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By : Samy A. Fattouh Authorized Inspector

1 11/9/2005

Program Goals
How To obtain an ASME Certificate of authorization. l To compete with other boilers and pressure vessels manufacturers

2 11/9/2005

Type of Certificates
U Certificate - Fabrication of pressure vessels. l S Certificate - Fabrication of boilers. l A Certificate - Assembly of boilers. l PP Certificate - Fabrication piping.
3 11/9/2005

A certificate of authorization from ASME allow the manufacturer to fabricate code stamped vessels as required by many clients. l The certificate of authorization will be valid for three years.

4 11/9/2005


Resources required for this project: - Qualified Work force. - Calibrated Equipments. - Defined Location. - Manufacturing Techniques. - Document & Records control.

5 11/9/2005

Competitive Analysis
Competitors - Currently there are 5 Certificate holders in Qatar. l Strengths - The manufacturer are proposed to be the leader. l Weaknesses - The delay to get the certificate till now.
6 11/9/2005


Have an agreement with an Authorized Inspection Agency. Have the applicable ASME code. Fill an application form & send to ASME

l l

7 11/9/2005

Company has to prepare a quality manual according to ASME code requirements. l Pre-survey to be carried out by the authorized Inspection Agency (AIA). l Joint Review to be conducted by both the ASME designee & the AIA. l Certificate will be issued by ASME.
8 11/9/2005


Time Span for the program
Pre-survey & Joint Review

Preparation of Quality Manual

Issue of Certificate

approximately one year
9 11/9/2005

Current Status
An inspection agreement need to be signed with the (AIA). l A consultancy service for preparation of the manual is optional and can be provided by the ( AIA). l Fees will be discussed with Germanischer Lloyd.

10 11/9/2005

Inspection Agreement
ASME Rules - The manufacturer shall maintain an inspection agreement with an Authorized Inspection Agency. - A joint Review to be conducted by the ASME designee and the AIA. - Annual audit may be carried out by the AIA. l The AIA - Germanischer Lloyd agreement with Royal & Sunalliance will be cancelled at the the end of November 2005 and an agreement will be signed with an other AIA .
11 11/9/2005

Inspection Agreement (cont.)

The Agreement - The AIA will provide the Authorized Inspector (AI) on an intermittent basis to provide ASME code Inspection . - The AIA will provide the Authorized (AIS) for pre-survey , joint review & consultation. l The Annual Audits - Annual audits may be carried out by AIA to verify the compliance with the ASME requirements.
12 11/9/2005


13 11/9/2005

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