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Elcometer 121/3 Universal Paint Inspection Gauge
The Elcometer 121/3 Universal Paint Inspection Gauge (P.I.G) provides a quick, versatile method of coating examination and destructive measurement of coating thickness and cross hatch adhesion in a portable, easy-to-use gauge. The gauge can be used on single or multiple coats on virtually all substrates including wood, plastics and metal. A bright white LED ensures clear vision through the integrated 50x microscope with graticule scale.
Elcometer 121/3 Universal Paint Inspection Gauge

Coating Thickness Gauges - Destructive Destructive thickness measurement is often the only guaranteed method available to test certain coating / substrate combinations including paint applied to concrete, wood, plaster, plastic etc. When it is necessary to measure the individual layer thickness of multiple-layer coating system, the most accurate method available is the Paint inspection Gauge (P.I.G) coating thickness gauge.

Compact and convenient:
At a glance: Destructive coating thickness gauge used to measure multi-layer coatings Universal dial also allows for hardness and cross hatch adhesion testing

Holds three knife sizes and one cross cut knife and is small in size to facilitate the use of the gauge in confined areas.

Ergonomic design:
Simply rotate the cutter holder to change the cutting tool.

Lightweight and durable:
Made of titanium anodised aluminium for durability.

Bright LED light source:
Can be used in accordance with: ASTM D 4138 ASTM D 3359-B

Bright white LED lights to ensure clear vision through the integrated microscope.

BS EN 3900-CS-5B BS EN ISO 2815 DIN 53151 ISO 2808-5B DIN 53153 ISO 2409

Elcometer 121/3 Universal P.I.G 1

V1: 22.05.07

4: 2µm to 250µm (0. black maker pen.5mm with calibration certificate Miscellaneous Black Marker Pen Allen Key 3mm T12120256-1 T12120256-2 T12120256-3 T12120256-4 T12120256-1C T12120256-2C T12120256-3C T12120256-4C T12120256-5 T12120256-6 T12120256-7 T12120256-8 T12120256-9 T12120256-5C T12120256-6C T12120256-7C T12120256-8C T12120256-9C T12120201 T1212594- www.I. 3: 5µm to 600µm (0. 1: 20µm to 2000µm (0.3 x 1”) A121----3 A121----3C with calibration certificate Elcometer 121-3 Universal P.08 mils to 8 mils) Cutter No. 3. 3: 5µm to 600µm (0.8 mils to 70 mils) with calibration certificate Cutter sheet Range Microscope magnification Accuracy Body material Battery type Size Part Numbers Packing list 2µm to 2000µm (0.08 mils to 8 mils) with calibration certificate Cross Hatch Cutters Cross Hatch Cutter ISO 1mm Cross Hatch Cutter ISO 2mm Cross Hatch Cutter ISO 3mm Cross Hatch Cutter ASTM 1mm Cross Hatch Cutter ASTM 1.08 mils to 70 mils) 50x with graticule Depends upon tool cut angle and user’s readings Titanium anodised aluminium 4 x AG3 coin cell batteries 110 x 60 x 25mm (4.3 x 2.8 mils to 70 mils) Cutter No. leather carry case. 1: 20µm to 2000µm (0.05.elcometer.0mm hexagonal 2/4 Elcometer 121/3 Universal P.07 . 1.2 mils to 24 mils) with calibration certificate Cutter No.2 mils to 24 mils) Cutter No.4 mils to 40 mils) with calibration certificate Cutter No. 2: 10µm to 1000µm (0. operating instructions Spares / Accessories PIG Cutters Cutter No. 2: 10µm to 1000µm (0.I.4 mils to 40 mils) Cutter No. 4: 2µm to 250µm (0. wrist strap. 2 and 3 cutters (with Calibration Certificates if ordered).G 2 V1: 22.G.5mm Cross Hatch Cutter ISO 1mm with calibration certificate Cross Hatch Cutter ISO 2mm with calibration certificate Cross Hatch Cutter ISO 3mm with calibration certificate Cross Hatch Cutter ASTM 1mm with calibration certificate Cross Hatch Cutter ASTM 1.

Using the marker.I. Using the Scale factor (number of microns or mils per division). mark a line across the coating 3. measure the number of graticule divisions across a coating layer.elcometer. make a cut at right angles to the marker line. Take the coated product 2. using the sharp cut 3/4 Elcometer 121/3 Universal P.05.07 .data sheet Test Method The PIG test method is a destructive test to measure the thickness of a coating which is over certain coating/substrate combinations and to also measure individual layers of a multi-layer coating system. 1. Using the PIG. calculate the coating thickness www.G 3 V1: 22. all the way down to the substrate 4. Using the microscope.

com CANADA Elcometer Ltd PO Box 622.07 . Elcometer 141 PIG ENGLAND Elcometer Instruments Ltd Edge Lane Manchester M43 6BU Tel: +44 (0)161 371 6000 Fax: +44 (0)161 371 6010 e-mail: sales@elcometer. versatile method of examination and measurement of coatings in a portable. Ergonomically designed to give a balanced weight distribution for a more consistent cut – even on thick and hard coatings. minimising damage to the coating being www. the Elcometer 195 Säberg Drill makes a small hole in order to measure the coating thickness sheet Related Products: Elcometer have a wide range of other equipment for testing and measuring the characteristics of coatings.elcometer.elcometer. easy to use instrument.05.G 4 V1: 22.I. available with three different BELGIUM Elcometer SA Rue Vallée 13 B-4681 Hermalle /s Argenteau Tel: +32 (0)4 379 96 10 Fax: +32 (0)4 374 06 03 e-mail: be_info@elcometer. Elcometer 1542 Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester www. This instrument is ideal for thin coatings on flat surfaces. Ontario N9A 6N4 Tel: +1 248 650 0500 Toll Free: 800 521 0635 Fax: +1 248 650 0501 e-mail: ca_info@elcometer. thick or tough coatings on flat or curved surfaces. An ideal field or laboratory USA Elcometer Inc 1893 Rochester Industrial Drive Rochester Hills Michigan 48309 Tel: +1 248 650 0500 Toll Free: 800 521 0635 Fax: +1 248 650 0501 e-mail: www. Elcometer 141 Paint Inspection Gauge is a Elcometer 121 Paint Inspection Gauge is easy to use and provides the user with a www. 401 Ouelette Avenue ASIA & THE FAR EAST Elcometer (Asia) Pte Ltd 896 Dunearn Rd Sime Darby Centre #3-09 Singapore GERMANY Elcometer Instruments GmbH Himmlingstraβe 18 D-73434 Aalen Tel: +49 (0)7366 91 92 83 Fax: +49 (0)7366 91 92 86 e-mail: de_info@elcometer. corresponding to the thickness of layer to be www.elcometer. Elcometer 121 PIG Elcometer 195 Säberg Drill works in a different way to paint inspection gauges. Elcometer 195 Säberg Drill Elcometer 107 The coating may be continuous and look 4/4 Elcometer 121/3 Universal P. Elcometer 107 Cross Hatch Cutter Elcometer 1542 Simple but effective method for determining the adhesion of a large variety of www. microscope and light all in a single www. Whereas the PIG makes a linear cut along the coating.elcometer. Due to its rugged construction this gauge is ideal for FRANCE Elcometer SARL 97 Route de Chécy 45430 BOU Tel: +33 (0)2 38 86 33 44 Fax: +33 (0)2 38 91 37 66 e-mail: fr_info@elcometer. but how well is it connected to the substrate? The Elcometer 107 Cross Hatch Cutter provides an instant assessment of the quality of the bond to the substrate. Republic of Singapore Tel: +65 6462 2822 Fax: +65 6462 2860 e-mail: asia@elcometer.