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Double-baked shrimp soufflé
complemented by butter-fried green asparagus, micro-greens and orange & dill crème fraîche & beetroot reduction

R 45

Chicken broth
chicken ravioli, chicken dumplings, sweetcorn, spring onion and garden herbs

R 35

Teriyaki seared chicken breast
served with sesame scented mushroom & asparagus salad, peppery rocket leaves, chilli mayonnaise

R 45

Tomato soup
spiced with chilli, served with puff pastry straw, chorizo, goat’s cheese

R 35

Corned pork hocks
off the bone, drizzled with mustard seed & maple glaze, raspberry vinaigrette, horseradish cream, baby potato salad, seed loaf

R 47

Braised ox tripe
R 85
in its own gravy served with spinach and traditional samp

Smoked Franschhoek salmon trout and goat’s cheese roulade
set on baby leaves, crisp apples, saffron crème fraîche and lump fish caviar, capers

R 49

Lamb burger 200g
R 52
served in a tramezzini, with mint yoghurt and potato wedges

R 85

BBQ basted chicken wings
served with chakalaka sauce and pita bread

Grilled chicken
R 59
chicken breast supreme rubbed with harisa spice, crisp fried vegetables, set on herb & lemon couscous, cucumber raita, pan gravy and toasted almonds

R 90

Mushroom ravioli
set in truffle oil scented spring onion & mushroom veloute, parmesan shavings

Pan fried Canadian scallops
set on herb tagliatelle, green pea coulis and pancetta

R 70

Honey-glazed roasted pork belly
set on potato mash, topped with onion jam, apple tempura, crispy bacon, mange tout, warm lentil & balsamic vinaigrette and jus

R 110

Crunchy salad
crisp vegetables on garden leaves tossed in herb yoghurt dressing, croûtons

Lamb shoulder
roasted with garlic and rosemary, topped with hummus, braised carrot and leeks, potato croquette, lamb gravy

R 130

R 38

Slow braised oxtail
in tomato gravy, served with chakalaka and phutu pap

R 130

Broccoli salad
tossed in light honey & mustard mayonnaise, with toasted nuts and seeds, topped with pecorino shavings


R 46

Old school Greek salad
slab of feta cheese, with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, onions & olives, drizzled with olive oil

Linguini pasta
with fried asparagus, cherry tomato & button mushrooms, topped with feta cheese crumbs and rocket leaves

R 79

Calamari & chorizo salad
deep-fried calamari rings and spicy chorizo sausage, garden leaves with smokey jalapeno dressing

R 56

Vegetable tortilla wrap
spread with hummus, filled with seasonal vegetables and cheddar cheese, set on spiced rice, cucumber yoghurt and tomato salsa

R 85

AAA grade South African beef served with a side order (choice of a starch or vegetable) and a sauce

Rump Karan Sirloin Chalmar Fillet Chalmar Lamb cutlets T-bone Karan Venison steak Ostrich steak

250 g 400 g 250 g 400 g 200 g 300 g 400 g 500 g 300 g 200 g

R 105 R 130 R 105 R 130 R 120 R 145 R 145 R 145 R 145 R 160

Hot pudding
the pastry chef’s choice of hot pudding

side order
baked potato with herbed cottage cheese / sautéed baby potatoes / potato purée with caramelized onions / basmati rice / shoe-string fries / cheddar melted nachos / BBQ dusted sweet potato wedges

R 35


Vanilla pod ice cream
drizzled with Belgium dark chocolate sauce & shard

R 35

seasonal vegetables / creamed spinach / white & green bean cassoulet / butter sweetcorn / honey-roasted butternut

creamy mushroom sauce / creamy Madagascar green peppercorn sauce / whole-grain mustard jus / sauce béarnaise / garlic butter

Pear “belle helene”
vanilla poached pear coated with saffron & honey syrup, ginger scented ice cream

R 38

additional choice

R 15 each

Gooey chocolate pudding
glazed with chocolate sauce, coffee parfait and hazelnut tuile

R 42

Pan-fried black tiger prawns
6 tiger prawns served on orzo pasta with garden herbs, oven-dried cherry tomatoes, feta crumbs, olives, baby greens, and white wine sauce

Dark chocolate tart
caramelized banana, pineapple salsa, banana ice cream

R 45

R 120

Orange crème brûlée
orange segments, sugar snap cup and spiced orange sorbet

R 45

Pan-fried local fish
potato rösti, butter-fried green asparagus, roasted butternut, sauce hollandaise and lemon butter

R 120

West coast sole
set on chives & pecorino risotto, crisp baby vegetables and topped with creamy mussel sauce

R 125

Pan-fried Franschhoek salmon trout
rubbed with black pepper, served with shrimp linguini, sautéed cherry tomato compôte, rocket leaves and duo of pesto

R 130