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SUMMARY Highly motivated self-starter with extensive classroom/educational exposure to Oracle Databases, Java and Internet/ Web Services technology in Unix/Windows environments. Fifteen plus years of extensive hands-on technical consulting experience and demonstrated leadership in mainframe-based computer systems analysis, design, development, implementations, and maintenance. Oracle10g Certified Professional (OCP) Database Administrator. Oracle8i Certified Professional PL/SQL Developer, with recently acquired educational exposure to: C++, Java, J2EE, JDBC, EJB, CGI, Java Servlet, JSP, JSF, HTML, XHTML, XML, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl/Tk, HTTP, ftp, Telnet, TCP/IP, UDP, IP, Device Drivers, MVC, RMI, Unix, Linux, Hibernate 3.2.6, HSQL DB, Eclipse 3.4, NetBeans IDE 6.8, JDBC, JFC/Swing, Apache Tomcat 6.0, AIX System Administration, Unix, Computer Networks and Web Services Technologies. Formal Training/Education in Java J2SE 5.0 included but was not limited to: * Implementation of search agents using A*, Greedy, Uniform-Cost, Best-First algorithms * Dynamic Programming over Intervals * Interfaces and Abstract classes * Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation * Overriding and Overloading * Modifiers ( public, private, static, final) * File IO and serialization * Data types, operators, conditions, loops * Exceptions * Logging * Usage of collections *

JDBC * JDBC Transactions * GUI AWT * GUI SWING * Sockets * Threads * Server side application with JSP * Server side application with servlet Formal Training/Education in Advanced Java included but was not limited to: * J2EE with Struts * Hibernate * HSQL DB * EJB OBJECTIVE To utilize extensive IT industry expertise as an Oracle PL/SQL Developer or as a Java/J2EE/C++ Developer, in a progressive growth-oriented environment. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 9/2005 a" 5/2008 Monmouth University West Long Branch New Jersey RECENT COLLEGE GRADUATE * M.Sc. in Computer Science. * Designed, developed and implemented Java License Manager featuring

Javax.Security.auth.X500Principal digitally signed license with randomly distributed activation codes. Certificates were designed to protect java applications by attaching each license issued to the licensee's machine address. Machine addresses were obtained by programmatically passing the "ipconfig /all" command to the client machine's runtime environment, executing the command, and redirecting the output to a file which was tokenized to identify and extract the machine address. * Designed, developed and implemented java search agents that analyze command line arguments to determine the most suitable search strategy (A*, Best-First, Greedy, Uniform-Cost, or Breadth-First ), then traverse the map of Romania, or the map of France as applicable, finding the most cost-effective path from the specified initial state to the desired goal state. * Designed developed and implemented Java client-server computing module in which two client processes play the chess-like game known as Corral or All-the-King's-Horses. * Designed, developed and implemented Java module that utilizes the java.util.regex API for pattern matching of regular expressions generating the associated regular language. * Designed, developed, and implemented Java Dynamic Programming over intervals ( RNA secondary structures ) analysis module. * Designed, developed and implemented Java Wireless Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network simulator. * Designed, developed and implemented Oracle database maintenance program that uses java.sql and java.util packages, Connection class, oracle.jdbc.OracleCallableStatement, oracle.jdbc.OracleTypes, oracle.oracore.OracleType, oracle.jdbc.OacleDriver, DriverManager, PreparedStatement and CURSOR to invoke and to execute SQL/PLSQL maintenance statements that: connect to a database, prepare database maintenance ( insert, update, delete, select) statements, process and return associated resultsets, invoke stored procedures, execute close() methods as applicable, and disconnect from the database. * Utilized java.servlet.http.HttpServlet, java.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, java.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse APIs to implement doGet() and doPost() (get and post) methods. *

Utilized Org.Hibernate.*, util.HibernateUtil, and java.util APIs to create an EventManager class that creates, stores, and manipulates one-to-many, and many-to-many events. 12/1993 - 8/2005 Canamex, Inc. Stewartsville, NJ TECHNICAL CONSULTANT * Designed, developed, tested, implemented and maintained mainframe-based computer systems, and server-side PL/SQL procedures, forms and reports in COBOL/CICS/VSAM/DB2/MVS/JCL/TSO/ISPF/ORACLE environments. Provided software maintenance, system modifications, and production support. Environment: COBOL, CICS, VSAM, DB2, MVS/JCL, TSO/ISPF, ORACLE, SQL, PL/SQL, Unix, Windows. 1/1986 - 11/1993 Dun & Bradstreet Software - DBS Paramus, New Jersey TECHNICAL CONSULTANT * Installed and implemented E-Series Financials, Materials Management, and Human Resources / Payroll systems. Provided software maintenance, system modifications and production support. Environment: COBOL, CICS, VSAM, DB2, MVS/JCL, TSO/ISPF EDUCATION Monmouth University West Long Branch, New Jersey M.SC. IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Richard Stockton State College Pomona, New Jersey B.SC. IN COMPUTER SCIENCE University of Western Ontario London, Ontario, Canada B.A. IN ECONOMICS AND FINANCE PROFESSIONAL ORACLE10G CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL (OCP) DATABASE

ADMINISTRATOR CERTIFICATION ORACLE8I CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL PL/SQL DEVELOPER PROFESSIONAL Web Design and Development - Web Master TRAINING Network Design and Development Computer Institute Rockville, Maryland 23 Windward Drive, Barnegat NJ 08005-1422 (609) 698-6266 Page 6 of 5