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SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS * Hardworking, self-motivated individual with proven record of responsibility an d timemanagement skills * Established reputation for

highly reliable and efficient service; consistently meetdeadlines * Capable hands-on worker in installation or repair of equipment, mechanically i nclined, and meticulous. * Strong in assuming responsibilities and providing leadership. Able to motivat e others to achieve goals. Excel as a team player. Exceptional interpersonal a ptitude; readily establish rapport with people from diverse backgrounds and at a ll professional levels. * Service-oriented. Dedicated employee with strong work ethics. Detail-oriente d in all aspects of material handling and inventory control. * Excellent organizational skills; able to learn new skills rapidly; flexible to changing priorities. Capably follow orders to complete assignments. Train cow orkers. * Type 50wpm and >6,000 keystrokes per hour with 99% accuracy. Expert 10 key us er. * Proficient with Microsoft Office Programs. EMPLOYMENT SUMMARY Jan. 1987 - Feb. 2007 VCA Antech Diagnostics, San Jose, California LABORATORY SUPERVISOR - 2005 - 2007 * Advised Laboratory Manager on the maintenance procedures for all laboratory eq uipment. * Consulted with physicians, scientists, and medical personnel to maintain stron g relationships with medical practitioners. * Performed the role of Health and Safety Officer. * Conducted safety drills to heighten awareness of safety policies and procedure s. * Prepared safety instruction sheets, posters, and visual reminders to ensure pr oper lab techniques and precautions. * Developed and revised material control and accountability plans and procedures for reducing production downtime and increasing productivity. * Coordinated work for operations, maintenance, and contract personnel. * Provided daily technical guidance and mentoring to staff. * SOP development/validation. * Performed employee performance evaluations. * Responsible for hiring new employees. * Perform and maintaining payroll records for multiple Laboratories. * Reviewed Q.C./Q.A. and resolution of issues. ASSISTANT MANAGER - 1997 - 2005 * Selected by VP Operations to provide training and support to Antech facilities in Hawaii, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Irvine, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta Antech facilities. * Played key rolls in the start up of San Jose, San Francisco, and Denver Antech facilities. * Diagnosed and monitored network procedures with IT operators. * Developed project control system and responded to internal audit requirements. * Assisted faculty with ongoing research by writing Laboratory procedures, colle cting and analyzing data, and reporting discoveries to my supervisors. * Analyzed purchasing data to improve forecast for warehouse utilization. * Developed and maintained database of approved vendors and suppliers. * Developed and managed purchasing system to track orders, stock levels, and del ivery status. * Streamlined purchasing procedure by creating departmental purchasing forms for ordering and maintaining minimum/maximum stock levels.

* Resolved shipping discrepancies and invoicing errors. NIGHT SHIFT SUPERVISOR - 1993 - 1997 * Inspected and installed new Laboratory equipment according to manufacturer's s pecifications. * Reading and releasing blood smear cell differentials, fluid cell counts, and u rine sediments. * General overview of equipment maintenance and laboratory inventories. * Worked various shifts based on company needs. TECHNICIAN 1 - 1991 - 1993 * Organized and maintained laboratory area, independently maintained laboratory equipment and handled hazardous biological waste. * Leading production of clinical test results in a timely fashion. LABORATORY ASSISTANT - 1990 - 1991 * Under supervision, calibrated and maintained laboratory instrumentation and eq uipment. * Prepared reagents and washed glassware. * Under supervision, performed routine clinic tests in a timely fashion. * Maintained inventory, restocked, and reordered laboratory supplies. COURIER/SPECIMEN BREAKKDOWN AND DATA ENTRY - 1988 - 1991 * Delivered supplies and picked up laboratory specimens. * Developed rapport with clients to improve communication. * Improved service and efficiency by determining need for changes in service, su ch as additional vehicles, route changes, and revised schedules. * Maintained complete records of vehicle maintenance, delivery, schedules, custo mer issues, and location notes to inform management of delivery operations. TRAINING 2004, Abbott Cell-Dyne 3000 Troubleshooting and Maintenance, Palo Alto, Californ ia 2004, Roche Hitachi 747 Traning, Indianapolis, Indiana 2002, Abbott Cell-Dyne 3000 Scatter Gram Interpretation, San Jose, California 1999, Abbott Cell-Dyne 3500 Training, Santa Clara, California 1992, Abbott Spectrum II Training, Dallas, Texas EDUCATION Gavilan College, Gilroy, California SPECIAL ACTIVITIES Central Coast Section (CCS) Golf Championship Qualifier, Monterey Peninsula Coun try Club. 1987