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1. PROBLEM Are media responsible for the irresponsible behaviour in people? 2.

Nowadays technology has become powerful and its impact on our social life is increasing day by day. Every day we can see its impact. Our daily life routine has changed from what it was earlier. One of the major things which cause to most of the cultural and behavioural changes in society and the result of technology improvement is media. Media causes too much irresponsible behaviour in today¶s society than good behaviour. Internet which is extensively used by media is inculcating bad habits among people. Especially children are influenced by accessing to explicit content and showing more sexual behaviour at early age. It also causes increasing cases of sexual harassment in society. Apart from it playing online games and chatting with friends and also with unknown people are taking them away from real world, physical game and hard labour and they are more interested towards virtual world. Movies are attracting youngsters more towards smoking, alcohol consumption, drugs and other bad addictions. Even they are showing rude and violent behaviour with common people.

The violence in the world has been said to have increased dramatically over the years. However, there have been many different reasons as to why people claim the violence in the world has been increasing at such a rate. People blame media violence on the problems like murder, rape, drugs, and gore. Just because movies contain these themes and concepts, people assume that people get the ideas for doing things like these from the movies they watch, or what they see on television. Young people are heavy consumers of sexually- oriented media including TV, both broadcast and cable channels, videos, movies, magazines, and, more recently, the internet (Brown et al.1996). Content analyses have also demonstrated that broadcast television contains a high, growing and increasingly explicit dose of sexual messages, and that a low proportion of such messages display or model either restraint or contraceptive use (Kunkel, et al. 1997; Greenberg et al. 1997). Therefore it may be causal relationship between exposure to sexual content in the media and young people's attitudes concerning sexuality and their own sexual behaviours. Lots of people enjoy playing video games, and some people mimic the things to experience if they are fun or not. The article µThe Gaming Dungeon: The Thai GTA IV tragedy¶, it claims that GTA IV has an almost array of humanitarian missions, and that there are few random

and usually when we conceive something as being exciting we try to either watch or carry out that act as much as possible. Therefore in this research the correlation between media and the irresponsible behaviour in people to be calculated to show the effect of media on society.acts of violence in game. 4. High school students make life a living hell for anyone who goes there. You are free to do anything that harms other people in the game. The point is violence is one of the many things that human beings think is exciting. However. Meaning that there are dead bodies and lots of blood everywhere. it encourages violence. since normal people are targetable and there is a button to steal cars. even the popular kids. HYPOTHESIS H1 : Access to explicit content on Internet and television increase sexual harassment in society. and therefore they see violence on a daily basis. H2 : Showing violence in movies has rude impact on people. This is construed as fun. The parents of these kids do not connect enough with their children to realize that they are troubled. but they always show the crime scene when it is first discovered. and as a result. . In the third hypothesis television shows which show consumption of alcohol. because that would ruin the whole show. So it is about how the accessing of explicit content on internet and television affect the sexual harassment in the society. In this hypothesis is rudeness has been affected because of the violence shown in the movies should be find out. Television/video games are so much easier for kids to play than something that means they would have to sweat. 5. DATA VARIABLE In the first hypothesis independent variable is the explicit content accessed on internet and television and dependent variable is sexual harassment in the society. drugs and smoking is independent variable and the addiction behaviour of people is dependent variable. Many of today¶s television shows would be taken off the air if there wasn¶t some sort of violence on them. In the show ³Law and Order´ They never show the killer actually killing the victim. Violence among young people today is a mixture of many things. players want to do it when they are playing the game. H3 : Television shows attracting people towards addiction. In the second hypothesis violence content in movies is the independent variable whereas rudeness of people is dependent variable. To do so sample should be taken out of the whole population then response from people will be collected using questionnaire and interview. everyone gets made fun of at some point. In this hypothesis how the two things are correlated to each other should be figured out.

Information given by respondent is true. Sample is taken from 3-4 states. In sample equal number of male and female is taken. SCALING In this research seven-point numerical scale is used. 8. SAMPLING DESIGN The target population is people of age more than 14 years. their sexual behaviour. So 7 assigned for strongly agreed and 1 for strongly disagreed for the positive statement and for negative statement reverse is done. In each states 3-4 district and in that 2-3 towns are selected.Here in each hypothesis all the variables are categorical polytomous variables. From each town 35 respondents are randomly selected for sampling. They can be measured as different category like strongly agree to strongly disagree or seven or five point numerical scale. 6. theatre. Analyse the response by assigning a weighting ± a numerical value ± to the responses. internet and any other type of media. It is also assumed that they will give true information for the behaviour they done with others or suffered because of others.e. rudeness and addiction and from where they pensive initiated those behaviour. The total sample size is around 1500. 7 and 1 to the response most unfavourable attitude. SURVEY INSTRUMENT In this research questionnaire is used for finding and collecting the data from respondents. 9. Numerical values are assigned differently to positive and negative statement. Questions will be about the kind of information they access from media and in how much quantity. It may be television.e. . It will also contain about the behaviour they show with respect to each hypothesis i. People will also give true response for questions those are related with their bad behaviour. Therefore multistage sampling is used in it. ASSUMPTIONS This research it is assumed that each individual access media in any format. For a positive statement the response indicating the most favourable attitude is to be given the highest score i. 7. magazines.

This age group is for both male and female separately.10. Questionnaire is arranged in such a way that important or more prioritize question will come first then moderate and at last least prioritize one.html. METHODOLOGY OF DATA COLLECTION All the data collected is primary data. If the correlation is very high then the impact of media on irresponsible behaviour is high.php. http://grants. http://socyberty. Positive and negative statement is mixed together to avoid biasness in response.nih. . if the correlation value is moderate then the impact is not much because of media and if it is low then media has no such impact on people. y y y y y REFERENCES http://parenting.medicalnewstoday. Primary data is being collected from respondent using questionnaire. 41-55. Secondary data is not being used in this Questions which are lead to similar kind of behaviour should be grouped together. Then correlation between independent variable and dependent variable is to be calculated. http://www. 26-40. 55 and above. So that people will must give response to more prioritize The age groups are 15-25.families. http://www. For each age group and group of questionnaire average score is calculated. Data collected is arranged according to age group. Questions are grouped according to the hypothesis.