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Asif Iqbal

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a challenging position to utilize my skills and abilities in area of Chemical and manufacturing industry which offers a professional growth while being resourceful innovative and flexible. PROFESSIONAL PROFILE CURRENT JOB PORILE Industry Type Designation Company Product Capacity Duration : Pyrometallurgy (Smelting Process) : Production Engineer : Chloride Metal Ltd (Exide Group) An ISO 9001-2008 Registered Company (An Indian Based MNC) Pune, India : Lead Metal and Alloys : 60Tpd : Dec2010 TO Till

B.E(Chemical Engineer)


- Acquired practical knowledge about Reactors, Distillation, Heat Exchangers, Dryers and Boiler. - Performed as Internal auditor for ISO Implementation. - Maintenance of entire chemical process
- Production planning, Scheduling, Monitoring and Controlling. - Achieve Production and quality as per Target. - Make shift wise production report, permit system, and maintain good housekeeping. - Safe handling of material and minimize losses. -To prepare the daily and weekly production schedule. - Maintain document as per ISO & SOP of company based on ERP system. -Proper utilisation of given manpower. -Proper utilisation of raw material and chemicals use in production of lead. -Proper consumption of charcoal, silica, sodium hydroxide and lime stone. EQUIPMENT HANDLE - Oxy -fuel Rotary Furnace Capacity-10TON Operating Temprature-1200kelvin Rotation-3rpm -Heat Exchanger -Cooling Tower -Bag House, Wet Scrubber and Crusher. -Valves SECTIONS OF PLANT 1. Rotary Section 2. Refining Section 3. Battery Cutting Section. 4. Effluent Treatment Plant Exide Group is the Indian based MNC which is largest producer of batteries .The Company manufactures the widest range of storage batteries in the world from 2.5 Ah to 20,400 Ah capacities, covering the broadest spectrum of applications. The Company has six factories strategically located across the country two in Maharashtra, one in West Bengal, two in Tamil Nadu and one in Haryana.

Dryer. based upon hydrometallurgy technology. Solvent used for extraction of copper is MEX. Overall supervision of the given plant as well as goods hands on knowledge of handling the following Leaching Department • • • • • • Manage leaching of cobalt and copper. Coordinating with maintenance department and ensuring full capacity production. Crystallizer and FBD (Fluidised Bed Dryer). Residual Treatment Plant Nickel Plant . Monitor and review the parameters and chemical consumption for process improvement. Calcium. Centrifugal pumps. Nickel and Aluminium. Cadmium. Effluent Treatment Plant • Managing the operation of triple effect evaporator and Oslo crystalliser system for the production of sodium sulphate crystal. scrubbing and regeneration unit. Prepare and review the production reports. Hydro cyclone. cobalt and impurities using different solvents in a mixer settler Managing the impurities removal circuit. Manganese. Efficient handling and controlling of manpower.PREVIOUS JOB PROFILE Industry Type Designation Company Product Duration : Hydrometallurgy : Process Engineer : Nicomet Industry Ltd An ISO9001-2008 Registered Company : Cobalt. Using DEPHA (Diethyl Hexyls Phosphoric Acid) for the removal of impurities. Managing the stripping. • • • • • Crystal House • • Managing the operation of Evaporator and crystallizer. Centrifuge. Recessed filter press. washing. Maintaining the P(H) value of the process. Impurities are Iron. Solvent Extraction Department • • Familiar with extraction of copper. Solvent used for extraction of cobalt is Ion Quest. Oslo crystallizer CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor). Production of Cobalt Sulphate. Carbon column and Heat exchanger. Thickeners. Copper & Nickel Metal Cobalt Sulphate & Sodium Sulphate : June 2009To Nov2010 WORK RESPONSIBILITIES AND EQUIPMENT HANDLED Evaporators.

Chemicals used: Sulphuric acid. Pune-411048. Member of the C.B in 2000. (chemical Engineer): Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering.A (Chemical Engineering Students Association) PERSONAL DOSSIER Name Father’s Name Date of Birth Passport No Address Languages Marital Status : Asif Iqbal : Mr.B. BEYOND CURRICULUM Captain of College cricket team Collect funds for social causes. Word.S. ChemCAD.S.H.AutoCAD. Bharti Vidyapeeth University in 2009 Secured62% XII from DR.K. New Delhi.CBSE Board in 2003. Ehsan Ahmed : 02 March 1985 : H4736691 : j-103.V. Secured 68% IT SKILLS • • Conversant with Windows. Maharastra India : English. lime. kondhwa.Raw material: cobalt oxide and copper oxide ore.H Sarvodaya Boys Sss Noor Nagar. Pune. Secured 60% X from H. B. PFD and C. sulphur dioxide. On this surface the sample is being treated with solar light.E. PROJECT/ TRAINING Industrial waste water treatment Degradation of aromatic compound with the application of photochemical reaction This project mainly concern with degradation of aromatic compound with the application of photochemical reaction.E.R. Familiar with Visual Basic . Okhla. Excel & Power point.R. Donated blood in the blood donations camps organized by B. Hindi. Ashoka Mens. and Urdu : Unmarried . ACADEMIC CREDENTIALS B.U College of engineering. caustic and sodium sulphide.E. The reactor contains an inclined surface area which is exposed to the sun. We measure the COD (chemical oxygen demand) values of sample in the presence of uv light.H. Then we measure the COD value in the lab.School. hydrogen peroxide.