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A Project report submitted to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU), Kakinada In partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of

Submitted by

Under the esteemed guidance of

Mr. K. V. S. Naresh KumarB.Tech, (M.Tech..,), MISTE
Assistant Professor

SRI SIVANI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Chilakapalem Jn., Srikakulam Dist.
2007 – 2011

CSE Dept.SRI SIVANI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Chilakapalem Jn.S. S. Sri Sivani College Of Engineering. Chilakapalem. V. CSE Dept. K. KRISHNA RANI SHARMA 07W61A0526. D.S. Srikakulam Dist. S. SYAMALA KUMARI 08W65A0502.C.E Head Of the Department Mr.E External Examiner .HARI CHAITANYA 07W61A0558 final year students of Dept of Computer science & engineering. S.C. V. Internal Guide Mr.. Naresh Kumar Asst. T.. CERTIFICATE This is to certify that mainproject work entitled ” Integrated File Replication and Consistency Maintenance in p2p systems ” is a bonafide work done by M. ANUSHA 07W61A0553. Sharma Associative Professor.. in the partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree of Bachelor Of Technology during the academic year 2007-2011. V. SIDDARDHA RAJU 07W61A0556. S. Professor.

Siddardha Raju (07W61A0556). . Department of Computer Science & Engineering. M. Assistant Professor. Computer science and engineering. D. V.Acknowledgement We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and a big word of thanks to Mr. Anusha (07W61A0553). V. Krishna Rani Sharma (07W61A0526). Hari Chaitanya (07W61A0558). V. Sharma. to whom we are highly indebted for providing us with his valuable guidance. S. Naresh Kumar. She helped a lot in developing this project report from concept to commissioning. Sri Sivani College Of Engineering. K. Syamala Kumari (08W65A0502) T. Chilakapalem. S. of. We are profound grateful to Mr. Head Of the Dept. Chilakapalem for their cooperation during our affectionate gratitude to all our friends for their warm friendly cooperation and encouragement. cooperation. constant encouragement. Chilakapalem. technical support and inspiration all through our association with his. We are also grateful to all the faculty members of Dept. Computer Science and Engineering. for presenting us this opportunity and for extending constant support and valuable suggestions throughout the project.

leading to inefficient file update and hence high possibility of outdated file response. Most file replication methods rigidly specify replica nodes. these two issues are typically addressed separately. Instead of passively accepting replicas and updates. Simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of IRM in comparison with other approaches. It dramatically reduces overhead and yields significant improvements on the efficiency of both file replication and consistency maintenance approaches. leading to low replica utilization. which avoids unnecessary file replications and updates. file replication and consistency maintenance are widely used techniques for high system performance. each node determines file replication and update polling by dynamically adapting to time-varying file query and update rates. This paper presents an Integrated file Replication and consistency Maintenance mechanism (IRM) that integrates the two techniques in a systematic and harmonized manner. Despite significant interdependencies between them. unnecessary replicas and hence extra consistency maintenance overhead. . Most consistency maintenance methods propagate update messages based on message spreading or a structure without considering file replication dynamism. It achieves high efficiency in file replication and consistency maintenance at a significantly low cost.Abstract In peer-to-peer file sharing systems.

Requirement Analysis 4. INTRODUCTION 2. FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS 14. CONCLUSION 15. TESTING 12.1. UML Diagrams 8.2. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 3. SYSTEM DESIGN 7. MODULES 4. CODING 11.2. 1. REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS 4. JAVA Program 9. SOFTWARE DESCRIPTION 8. FEASIBILITY STUDY BIBLIOGRAPHY 45 54 75 80 88 90 92 34 14 17 19 1 5 7 9 . What Is JAVA? 8. SCREENS 13. Unified Modeling Language (UML) Notations 7. Requirement Specification 5. SOFTWARE ENVIRONMENT 10.CONTENTS Page No. SYSTEM MODELING 7.