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Jeffrey A. Spiker 6732 Ballantrae Place Dublin, Ohio 43016 Phone: 614-787-7997 jeffreyspiker@gmail.

com Sales and Marketing Management ~ Business Development ~ General Management Background includes Financial Risk Management and Finance Program Sales & Marketing Success Spearheading Department Launch, Business Development and Relationship Management Core Competencies ~ Business Development Strengths * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * P&L Management Sales Presentations Startup/Turnaround Vendor Negotiations Creative/Strategic Selling Solution Selling Inventory Management Six Sigma Black Belt Market Analysis/Research Strategic Business Planning Commercial Loan Loss Mitigation Contract Review/Recommendation Policy/Procedure Development Client Maintenance/Retention National Account Sales Staff Training & Development Due Diligence Expense Control Cost Benchmarking Margin Improvement Audit Management Joint Venture Negotiation Relationship Management Productivity Improvement

Professional Experience BMW Group Financial Services (FS) - Hilliard, Ohio 1998 to Present

Luxury automobile captive finance company servicing 342 BMW automobile and 175 motorcycle dealers, along with 675 non-BMW dealers; total serviced portfolio is $30 billion consisting of consumer finance and lease, commercial finance, and banking/insurance products and services; employs 800 associates nationwide. Special Assets Group, Commercial Finance Manager (October 2009 - Present) Initially orchestrated development and currently oversee operations

of new group determining and responding to high-risk multi-million dollar commercial finance relationships and customer issues stemming from financially strained dealers; accountable for assigned portfolio exceeding $200 million (including inventory, mortgages and term loans). Prepare and deliver presentations to executive staff. * Enhanced management of high risk relationships by modification of 6 separate processes including: On-Site Monitoring, Internal Communication Process, Dealer Communication Process, Consumer Issues Process, Dealer Default Status Requirements/Criteria and Interim Credit Review Format/Requirements; contributed to drafting and training of associates on processes and procedures. * Successfully reduced actual losses to only 33% ($26.7 million) of $82 million allocated for loss reserves; reducing losses enabled US subsidiary to add 66% of reserves to income, increasing net profits $56 million (13% of US subsidiary 2009 profits). - Developed and implemented system/process providing better controls, documentation, credit review policies and communication with high-risk dealers and resolution of consumer issues associated with other financially-strained dealers; brought in bankruptcy experts to train on challenging automobile and real estate markets. * Maximized sale of assets and minimized losses through effective collaboration with internal and external legal counsel, bankruptcy courts and trustees; included establishment and negotiation of contracts with external vendors to assist with liquidation of assets. * Managed 12-month project enhancing communications addressing processes and controls relative to consumer issues with challenging dealers; included development of process flow chart, authority matrix and communication to all applicable departments, saving company $800,000. * Guided implementation of improved automation system, SharePoint, allocating emails and alerting responsible parties of impact to departments, installing better risk management and improving controls with each situation. * Collected additional dollars and avoided $500,000+ in legal and liquidation costs through strategic decisions regarding liquidation of dealer assets. - Enabled organization to collect additional $200,000 in interest for higher risk dealers through implementation of innovative program increasing interest rate as dealers default. Vehicle Sales & Logistics Manager (October 2006 - October 2009) Administered all facets of section operations focused on management of Full Circle Retail Program (FCRP) encouraging BMW automotive dealers (342) to purchase 60% of lease end maturities (ultimately keeping vehicles out of auction, minimizing residual loss for leaseend vehicles, and maintaining industry top level ranking for residual values); program focused on 145,000 units annually. Responsibilities included strategic program planning and implementation; coaching, performance assurance, oversight and

payroll for 25 staff (including 2 team leaders); management of $30 million in dealer bonuses/incentives; resolution of escalated retailer issues; development and implementation of FCRP and pre-owned process training (with different internal organizations); execution of national training events on pre-owned processes; contribution to planning and implementation of pre-owned vehicle strategy. * Guided program dispersal of over $30 million annually in bonuses to dealers, ultimately resulting in dealers purchasing over $1.8 billion annually in off-lease vehicle inventory (consistent with program contract); FCRP recognized in industry for most successful dealer participation, initiative, and highest level of resale value. - Facilitated recognition of BMW 5 Series with Kelly Blue Book "Best Resale Value Award" in 2007 and "Overall Resale Value Award" in 2010 as well as "Residual Value Award" from Automotive Lease Guide (ALG). * Reduced average loss per unit from $7,500 in 2008 to $2,500 by mid-2009; performance surpassed projected/budgeted loss per unit of $3,500. * Successfully completed 160 hour Six Sigma Black Belt course and executed 2 projects saving company over $1.3 million annually; results far surpassed minimum requirement savings of $100,000 annually. - Reduced time from confirmed turn-in (CTI) to payoff from 7 to 4 days in order to increase value received in interest income. Additionally reduced average days for dealer to decide to consign vehicle for auction. Decision to consign was reduced from 9 days to 5 days. Reduction time resulted in significant savings (off-lease costs average $18 per day at 3,600 auction units monthly). - Analyzed reducing cycle time for repossessed vehicles to sale date at auction. Effectively reduced defects per million by 50%. Facilitated two-day Kaizen workout involving 20 subject matter experts (2 from each area of the business). Group brainstormed over 100 ideas, 5 of which were implemented into new process still in use today. * Introduced several national programs including most notable, Customer Loyalty Quote (CLQ) program; encouraged dealers to place offlease customers in new vehicles versus refinancing current off-lease vehicles. * Mentored direct reports to 140% of scorecard measurements and led team with highest level of satisfaction of any group in company; facilitated by consistently challenging and developing staff into new positions. * Collaborated with internal counsel on development of new FCRP contract covering all programs and receiving excellent response from dealers; reduced number of pages in contract from 12 to 4 and reorganized content into user-friendly manner enabling staff to quickly reference specific sections. - Included negotiation of enhancement to program contract with dealer forum (panel of 12 dealers nationwide functioning on behalf of entire dealer group).

* Negotiated contracts including service level agreements with transportation companies, new dealer self inspection contracts (including specific guidelines and quarterly incentive/charge program), and agreement with XM Radio (in early development stages). * Successfully led team in negotiation with BMW North America to change guidelines for AVP (added value program) payout to include offlease purchase requirements which ensured program's long-term success. Sales & Marketing Manager, Los Angeles Metropolitan Market (August 2002 - October 2006) Coordinated and executed strategies for largest market in US, consisting of 23 BMW retailers (and affiliated entities), through use of consumer indirect financial products and services; included participation in and use of branded financial products, services, and programs (retail installment loans, leases, insurance, credit card, select products and commercial offerings); managed $32,000 budget attributed to travel and entertainment. Trained and motivated retailer staff on active promotion of retail financial products/services; provided retailer staff with pricing and program information; maintained visibility enhancing retailer commercial and indirect business as well as ensuring delivery of highest quality service; improved relationships between retailers and Customer Service Center (CSC) and marketing department; secured retailer participation in promotional events and sales programs; collaborated with marketing staff on acquisition and delivery of competitive information. * Achieved 12 floor plan deals (generating more than $60 million) surpassing sales objective of obtaining 1 floor plan deal; closed 10 other commercial loans (term loans, mortgages, revolving lines of credit) totaling over $55 million; increased sales from 13,000 units annually to 18,000 units annually; contributed to development of 10 of top 50 dealers in nation. * Generated among highest average ROI nationwide (with several loans added still obtaining largest ROI); after 2nd year in position, performed in top 2 nationwide on internal balanced scorecard measurements (each subsequent year performing in top 4); consistently utilized no more than 90% of allocated budget per year. * Secured $32 million in loan business through cold call and relationship building with Rolls Royce of Beverly Hills; introduced consumer retail and lease business as well as commercial lending business resulting in eventual acquisition of Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti lines as well as term note used to renovate facility. * Negotiated several contracts and deals including real estate mortgages, term loans, revolving lines of credit, and fleet deals; most notable transaction included $18 million mortgage for new dealership. * Developed Performance Measure Agreement (PMA) program clarifying objectives for dealers as well as raising awareness of performance measures and expectations for both organization and dealers;

initiative currently mandatory for all sales and marketing managers nationwide to sign up dealers. * After 2004 launch of credit card, orchestrated 60% of card sales in region and consistently performed in top 3 nationally for overall monthly card sales; provided benefits and point redemption strategy recommendations to bank and increased overall sales 80% each year. * Decreased fraud activity 50% through collaboration with LAPD Trapp department on development of best practices enabling dealers to identify and reduce fraud activity; followed up with training programs further generating awareness and highlighting potential alert signs. * Established national retailer fleet accounts with both Cheesecake Factory and Harmon International; structure enabled companies to award employees with leased BMWs through streamlined system. Previous Positions Sales & Marketing Training Associate (January 2001 - July 2002) Retailer Communication Center (RCC) Associate (January 2000 December 2000) Customer Assistance Specialist (December 1998 - December 1999) Early Career History CBS Personnel - Account Manager Aerotek, Inc. - Senior Technical Recruiter Ohio Air National Guard - Pole and Antenna Installation Technician Zanesville Country Club - Summer Aquatics & Recreation Manager Education & Professional Development Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, Ohio Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication; Minor in General Business, 1997 Six Sigma Black Belt Training & Certification Projects ~ Ron Reahard F&I Training Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within Graduate, 2010 Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Graduate, 2005 ~ Dale Carnegie Leadership Program Graduate, 2004 Keywords: Relationship Sales Manager, Major Account Manager, Automotive, OffLease Remarketing Sales Representative, Sales and Marketing Manager, Automotive Floorplan and Commercial Finance Sales Manager