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Mary Alice Hendricks 3220 Pine Club Drive Plant City, FL 33566aH: 813-719-3459aC: 813-545

-3459 Email: PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Non-profit management professional with vision and extensive experience in devel opment of non-profit organizations to reach their potential. Skilled in securing federal, state, and foundation grants as well as local funding. Adept in fund raising through building relationships with high value donors. Experienced in a dministering and managing in the medical/healthcare sector. Excellent backgroun d in program development, fundraising, public relations, and managing large budg ets. Well versed in the community development and building long-term relationsh ips within the community. Additional Strengths and Competencies include: a a a a Fund-raising a Government Programs a Process Improvement Team Building a Medical Business Operations a Change Management ROI/Budgeting a Healthcare Administration a Patient Management Grant Writing a Communication Skills a Board Relations

SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTS Developed a client services tracking database. Analyzed client/patient records a nd discovered there was no automated tracking system to locate, assess, or quant ify client services or follow-up needs. Developed a cost effective client servi ces data entry system through a collaborative effort with a proprietary software company. Results: New system provided quantifiable data to track demographics of upwards to 1,200 new clients/patients annually. Reviewed donor database and identified a lack of a comprehensive program to comm unicate with donors or avenue to develop systematic giving initiatives. Launche d aggressive long-range communication projects to increase donor participation a nd strengthen relationships with prospective donors. The result is after six ye ars there has been an increase from 400 in a limited database to over 6,000 cont acts with over 1,000 donors each year. Donors are strategically developed accor ding to their personal objectives. Organized community outreach and relationship building, volunteer training progr ams. Increased operational hours, additional support assets and increased aware ness through dynamic volunteer training presentations. The results are there are 25-50 committed volunteers available for client advocacy, clerical services, an d project development. Developed a process to perform cost analysis, projected revenue growth, and dete rminated fundraising options. With a study of the organizational revenue option s and the costs associated with programs and development, developed a QuickBooks budget with line items that gave strategic information for assessing programs, marketing, fundraising, and development for long-range planning and short-term n eeds. Instituted a marketing strategy to reintroduce the organization to the community . Planned and initiated speaking engagements with local civic clubs, churches, b usinesses, and chambers of commerce events along with individual introduction of the community-based programs to public officials, key leadership, and political leaders. The organization grew and substantial contributions and new donor rel ationships were developed. Designed, developed, and initiated a broad-based benefits communication and educ

ation program Interviewed participants of countywide health benefits program and determined a need for comprehensive education of benefits along with a strong n eed to evaluate elements of the program to review for contract negotiations in p articular prescription drug formularies and dental benefits for 4,000 county emp loyees controlling risk with a $10,000,000 budget. Mary Alice Hendricks Page 2 CAREER HISTORY Program Director Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine, Zephyrhills, FL June 2 009 to August 2010 Initiate and manage all development programs for the Wound Care Center to includ e community education and marketing to area physicians utilizing various campai gns, speaking engagements, community and outreach activities. a Manage the approximately $1M budget for the contracting firm for the wound car e and hyperbaric oxygen program as well as a team of eleven clinical staff. Coo rdinate with the Medical Director and panel of physicians. a Coordinate an expansion plan to double the clinic facilities and treatment cap acity. Executive Director April 2001 to August 2008 Pregnancy Care Center of Plant City Inc., Plant City, FL a Visionary with development skills to move center from $50,000 to an annual bud get of $1,000,000 in less than six years. a Initiate and manage seven annual external fund raising events, a Demonstrated grant writing ability with award of $3,000,000 five-year federal award, a Obtained federal, state, and local grant and foundation awards, a Interfaced with national affiliate organizations, federal and state regulatory organizations as well as develop relationship with community and civic leaders to implement medical conversion from a resource center to a non-profit medical c linic. a Develop and align a visionary staff from one to twelve and volunteer team from three to over fifty, a Work with donors and network of other centers to increase program visions from local to three-county area. Executive Director October 1997 to April 2001 Central Texas Life Care, San Marcos, TX a Direct and manage locally funded non-profit pregnancy resource center with a t eam that increased to over 50 staff and volunteers, a Increased the budget annually through fundraising projects and development cam paigns, a Increased donor base and client levels through strategic marketing plans. Health Plan Coordinator 1994-1997 Board of County Commissioners, Bartow, FL a Planned, directed, coordinated, and managed a competitive employee insurance a nd benefits program to control risk and losses for a network of Polk County Cons titutional Offices in one of Floridaas largest counties, a Responsible for design, oversight and implementation and evaluation of the hea lth benefit programs. Design, develop, and initiate a comprehensive benefits co mmunication and education program for 4,000 county employees with the land mass of the State of Maryland. Plan and conduct annual Polk County Employee Health Fa ir, a Counsel the Constitutional Offices and employees regarding benefits and claims adjudication process. Financial Planner 1991-1994 Valentine Investment Advisors, Lakeland, FL a Provided financial and investment consultation and securities recommendations to clients and prospects, a Planned, developed, and hosted financial seminars, forums and radio programs r

egarding investment strategies, a Supervised clerical and marketing staff, a Acquired securities licenses: Series 7 General Securities License; Registered Principle; Registered Investment Advisor; State of Florida Life, Health, and Var iable Annuity License. MEDICAL SECTOR EXPERIENCE Business Manager, Medical Associates, Killeen, TX Patient Business Administrator, Metroplex Hospital, Killeen, TX Health Benefit Advisor, Darnall Army Hospital, Ft Hood, TX EDUCATION/PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) University of Mary-Hardin Baylor, Belton, Texas AFFILIATIONS Member of national affiliates: Care Net, NIFLA, Heartbeat International; Served on National Executive Council-Care Net, Greater Plant City Chamber of Commerce A mbassador Program, Toastmasters, International Board Member, Hillsborough County Health Advisory Board - Management Committee Treasurer, Board of Directors, Florida Right to Life