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Objective To gain a challenging full time position in the engineering industry that will u tilize the skills I have acquired through academic studies and personal experien ce. Awards Northrop Grumman Award at Florida Tech Design Showcase April 2010 Best in Show for Engineering at Florida Tech Design Showcase April 2010 Education B.S. Ocean Engineering Florida Institute of Technology 150 West University Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32901 Graduation Date: May 7, 2010 Concentration of Studies Naval Architecture / Marine Systems * Vessel structural design * Propulsion systems and propellers * Hydrostatics and stability * Ship motions in a seaway * Properties of ship building materials * Design of high speed small craft Composite Materials * Fabrication processes including contact molds, resin injection and filament winding * Resin and fiber selection for specific design requirements * Laminate and sandwich design * Practical composite design including boat hulls, aircraft components, and turb ine components Corrosion Engineering * Corrosion theory and types * Corrosion protection including cathodic protection and coatings * Application of stainless steels and other corrosion resistant alloys Hydromechanics and Wave Theory * Understanding of kinematic fluid flow, hydraulics and linear wave theories for engineering applications Experience Independent Contractor for Vessel Repairs: 05/2010 to 07/2010 Repair of a 65 foot Huckins Marine Fairform Flyer located at the Fairhaven Shipy ard in Fairhaven, MA. The vessel needed extensive fiberglass work and wood work . The engine room had been flooded with salt water, diesel and oil due to a bil ge system failure. Duties included pumping the sludge out of engine room, bilg e pump repairs and maintenance on his dual Detroit diesels. Engine work perform ed was installing a new fuel filter system along with exhaust piping replacement . Fiberglass and wood work was completed to enhance the appearance of the vessel . Work was completed and the boat was launched at the shipyard and transported to Falmouth, MA. I accompanied the captain as first mate in case any problems o ccurred.

Preliminary Design Report for Fiberglass Sport Fishing Boat: 08/25/09 through 12/10/09 A preliminary design report was created for a 27 foot fiberglass offshore center console sport fishing boat. Using MaxSurf, an integrated 3D hull design progra m, a hull form was conceived. All weights and moments for the vessel were calcu lated for three load cases: full load, medium load, and light load. Fiberglass stringers and bulkheads were designed for structural integrity of hull in hydrod ynamic loading. Full laminate layup processes for structural members, hull skin , and decking are discussed. This report enhanced my understanding of how to in tegrate choice of materials, manufacture method and cost to fit the design speci fications. Full Report including design specifications available upon request. Senior Design Project: Ocean Current Renewable Energy Turbine: 01/20/09 throug h 07/22/09 Research shows that the potential energy in major ocean currents and tidal inlet s is substantial. The technology for a large scale ocean energy system is still in progress. A small prototype horizontal axis turbine was designed and fabricat ed. The main components were the fiberglass hull, generator, and custom made fib erglass screw propeller. The prototype was tested by accelerating the turbine, w hich was rigidly mounted in front of bow on a pontoon boat, through the water. T he prototype was successful and voltage output was above prior estimated values. This project provided me with professional team experience and what it takes to effectively accomplish our overall goal. Design and fabrication was divided am ong group members based on experience and knowledge. With proper communication and support of all team members we were able to finish prototype within our orig inal time line. The project won the Northrop Grumman Award along with Best in Show at Florida Tech 2010 Design Showcase. Full Report including design sp ecifications available upon request. First Mate and Tour Guide, Cape Ann Harbor Tours, Inc.; Gloucester, MA 05/2007 t o 09/2007 For a summer job during college I was a first mate and tour guide on a local tou r boat. Duties included maintaining the condition of tour boat; washing, painti ng and repairs when needed. Diligent upkeep of the vessel was crucial for a pos itive image towards our customers. As the first mate I helped the captain ensur e a safe trip for all passengers. As the tour guide I had to provide the passen gers with a clear, vibrant narration of the historical marine history including lighthouses, fishing fleets and other landmarks. I developed communication skil ls, charisma and experience in public speaking. Additional Information Member of SNAME (Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers) Grew up on the ocean: extensive knowledge of seamanship and ocean environment. Computer skills include: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pro Engineer, AutoCAD, TurboCA D, Solid Works, COSMOS,MATLAB, Max Surf, ANSYS, basic programming C++ and Java.