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LUGASI SOLOMON OMWOMA No.15 Bei San Huan East Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,100029, P.R.China. solomwoma@yahoo.

com. +8613520560453 Professional Summary A Chemistry lecturer with a wealth of knowledge and experience in research and dissemination of research results through peer reviewed publications, conference presentations and student centered skill development in a classroom environment. Objective To teach my fellow colleagues and students what I know as well as learn from their experiences and skills Education Beijing University of Chemical Technology Ph.D. Chemistry (Inorganic/Environmental Chemistry)- degree in progress Area of interest: The chemistry of polyoxometalate intercalated layered double hydroxides: From synthetic approach to material science applications with a special interest in environmental detoxification techniques. Maseno University MSc. Environmental Chemistry. Thesis: Environmental impacts of Sugarcane farming, Kenya: Effects of nitrogenous fertilizer use on soil and water chemistry within sugarcane farms: Maseno University Bachelor of Education in Mathematics and Chemistry Peer reviewed publications Solomon Omwoma, Wesley N. Omwoyo, Joseck O. Alwala, David M.K. Ongeri, Lagat C. Sylus and Joseph O. Lalah. (2012). Nutrient Reduction in Runoff Water from Sugarcane Farms by Sedimentation Method. The Environmentalist 32(4) 494-502 (Springer). Solomon Omwoma, 2012. Environmental Impacts of Sugarcane Farming, Kenya: Effects of Nitrogenous Fertilizer use on Soil and Water Chemistry within the Sugarcane Farms. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. Solomon Omwoma, Joseph O. Lalah, David M. K. Ongeri and Maurice B. Wanyonyi, (2010). Impact of Fertilizers on Heavy Metal Loads in Surface Soils in Nzoia Nucleus Estate Sugarcane Farms in Western Kenya. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 85(6):602-8. Publications under the peer review process Solomon Omwoma, Ryo Tsunashima, Yu-Fei Song, (xxxx). Recent Progress on the Polyoxometalates Intercalated Layered Double Hydroxides: From Synthetic Approaches to Material Applications, submitted to Chemical Societal Reviews Solomon Omwoma, Bernhard Henkelmann, Joseph O. Lalah, Karl-Werner Schramm, (xxxx). Dioxins and dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls analysis in Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria Kenya, Africa, submitted to Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems Solomon Omwoma, Philip O. Owuor, David M. K. Ongeri, Moses Umani, Joseph O. Lalah, Karl-Werner Schramm, (xxxx). Declining fish population and biodiversity in Lake Victoria Kenya: Possible management options, submitted to Lakes & Reservoirs: Research & Management Conference presentations Lalah J. O., Omwoma S., Ongeri D. M. K. (2012). Assessment of Selected Physicochemical features of Sediment and Water and their Relationship with Heavy Metals in Sugarcane Farms in Nzoia, Kenya. 4 th international Congress Eurosoil 2012, Bari-Italy 2-6 July 2012. %20Programme Kenya Sept. 2007-Dec 2010 Kenya Sept. 2000 – Dec 2006 CHINA Expected Graduation Date: July 2015.

K. Accra. Ghana. 16th – 18th November 2011. 7th -11th oay 2012. Trained and qualified councilor by the 'I choose life’ group of Kenya in 2005. 2011. Ongeri and Joseck O. Maseno University Tutorial fellow: Developed undergraduates research skills in the laboratory setting (10 students every semester) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Lecturer: Provided basic knowledge skills to public health students in the field of Medical statistics and Biochemistry (App. Ongeri. MSTACT C. Experience SOBS company investment Proprietor and Chief Executive Officer: Started my own business empire with my wife as the managing director with a capital of 40 US dollars to the current capital base of over 5000 US dollars. Alwala (2011). First national Lalah. Ongeri and Joseck O. National Environmental Management Authority of Kenya Associate Lead Expert: Carried out assessment of several EIA projects including the Lake Victoria Restoration program and sanitation projects of Lake Victoria basin in Kenya Huma Girls High School Teacher: Improved the schools national mean score in Chemistry from D. Joseph O. Joseph O.kabarak. Basin. No.php?story=2012010722512685 Skills Languages: Fluent in British English. 2012 Kenya Sept. KICC. Science. Nairobi Kenya. The Sixth JKUAT Scientific Technological and Industrialization Conference. Technology and Innovation: Towards Sustainable Development. Trained students on Science Congress projects and achieved 5 awards at both the district and provincial level in 2007 Science Congress competitions. Lalah. Registered Environmental Impact Assessment Expert by the National Environmental Management Authority of Kenya (Reg. 2011. 50 students every semester) Mount Kenya University Lecturer: Taught Environmental Chemistry and techniques involved in carrying out an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report or Audit process. Trained the handball team and achieved the district award in July 2007.K. 2012. Impact of Agronomic Inputs in Sugarcane Farming on Surface River Water Quality in the Lake Victoria Catchments. A+). National Council for Science and Technology of Kenya conference on dissemination of research results held on 3rd to 6th May 2011 at KICC Nairobi Kenya. Technical: Qualified soft ware and hard ware computer maintenance expert and proficient user (SPSS. 2005-to date Kenya Sept 2010-Sept 2012. technology and innovation week. Alwala (2011). Joseph O. . References available upon request Kenya (Jan 2005 – Sept 2007 Kenya Jan 2012-Sept. Solomon Omwoma. 2011 to date Kenya Sept 2009 – Sept 2012 Kenya Jan. Visual basic. Accra International Conference Centre.K.. Impact of agronomic inputs in sugarcane farming on total heavy Metal levels in aquatic ecosystems and soils within lake Joseph O. Swahili and understands mandarin. David M. Declining fish population in Lake Victoria Kenya: Possible Management Option. 1st PACN Congress on Agricultural Productivity 21-23 November 2011. Okinda Owuor. http://www. David M. David M. http://jspsnairobi. Social: Trained first aider by the Red cross society of Kenya in 2005. David M. Proceedings of 2011 Kabarak Univeristy 1st annual international research C in the year 2007 for 230 students. http://www. Nutrient Reduction in Runoff Water from Sugarcane Farms by Sedimentation Method.pdf Solomon Omwoma. Pp 161-175. P. Lalah. 3015). Kenya.Omwoma Solomon Omwoma. Nutrient removal from runoff water in sugarcane farms within Lake Victoria basin Kenya before discharge into the river systems.K Ongeri. Solomon Omwoma.