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TANZILYA KHAYRULLINA, PHD 14 Falcon Road, Flanders, NJ 07836 (973) 252-1485 tkd2663c@westpost.

net CAREER OBJECTIVES I am a scientist with 10 years of experience in the field of inflammation/autoimmunity, along with medical degree with experience in the healthcare, seeking for a position in a biotech/pharmaceutical industry where my experience, talent, education and accomplishments will contribute towards achieving the set goals of the organization. SCIENTIFIC SKILLSETS: The primary area of my research is immunology: The links between innate and adaptive immune responses; Pathogenesis of immune-mediated diseases: MS, Crohn's disease, RA, pulmonary fibrosis and pain at the cellular and molecular levels; Prostaglandins and cell-mediated immunity; Microglia as mediator of inflammation, pain and degeneration.

TECHNICAL SKILLSETS: _Molecular Biolo__gy_: Isolation of RNA/DNA from cells and animal tissues, RT-PCR, TaqMen, microarray, immunoassays including ELISA/LUMINEX, Western blotting, in-cell Western, FLIPR. _Cell Biology_: Isolation of murine dendritic and T cells, neonatal astrocytes, microglia and dorsal root ganglion cells, growth and transfection of immortalized cells, cell based assays, immunofluorescence, flow cytometry, proliferation/apoptosis assay. _Animal w__ork_: breeding and phenotyping of transgenic mice, microdissection (murine spinal cord, brains), drug administration, transcardial perfusion. Experience in development of in vivo animal models: collagen-induced arthritis (CIA), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), chronic mouse models of human multiple sclerosis. _Automation and Computer_: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Sigmaplot and BLAST; Spectromax, Envision, and Prism. Skilled user of scientific search engines such as PubMed and Medline.

Additional qualifications: _Communication skills_: possess negotiating and organizing skills, excellent verbal and written communication ability. Enjoy interacting and building interpersonal relations with people from diverse background.

_Teamwork_: a confident team player with exceptional experience in teamwork through strong communication skills. _Critical Thinking_: developing critical and logical thinking in the research study, dealing with problematic issues with continuous development of analytical and problem solving expertise. Other: self motivated, ambitious, energetic with an exceptional work ethic and willing to go the extra mile to achieve targets; confident, hardworking, innovative and resourceful. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING AND WORK EXPERIENCE 2008- PRESENT POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW AT SANOFI-AVENTIS PHARMACEUTICALS * The aim of the research was target identification and validation, biomarkers selection, assay method validation and application to understand the mechanisms of the pulmonary fibrotic disease progression. Implemented molecular techniques to identify key signaling molecules that are central in pulmonary fibrosis including extracellular matrix production, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cellular proliferation. * Research focus was on cellular and molecular mechanisms of prostaglandins in inflammatory pain. Designed experiments to clarify molecular mechanisms of glial-neuronal interactions, developed and validated tertiary functional cell based assays for in vitro pharmacology: identified and validated targets, evaluated dose responses, kinetics, mechanisms of action, established IC50 values. Results are summarized in research article being prepared for publication 2006-2008 VISITING RESEARCH SCHOLAR AT DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY AND IMMUNOLOGY, TEMPLE UNIVERSITY, PHILADELPHIA, PA Research goals were to establish variety of laboratory methods and in vivo models of autoimmune diseases to investigate roles of PGE2 in autoimmunity, gain expertise in the field of cellular and molecular neuro-immunology. * Accomplished the study on interaction of neuro-immune systems. Verified PGE2 effects on IL-23 release by microglia. Evaluated impacts of PGE2 on murine model of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), acute mouse models of human multiple sclerosis (MS). 2004-2008 GRADUATE STUDENT (PH.D. PROGRAM), DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, RUTGERS STATE UNIVERSITY, NEWARK, NJ Goals of the program were to perform independent research for PhD thesis, gain expertise in the field of autoimmunity. Defended PhD thesis: "Exposure to PGE2 during differentiation primes bone marrow-derived dendritic cells for a proinflammatory response". Results of the thesis work were summarized in research

papers published in peer review journals. * Established the roles of the prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) in the pathogenesis of T cell-mediated autoimmune responses in mouse models of human autoimmune disease, such as CIA and IBD. Results summarized in research papers published in peer review journals. 2001-2004 GRADUATE STUDENT (MS PROGRAM), DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, NEWARK, NJ Aim of the program was to accumulate knowledge in biological disciplines, develop expertise in a wide range of molecular and cell biology techniques. * Investigated mechanisms by which the neuropeptides VIP and PACAP affect cytokine production in dendritic and Th1/Th2 effector and T regulatory cells differentiation, as well as transduction pathways and transcriptional factors.

* Investigated mechanisms of p75-mediated death of hippocampal neurons. Interaction of survival and death signaling in basal forebrain neurons: Roles of NGF and pro-NGF signaling in neurodegenerative diseases. 2001-2005 TEACHING ASSISTANT, DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, NEWARK, NJ * Teaching and mentoring of undergraduate students. Teaching subjects: General Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Comparative Anatomy of the Vertebrates, Mammalian Physiology. EDUCATION 2004 - 2008 Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ 2001 - 2004 MS., Molecular Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ 1994 MS., Central Asian Institute of Pediatric Medicine, Tashkent, USSR AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS 2008 Recipient of an American Association of Immunologists Trainee Abstract Award 2008 Research paper was recognized by the "Faculty of 1000 Biology" 2007 Recipient of Dissertation Fellowship from the Rutgers Graduate

School-Newark 2004, 2005 Recipient of Johnson & Johnson Neuroimmunology Fellowship grant 2001-2005 Recipient of Teaching Assistantship grant PUBLICATIONS Khayrullina T., Yen J-H., and Ganea D. (2008). _"Differentiation of dendritic cells in the presence of PGE2 alters the IL-12/IL-23 balance and promotes differentiation of Th17 cells"_. J. Immunology, 181, pp.721-35 (_This work has been __recognized__ __by__ the __Faculty__ __of__ __1000__ __Biology_). Yen J-H., Khayrullina T. and Ganea D. (2008), _"PGE2-induced metalloproteinase-9 is essential for dendritic cells migration"_. Blood, 111, pp. 260-70 Sheibanie A.F., Khayrullina T., Safadi F. F., Ganea D. (2007). _"PGE2 exacerbates collagen-induced arthritis through the inflammatory IL-23 ____ IL-17 axis"_. Arthritis and Rheumatism Vol.56, No.8, pp. 2608-2619 Sheibanie A.F., Yen J-H., Khayrullina T., Emig F., Zhang M., Tuma R., Ganea D. (2007), _"The proinflammatory effect of PGE2 in experimental inflammatory bowel disease is mediated through the IL-23 ____IL-17 axis"._ J. Immunology, 178, pp.8138-8147 CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Khayrullina T., Yen G-H. and Ganea D., "_Dendritic cells differentiation in the presence of PGE2 primes dendritic cells for proinflammatory response, induces IL-23, and promotes Th17 differentiation_", 95th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Immunologists, San Diego, CA, April 2008 Khayrullina T., Yen G-H. Ganea D., "_Effects of PGE2 on antigen presenting cells_",7th Annual Dawn B. Marks Research Conference, Philadelphia, PA, December 2007 Khayrullina T. and Ganea D., "_Dendritic cells generated in the presence f PGE2 promote IL-17 production in activated CD4+ T cells_", 94th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Immunologists, Miami Beach, Florida, May 2007 Khayrullina T. and Ganea D., "_The role of PGE2 in the CNS_", 6th Annual Dawn B. Marks Research Conference, Philadelphia, PA, December 2006 Khayrullina T. and Ganea D., "_Pro-inflammatory role of PGE2 in microglia"_, 7th International Symposium in NeuroVirology, Philadelphia, PA, June 2006 Khayrullina T., Ganea D.,_ "Microglia generated in the presence of PGE2 exhibit strong pro-inflammatory characteristics"_, Annual Meeting of the American Association of Immunologists, Boston, MA, May 2006 Khayrullina T. and Friedman W., _"Role of proNGF in basal forebrain

neuronal survival"_, Neuroscience Minisymposium, Newark, NJ, November 2003