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Customer service policy helps to improve a better performance or obligation for them to provide an excellent service,highest standerds of quality service.cleanless and value in the restaurent.this policy is to meet the standerds of expectations and satisfaction.. Reasons for using customer service policy (1). customer requirment and expectation. - customers are only satisfied in theirrequirement are consistently be competitive, we must meet these requirment in a timely and cost effective manner.. (2). Customer perceptionand satisfaction. - this is does not lend it self to easy measurement,while some customers will look for interesting even adventours food,served in a friendly and professional maner, others may attach more importance to awhole host of element such as hygince,cleanless,price rangeof parking facilities.. (3). Service knowledge. - the higher knowledge about your product,the easier way to provide quality service,you need to be aware an some of the benifit of knowing the products you sell.. (4). Effective commiunicatin. - commiunication takes place when oneperson transmits idea or feeling to another person of group of people.its effectiveness ismeasured by the similarity between the idea termitted and the idea recivered.this is very important because this to make sure that good understanding with the product isestablished.. (5). Confidentiality. - Confidentiality defined as keeping customer and client information private,importance aspect for personal security,and the right of everyone to have information about themselves is kept serverd.this is to keep and avoid unauthorized served to have anaccess recording or get any information.. (6). Monitoring customer service and satisfaction. - Is very important t ensuring all the service and poduct including its systemand componnents that effect its quality each business has own method to monitor their customer service it depend on the type of the also completed to know about their customers think of the service or product they provide wheather it needs to make as customer satisfied on their service.this helps to a quickand easy way to get feedback from the customers..

p2.. Verbal commiunication . (c). '' though multiple commiunication channel ''.. respond of feed back (2).Non verbal commiunication defined as commiunicating without words..verbal commiunication .. take place when one person transmits ideas or feeling to another person or group of people.service is that arecombined and offerd customers as a total package . (1).vtensils and napkins etc... a restaurent service all elementsof the total package have to be for a example. organized what you have to say into a logical structure. (a). EVALUATE DIFFERENT COMMUNICATION METHODS AND HOW THESE ARE USED TO BEST EFFECT Communication is at the heart of our daily lives. Bodily contact .. p3.verbal commiunication is a organized by language... Non . it's are 1.verbal 2. because customers satisfaction depend on the quality of the food.. principals of effective commiunication is (a).1...writing..non-verbal 3. think about the needs of your customers or guidence.. (b). DISCUSS THE PURPOSE OF EVALUTING A CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY..INDICATING HOW THIS CAN ASSIST FUTURE STAFF TRAINING AND DEVELOPING The point of evaluting a customer service policy helps them to improve a better performance. the avaliability of saurces.3.. 1. Examples of psychology interpersonal behaviour.2...what fallows here has a more practical oriantation and is intented to help you become a more effective commiunicator.and service quality offer the example of food quality is when the food is served hot and fresh or tasty and flavourful and the service quality example is the food order was correct and complete.or obligating for them to provide an excellent service.. Staff training and development helps them indicating how can assist in future like job beneit mix money knowlwdge and development joined from a job.. the purpose is to meet standerds customers expectation and satisfaction. Commiunicate depend 3 parts.

Writing commiunication . appearance (h).that makes use of the written word. Gestures (e). . Head nods (f). Physical proximitly (c). Facial expression (g).Written commiunication involves any type of interaction . Orientation (d). Non-linguistic aspect of speech (3). Body posture (d).(b).