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Linda C.

Wooldridge 1276 Bakers Ridge Road, Morgantown, WV 26505 Residence (304) 598-2040 a Mobile (304) 685-4751 ________________________________________________________________________________ ______ Professional Summary Paralegal - Liaison with eighteen years of responsible experience providing cons tituent services and establishing effective partnerships with community organiza tions, governmental agencies and private sector entities throughout a large geog raphic region. A well organized, detail-oriented professional who works well in dependently and cooperatively under pressure, with a track record of effectively managing high volumes of work in a demanding and fast-paced environment. The c onsummate team player who works collaboratively with colleagues in and out of th e office. A resourceful self-starter capable of setting and reaching personal p erformance goals and working independently with minimal supervision. Extensive experience in balancing competing deadlines particularly in high-pressure and hi ghly visible work environments. Effective at not only fielding complaints and i dentifying the critical issues for resolution, but in providing practical advice , counsel and guidance to even the most frustrated of individuals a" all in a di screet and confidential manner. Establishes collaborative working relationships with Congressional staff, federal/state and local agency officials to assure a prompt resolution of concerns. Experienced in preparing correspondence and in c onducting studies and research relative to a variety of assignments on matters o f special interest and concern. ______________________________________________________________________________ Specific Casework Areas of Expertise a US Citizenship & Immigration Services a US Department of Homeland Security a US Department of Defense - Military a US Department of State a Department of Health & Human Resources a US Department of Education a US Department of Labor a US Department of Justice a US Office of Workers Compensation Programs a Congressional Research Service a Federal Independent Agencies, Boards & Commissions a US Passport Services a WV State Agencies ______________________________________________________________________________ Professional Experience Rep. Alan Mollohan, U.S. House of Representatives 1992 - Present First Congressional District of WV Caseworker/Constituent Services Job Duties a Participates responsibly in projects requiring extensive confidentiality and discretion. a Organizes resources and establishes priorities in managing multiple client ca ses. a Serves as point of contact for specialized constituent services covering a tw enty county geographic area. a Establishes and adheres to strict timelines and deadlines. Linda C. Wooldridge / 2

a Consistently effective in resolution of problems by developing, cultivating a nd maintaining positive relationships and productive interactions with appropri ate Federal/State/Local officials. a Responds to and resolves citizensa complaints and their time-sensitive casewo rk demands with tact, diplomacy and patience. a Prepares Congressional correspondence, conducts studies and research relative to assignments on matters of special interest and concerns to the Congressman an d his constituents. a Significant accomplishments: a Specialized work experience in the examination, investigation and claim resolu tion process. a Routinely manage an ongoing caseload of approximately 150 active cases requiri ng rigorous research, ongoing interface and routine follow-up with the constitue nt and the respective federal or state agency. a A track record of routinely resolving 50% of my cases within 6-12 months of in itial contact from the constituent. ______________________________________________________________________________ Education and Certifications a Undergraduate studies at Concord College, West Virginia University and Fairmo nt University a Paralegal a" Office Assistant Diploma a" Webster College at Fairmont a Member FBI National Citizensa Academy Alumni Association. a FBI CJIS 8-week course related to federal law enforcement challenges. a Professional development - Continuing education classes in Workersa Compensat ion, Child Support Enforcement, Family Law, Real Estate Law, Principles of Insuran ce, and Criminal Justice. ______________________________________________________________________________ Related Skills, Capabilities, and Experience a Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact effectively with all levels of staff. a Fluent and articulate communicator; flexible and responsive. a Practical and ingenuous problem solver who is a fast learner. a Telecommuting capability with secure House of Representatives connection. a Excellent word processing skills including ability to use advanced formatting . a Proficient in Internet Quorum, MS Office (Word, Scan, Outlook). a Background in accounting and retail sales.