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BEL Placement Papers and Sample Papers

Following papers are for year 2004,2005,2006,2007. Click Here for placement papers 2008,2009,2010.

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BEL Placement Papers Bangalore , 4th july, 2010
This is RaGHaVaN from Gates Institute of Technology,Gooty,Anantapur(Dist),A.P .. I wrote the test for Probationary Engineer at BEL, Bangalore , 4th july, 2010. I am from Electronics stream. This is a tough exam. Total 150 bits. In that 120 for Technical and 30 for Aptitude.Each carries 1 mark and 0.25 will be deducted for a wrong answer(NEGATIVE MARKING). Time: 2:30hrs Aptitude: 5qns from passage,10qns from Table(data given), 5qns from Grammer(fill in the appropriate word) n 10qns from logical reasoning. Technical: 1. Antennas: Antenna lenths, types(vhf,uhf,yogi-gudi n other) 2. Satellites: Basics on Satillites, Satillite positions, Distance problems, Geo-synchronous Satillites 3. Rader : Basics on Raders, Tracking Raders, FW-CM Raders, MTI Raders 4. Microprocessors: 80286, Data n Adders lines(1-2 qns) 5. Networks : Resonance Frequency, Y-Delta problems, Nodal n Mesh Analysis, RLC n/w, power Calculations(p=v^2/R=I^2R=VI) 6. Control Systems : Transfer Function, Routh-Hurwitz Crierion 7. Op-amps : R and C connected op-amp o/p 8. Timers: IC(4000,4001,7485) 9. Capacitance n Inductance Formulas and its problems,Conductivity 10. Basic Electronics: p-n junction, FET, Oscillators, no.ofelectrons(germanium,silicon,arsenic,antinmoni remaining also....) 11. Electromagnitics : m(mue),mr, Maxwell,s equation, J= (Sigma)*E, Divergence, Wave guides. 12. 1-5 qns from Basics of normal operating systems(windows,unix,win98) n Control Networking 13. Digital Electronics : Flip-flops(j-k,T,D), Logic Gates 14.Communications : Detectors,S/N ratio,

a) Pulse Analog : PAM :Pulse Amplitude Modulation PWM :Pulse Width Modulation PPM : Pulse Position Modulation b) Pulse Digital : PCM : Pulse Code Modulation DPCM: Differential Pulse Code Modulation DM : Delta Modulation

This bit of information is very helpful to you.Dont depend on last year topics.BELcahanged their pattern every year. You vl prepare all topics clearly as in our syllabus. Time is very important rather than other matters in examination hall... 2 and half an hour = 150 Minutes = 9000 seconds....Every Second is valuable n Every Minute is important....This is very easy for hu prepared GATE n IES.... All the Best Friends "SUCCESS or FAILURE is in your hands only"