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Dave Palmer, Email: 1209 Amherst Ave, Fredericksburg, VA 22405 Home: 540.373.

7654, Cell: 540.834.7960, Work: 703.681.5452 SUMMARY OF PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Retired US Air Force (USAF) veteran, 20 years. National Reconnaissance Organization (NRO), 15 years; NRO Field Rep, 10 years. Intelligence Subject Matter Expert (SME), engineer, and manager, 26 years. War veteran in DESERT SHIELD, DESERT STORM & DESERT COMFORT. Conceived, managed $2.5M MERIT program (people, contracts, resources). Active TS/SCI clearances, COMSEC Manager for 7 years, SAP/STO experience Support to Defense Acquisition process with intel/threat info ensuring quality US DoD capabilities procured - Developed POM for Capabilities Review & Risk Assessment (CRRA) USAF funding bo ard - Supported studies and analysis for Analysis of Alternatives (AoAs) - Managed Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) for PACOM theater - National advisor to Capability Analysis Teams (CATs), & Alternative of Analysi s (AoA) studies - Advised groups regarding counter-drug, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferatio n, tactical-intel - Routinely brief, train, & apply technical writing skills to various groups/eff orts - Extensive interaction with Intelligence Community (NRO, NGA, NSA, DIA) - Contractor Officer Technical Representative (COTR) & Acquisition Management tr ained PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Senior Net Centric-Space Warfare Threat Analyst Test & Evaluation Threat Resource Activity (TETRA), Arlington, VA Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD)/Director, Operational Test & Evaluation (DOT&E) Scientific Research Corp (SRC), SETA Contractor, Apr 2010 -Present - Support numerous threat information analysis efforts - Give comprehensive intelligence support to Space, Net Centric, and Info Operat ions warfare areas. - Present frequent intelligence briefings and coordinate briefing topics. - Review and input into critical T&E and intel documents including Initial Capab ilities Docs, Capabilities Development & Production Docs, T&E Master Plans, Test Plans, Capstone & System Threat Assessments - Use the Automated Joint Threat Systems Handbook (AJTSH). - Collaborate with the Intel Centers (MSIC, NGIC, MDA, NASIC, CYBERCOM) - TS/SCI clearances National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Field Representative (FR) Joint Warfare Analysis Center (JWAC), Dahlgren, VA, and base organizations Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) Associate Consultant, SETA Contractor, 2006 - 2010 - Served as national advisor to JWAC 0-6 Commander, senior staff, and Executive Director (Senior Executive) - Advised leadership on space and space policy issues relating to mission object ives & collection - Provided technology advice and solutions for special activities and experiment s - Served as National advisor to Special Technical Operations (STO) and Special A ccess Program (SAP) initiatives for multiple agencies - Introduced & integrated several key capabilities into JWAC analysis infrastruc

ture and intelligence production toolset (ASA, THREADS, DIGGER, EQUIS, and MIMOS A). - Brought national support to kinetic and non-kinetic courses of action (COA) pl anning and strategy making venues in support of Combatant Commander (COCOM) orga nizations - Contributed to counter-drug, counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, & tacti cal-intel activities with multiple agencies using national communications, space systems, and special techniques - Received Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) Team's Appreciation Award, Jan 2010 for spe cial capabilities work - TS/SCI, STO, NRO & Service SAP, CI Poly clearances National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Technical Support Representative (TSR) Air Force C2 and ISR Center (AFC2ISRC), Hampton, VA Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) Associate Consultant, SETA Contractor, 1999-2006 - Served as senior advisor to the 2-star Commander, senior staff (0-6s), and Tec hnical Director (SES) - Served as National advisor to Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) and Ballis tic Missile Technical Collection (BMTC)/Cobra Judy Replacement (CJR) analysis of alternatives (AOAs) - Provided national solutions capability to the Aerospace Operations Center (AOC ) and Distributed Common Ground Station (DCGS) for the Air Force weapon systems - Served as NRO Communications Security (COMSEC) Manager for 7 years - Received Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) Team's Appreciation Award, Nov 2002, and Hi gh-Five award for the operationalization of Near-Real-Time Order of Battle (NRTOB) into the CENTCOM and PACOM theaters. - Received NRO special MERIT achievement award for successful integration of NRT -OB into operations. - TS/SCI, NRO & Service SAP, CI Poly clearances Deputy, Dissemination Initiatives (DI) Branch, Engineering (ENGR) Division Operational Support Office (OSO), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Chantill y, VA U.S. Air Force, ELINT Analysis Technician, AIA/DET 5 Staff Member at NRO, 1995-1 999 - Performed government oversight on all division SIGINT-related plans, programs, and activities - Managed 12 contractor and military personnel with annual operating budget of $ 3.5M - Designed concept, authored MERIT proposal, secured $2.1M funding, executed pro gram for Near-Real-Time (NRT) Order of Battle (OB) MERIT program. - Implemented as DIA capability to CENTCOM and PACOM theaters of operation. - Combined two programs into single WEBLink capability, secured ($420k) funding, executed two phase development cycle, transitioned to the Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS). - Directed the JDISS Serial Management Tool (JSMT) program design over two phase development cycle (simplex-to-multiplex), secured $160k funding - Executed and managed final two stages of the RADIANT JADE EOB demonstrations, leading to NRT-OB Dissemination MERIT program operational implementation - Received a special achievement award, presented by the NRO Director -- the hon orable Keith Hall -- the 1999 Director's Circle awarded for performance in NRT-O B and other programs managed (May 99) - Received a special achievement award of Jt Service Commendation Medal for NRTOB actions (Mar-Oct 98) - TS/SCI, CI Poly clearances Manager, Operations Intelligence Center (OIC); & Manager, Crisis Action Support Cell (CASC)

PACOM JIOC (Joint Intel Operations Center)/Joint Intel Center Pacific (JICPAC), Honolulu, HI U.S. Air Force, ELINT Analysis Technician, 1991-1995 - Performed the Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) management for PACOM. - Managed eight military and contractor personnel with NE Asia EOB / DMOB produc tion responsibilities - Monitored and reported on regional white shipping intelligence activities (ali ens, arms, proliferation - Performed PACOM management of RADIANT JADE demonstrations - Shaped SIGINT policies and procedures through PACOM ELINT Working Group recomm endations and construction of NRT-OB requirements in the PACOM TTP fighting doct rine. - Managed the Crisis Action Support Cell (CASC), performed trend analysis and th eater demonstration support Deputy Chief, SIGINT Crisis Support Cell Forward Deployed, DESERT SHEILD/DESERT STORM, Director of Intelligence (J-2) U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia U.S. Air Force, SIGINT and Theater Broadcast Analysis Technician, Nov 90-Mar 91 - Briefed the CENTCOM leadership on daily wartime battlespace warnings & threats - Supported collection management contributions to target planning and execution . - Received a meritorious achievement award of Jt Service Commendation Medal for forward support to Operations DESERT SHIELD and STORM Deputy Chief, Enhanced Tactical Users Terminal Office, Director of Intelligence (J-2) U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM), MacDill AFB, Tampa, FL U.S. Air Force, ELINT Analysis Technician, 1987-1991 - Served as a country analyst and CENTCOM representative on Middle East intellig ence exchange missions - Controlled the daily operations of the Enhanced Tactical Users Terminal (ETUT) Communications Analyst -- Project LADYLOVE 6920th Electronic Security Command (ESC), Misawa Air Base (AB), Japan U.S. Air Force, COMINT Analysis Technician, 1984-1987 - Operated telemetry, collection management, & activity monitoring hi-tech equip ment National Air & Space Intelligence Center (NASIC)/Foreign Technology Division (FT D) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (AFB), Dayton, OH U.S. Air Force, Administrative Support Specialist, 1979-1984 - Lead admin support to 350-person directorate EDUCATION - Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies, America Public University, projected 2012 - AAS in Communications Applications Technology, Community College of the Air Fo rce (1999) - NCO Academy (NCOA) In-Residence Course, Jan 1993; and Correspondence Course, M ay 1987 - NCO Leadership School (NCOLS) In-Residence Course, Jul 1986

- Electronic Intelligence Specialist (20510) Course, US Air Force, Keesler AFB, MS, Feb 1984 - NCO Orientation Course (PDS-8), Jan 1983 - Administrative Specialist (70210) Course, US Air Force, Keesler AFB, MS, Dec 1 980 - High School Diploma, Temple Christian School, Jul 1979 CERTIFICATIONS - Defense Acquisition University (DAU), Acquisition 101 Course, projected Sep 20 10 - NRO National Systems Information Course (NSIC), Oct 2008 - NRO Exercise Agent Course, Sep 2005 - NRO National Systems/Capabilities Trainer, NRO Silver Certified, Dec 2000 - NRO IBS Broadcast Users Trainers Certification, Apr 200 - US Army ETUT Training Course, Fort Devens, MA, Nov 1987 - NSA DELF PCS Operators Course (Telemetry), Feb 1985 - NRO ACE: Acquisition Management Team Training (AMTT) Course, Jan 1999 - NRO ACE: Contract Officer Technical Representative (COTR) Course, Dec 1998