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MUHAMMAD ARUNA, PhD 804 Edmonton Drive * Plano, Texas 75075 (Primary) 469-274-4119 (Alternate) 972

-423-3082 * RESERVOIR ENGINEER Dynamic engineer with history maximizing efficiency and throughput while minimiz ing risks and losses with oil, gas, and water reservoirs for major corporations and government organizations. * Determine optimal and most cost-effective usage of reservoirs under diverse pr oduction scenarios, providing accurate performance forecasts. * Maximize pertinence and access to vital multisource information, developing co mprehensive research studies, management guidelines, automated software, and tes t analyses. * Cultivate skills of people on all levels with global industry best practices f or unique local situations, designing and delivering detailed training programs. * Translate complex concepts to technical and non-technical audiences alike, uni ting parties on all levels on common strategic mission, practices, and goals. Research & Analysis * Strategic & Technical Planning * Reservoir & Production En gineering Start-Up Operations * Secondary & Enhanced Oil Recovery * Project & Operations M anagement Data Administration * International Regulatory Compliance * Negotiations * Train ing & Development ENCORE ACQUISITION COMPANY, Fort Worth, Texas * 2006 - 2010 Independent oil and gas Exploration Company. Senior Reservoir Engineering Consultant Managed multiple assets of old fields throughout West Texas. Specialized in opti mizing production, identifying best work-over candidates, and generating AFEs. U sed industry software including Oil Field Manager (OFM), PEEP, ARIES, PETRA, Exc el Data Analysis, Eclipse, CO Screening, and Monte Carlo. Achievements: * Mitigated potentially critical situations, serving as primary consultant and m anager on multiple reservoirs, water flooding, and CO flooding projects. * Provided robust recommendations for field development based on production char acteristics. * Performed highly accurate calculations of EUR and reserve estimates. VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS, Irving, Texas * 1999 - 2005 +$107B broadband and telecommunications company. Senior Consultant Coordinated and led all phases of various government regulatory projects. Achievements: * Maximized visibility into multisource data, creating central DTS table. * Converted sales reports into OLAP cubes for BASES II data warehouses, and docu mented all merged warehouses. * Migrated Oracle database in UNIX to SQL 2000 server warehouse. IHS ENERGY GROUP, Richardson, Texas * 1998 - 1999 World's leading resource for information relating to oil and gas exploration, de velopment, and production.

Senior Reservoir Engineer Utilized and conducted demonstrations of engineering software. Maintained oilwat /gaswat balance software using FORTRAN and C codes. Achievements: * Ensured highest level of integrity and stability of reservoir operations, crea ting program to perform multiphase calculations of pressure drops between wells' bottoms and surface pressure. * Calculated water influx for finite aquifers with Fetkovich method in FORTRAN. MUHAMMAD ARUNA, PhD * Page 2 * ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL HISTORY EDO GOVERNMENT, Edo, Nigeria * 1994 - 1996 Special Adviser - Petroleum Matters * Played major role in mitigating critical fuel shortage, formulating effective fuel distribution strategy. * Aided expansion of business and opportunities, negotiating joint agreement wit h Gilli Gilli Refinery. NOTE: Founder & Principal Consultant, PETROLEUM SERVICES INTERNATIONAL, FESTAC ( 1985-1993), Graduate Instructor, UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS, Lagos, Nigeria (1986-1987) , Head Reservoir Engineer, NIGERIAN PETROLEUM CORPORATION, Lagos, Nigeria (19771984). ***Conducted engineering and Delta South and Meren studies and simulation s, and participated in Akri-Oguta Field utilization projects to maximize overall reservoir efficiency. First Place, PhD Division, SPE Student Paper Contest, Western Region, Los Angele s, 1975 EDUCATION PhD in Petroleum Engineering Stanford University, Stanford, California MSE in Petroleum Engineering University of Texas, Austin, Texas BSE in Civil Engineering University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATION Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS * "Delta South G2/G3 Reservoirs: An Engineering Study," Journal of Petroleum Tec hnology (JPT) * "Delta South G2/G3 Reservoirs: Simulation of Water Injection," JPT * "Meren Field: An Engineering Review," JPT * "Some Technical Aspects and Advantages of Underground Gas Storage" SPE Warri, Nigeria * "Views on OPEC and its ability to control the market." JPT forum MANUAL PUBLICATIONS

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"Applied Reservoir Engineering," ISBN 0-934355-00-2 "Reservoir Management Guidelines," ISBN 0-934355-01-0 "Modern Fluid Injection Engineering," ISBN 0-934355-02-9 "Applied Well Test Analysis," ISBN 0-934355-07-07 "Gas Production Technology," ISBN0-934355-04-5 "An Overview of the Petroleum Industry," ISBN 0-934355-05-3 "Environmental Pollution and Control in the Petroleum Industry. "Introduction to Reservoir Simulation" "Advanced Reservoir Engineering" "Applied Well Test Analysis (Using the Pan System)"

MUHAMMAD ARUNA, PhD 804 Edmonton Drive * Plano, Texas 75075 (Primary) 469-274-4119 (Alternate) 972-423-3082 *

Dear Sir or Madam: A talented reservoir engineer with unique experience spanning from strategic pla nning and performance forecasting to start-up operations, secondary oil recovery , and team training, I have played a primary role in major organizations realizi ng the maximum benefit and returns with the least risks and losses with wells ar ound the world. Providing a 360-degree perspective of issues vital to both short - and long-term success, I am an expert at ensuring the safety, integrity, and s tability of reservoir operations in diverse climates. The author of numerous jou rnal and manual publications, I am skilled at translating complex technical conc epts into understandable terms in order to eliminate ambiguity, and ensure all p arties are united on common best practices and goals. Some examples of highlights throughout my career are: * Mitigating potentially critical situations for the Encore Acquisition Company, serving as the primary consultant and manager on multiple reservoirs, water flo oding, and CO flooding projects. * Providing the Encore Acquisition Company with robust recommendations for field development based on production characteristics. * Ensuring the highest level of integrity and stability of reservoir operations for the IHS Energy Group, creating a program to perform multiphase calculations of pressure drops between wells' bottoms and surface pressure. * Playing a major role in mitigating a critical fuel shortage in Edo, Nigeria, f ormulating an effective fuel distribution strategy. * Aiding the expansion of business and opportunities for the Edo Government, neg otiating a joint agreement with the Gilli Gilli Refinery Company. Confident that I will be a valuable addition to your team, I am enclosing my res ume, which contains more detailed information on my professional history. Please review it and contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply. Sincerely,

Muhammad Aruna, PhD