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SESSION ACTIVITY PLAN By: MRBL Day 1 Training Activity 7 Activity Title: Side to Side Objectives • To help the participants

relieve taut neck muscles • To create a comfortable and lively atmosphere throughout the session Time Required • 5 minutes Training Methods • Simple Neck Exercise Materials Needed • Hand out of the energizer activity Procedures 1. The trainer informs the participants that the following activity is a neck exercise. 2. The participants will be asked to get their hand out of the neck exercise stand up 3. The trainer instructs the participants to hold their energizer hand out horizontally and that they will read the text aloud and all together. 4. The participants move their head from side to side as they follow the direction of the text. 5. The participants rotate their head in clockwise and then in counter clockwise direction. Process Questions 1. “How do you feel?” Key Points The neck exercise is a simple activity that helps loosen up taut neck muscles to make participants more comfortable. It may be done either while sitting or standing.

the availability of resources such as predecessor activity and point person (determine if sequential or parallel task). The trainer asks the participants .Day 1 Training Activity 8 By: MRBL Activity Title: Plot your Calendar Objectives • Recognize factors to consider when sequencing tasks • Identify instances when to use different queuing methods Time Required • 50 minutes Training Methods • Training Presentation. 3. Pencil or Pen. The trainer gives the following instruction” Ian is a Management information System staff whose task includes implementation and maintenance of information and its security. Individual and Group Answer sheets. The participants will also jot down the factors they considered in making their schedule. and the preferred order of which they intend to accomplish each. White Board and Markers Procedures 1. 4. The participants will be asked to evaluate the method used in the video and then share their insights to the group. Each group receives an answer sheet. The trainer will group the participants into six using the count off method. 2. Group Materials Needed • Multimedia Projector with laptop. Each of the participants will list down their “to dos” within the month and indicate beside each task the: expected start date and expected finish date. Please help Ian determine the order of which he will perform the tasks listed in the answer sheet given to you”. The types. The trainer discusses sequencing or the scheduling method used when tasks have definite start and finish dates. Group Activity. Discussion Video Presentation. factors to consider and the steps to follow in scheduling sequential and parallel tasks will be presented. The trainer shows a video about making one’s “to do list”.

the sequential tasks or the parallel tasks? 4. They will choose one and determine the queuing method appropriate it. Each group will be given with different case summary. The answers will be written at the board. 6. What are the factors you considered in scheduling your tasks. The trainer will ask some participants to volunteer and share their learning about scheduling.about the factors they considered as they decide the order of accomplishing their tasks. What factors did you consider in choosing the queuing method for each of the case summary? 5. How do you define scheduling? 2. The participants will once again work with their group mates (Group of eight). The trainer discusses the queuing or the method used when tasks have conflicting deadlines. why? 3. They will make a one minute act then pose for a photo op (paint me a picture activity) for each and explain the reason for their choice. What is/are your learning about scheduling? How can you relate it in your day to day activities at work? Key Points Scheduling Sequencing Parallel and Sequential tasks Queuing . Which do you do first. Process Questions 1. 5. 7.