productivity Improvement, Cost Reduction I ii ives , strong focus on Quality nt t a Improvement, able to manage a team of 20 to 30 people & possess leadership quality with following specific expertise: PBS-02 Knowledge of welding process, operaions , fixtures , equipments and t technology; PPS-O1 Sound knowledge Paint Shop processes, know how of robotic painting and other Paint Shop systems. PAS-Ol Knowledge of various Processes in car Assembly and Assembly Equipment Monitoring, Controls to Drive Away Finished Quality Car. 03. Maintenance: Group Leader - Body Shop (MBS-01), Assembl y Shop (MAS-Ol) and having detail knowledge and hands on experience. MBS-O1 Hydraulics & pneumatics, welding gun, conveyor system and robotics, PLC Systems and Drives.
Paint Shop (MPS-01) Graduate/Diploma Engg. with 3-10 years of experience in automobile industry Body Shop/Weld Shop (SMBS-O1)

Volkswagen is not only our name , b ut a lso our



Assembly shop equip ments , conveyors , EMS system and vehicle testing. Painting Robots, Paint Mix Room, Paint Shop processes , roller beds and

st cs: 04. Logi i Offl cer/Asst . Manager

Graduate/Diploma Engg. with 3-8 years of experience in automobile industry having detail knowledge and hands on experience on Technical Change Control Process & exposure in Change Implementation, New Projects & Programming of Pre-Series cars, Part Readiness and Disposition of Pre-Series projects andAnalysis of Bifi of Material.
05. Log istics: Offi cer/Asst.Manager — Disposition (LGD-O1) Graduate/Diploma Engg. with 3-8 years of experience in automobile industry having

Pre-Series (LPS-01)

detailed knowledge and hands on experience on procurement of local and imported parts, Inventory & Warehouse Management, material flow activities and follow-up, continuous follow up in JIT and JIS deliver parts. detail knowledge and hands on experience on Production Planning & Process control (PPC), JIT & JIS system management & control, M S rep ort p rep arat , with good I ion knowledge of MS Office.
07. Logistics: Offlc er/Asst. Manager

Graduate Engg. (2-5 Yrs) /Diploma Engg. (6-10 Yrs) in Paint/Mechanical/Automobile /Electrical/Fiectronics with experience in passenger car manufacturing company having detailed knowledge and hands-on experience in below mentioned areas as well as ex perience of leading the team in: QBS-O1 Inspecion of BWI, defect analysis and knowledge of body welding t processes, welding techniques and BIW product audit. QAS-Ol Drive Test, On-line vehicle inspection in trim/surface inspection, Shower Test, Vehicle Functional Test and various repair processes. QMR-O1 Dual arm CMM machines operating, programming, measurement against CAD data, report analysis, knowledge of portable CMM machines, white light and presentation skills. 15. Operat ions Quali ty: Offl cer/Asst. Manager - Field Support (QAF-Ol) Graduate Engg. (2-6 Yrs) /Diploma Engg. (5-10 Yrs) of experience in passenger car manufacturing company having detailed knowledge and hands-on experience in below mentioned areas: QAF-Ol Car produc ion process , strong in Failure Analysis, WarrantyAnaly sis, t Field Quality Mo nit o ring & Control knowledge of after sales process and , customer satisfaction. Graduate Engg. (2-5 Yrs) /Diploma Engg. (6-12 Yrs) of experience in passenger car manufacturin g company having knowledge of complete vehicle assembly & parts, problem solving skills, analysis using different quality tools. Knowledge of Project Planning, monitoring and scheduling skills, identification of requirement of resources such as manpower, equipment, budget and launch support for new
projects. 16. Operations Quali ty: Offl cer/Asst. Manager

14. Operations Quali ty: Officer/ Met. Manager (QAS-Ol) and Measurement Room (QMR-O1)

Body Shop (QBS-O1), Assembl y Shop

Operat i ons Ana l i ys s


06. Logistics: Officer/M et. Manager - Program Planning & Process control (PPC-01) Graduate/Dip loma Engg. with 2-8 years of experience in automobile industry having

Graduate/Diploma in Engg. with 3-8 years of experience in automobile industry having detailed knowledge and hands on experience in Logistics Planning, Material Flow concept, Warehouse Management/Structure Packaging Concepts, scheduling of parts, follow-up with JIT Suppliers, Process Updation and Optimization for JIT Parts, coordination with service providers, working experience in handling in-bound logisics, preparation of master layouts, processes , master data preparaion & part t t
master maintenance. 08. SAP: Senior Project Manager (ITSAP-Ol) BE/MCA/MBA IT with min. 8+ years experience in SAP and currently in Project

Planning (LP-01)

Graduate Engineer in Paint/Chemical/Mechanical/Production/Automobile/Electrical /Electronics from reputed engineering college, passing out year 2010. Must have 60% marks in academics through-out the career.
18. Diploma Trainee Eng ineer (DET-Ol) Diploma Engineer in Paint/Mechanical/Automoblle/Eleclrical/Electronics

17. Graduate Trainee Eng ineer (GET-Ol)

from reputed college, passing out year 2010.

Management position. Should be leading a team of minimum 20 consultants, strong interpersonal skills, able to drive the global projects. Strong SAP MM/WM/F I/HR/PM background. BE/M CA/MBA IT with m m . 4-i- years experience in SAP ABAP with Webdynpro, ALE/IDOC, P1-Proxy, Smartforms , Interfaces BAPIs , User EXITs and BADIS, background in BI reporting and functional/technical background in SAP ECC 6.0 Module SD and MM. SAP Certified preferred. BE/MCA/MBA IT with min. 3+ years experience in SAP SRM. Should have worked on SRM 7.0, well versed on areas like Self-Service Procurement, Service Procurement, Plan-Driven Procurement, Spend Analysis, Strategic Sourcing, Catalog Content Management , Contract Management Skills. Preferably with ABAP background and should have done 2 implementations.
11. Production Shop Floor IT Systems: Asst Manager (ITIN-05) 10. SAP —SRM: Consu ltan iiAsst Manager/Manager (ITSAP-03) 09. SAP

Candidates who wish to app ly for Purchase , Finance , Manufacturing Eng ineer and HR positions s hould send their profiles on the mentioned email address , mentioning t heir area in the subject line (i.e. Finance , HR etc).

ABAP: Consu ltant/A sst . Manager/Manager (ITSAP-02)

Send in your applications on recruitment.india @velkswagen or to The HR & Admin, Volkswagen India Pvt. Ltd., E-1, MIDC Industrial area (Phase-Ill), Ngoje i Mhalunge, Tal - Khed, Dist - Chakan, Pune - 410501 Note: Kindly mention the “ position co de” in subject line while sending your applications otherwise it may not be processed.

BE/MCA/MBA IT with m m . 4+ years experience in handling production & shop floor IT Application. Data Acquisition Systems and communication interfaces with Programmable Logical Controllers (PLC). Good understanding of databases and corresponding pro grammin g languages in MSSQL, MySQL, ORACLE, etc., engines. Should be capable of programming in PHP and HTML. Basic troubleshooting &

Volkswagen . Dos Auto.