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TARUN BANSAL 365 N. Jefferson Street, Apt. # 1906, Chicago, IL 60661 * 248.494.

3115 PROFILE Dynamic management professional with excellent foresightedness, commitment, busi ness-diligence and analytical skills coupled with a diverse educational backgrou nd in Accounting, Finance, Law and Marketing. Three years of experience in managing self-owned business with a focus on client -interaction and domain specialization. Proven leadership abilities and excellen t communication skills to deliver results that exceed client expectations. Abili ty to initiate and guide complex business restructuring and expansion plans alig ned with key financial projections, economic viability and budgetary control ass ociated with the projects. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE HONDA SIEL CARS INDIA LTD., Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India May 2009 - July 2009 Summer Trainee Managed an independent project with the Dealership Development team in the Marke ting department. The team maintained relations with the existing Honda dealers and explored the opportunities for new dealerships by considering various facto rs like existing dealerships, competitors' presence in the region, units in oper ation, industry trends, income level of the population, spending habits, etc. * Mapped the dealership network of Honda's competitors in India * Compiled data on the dealership network of top 10 automobile manufacturers in India through secondary research * Examined the concentration of these manufacturers in 15 major cities of India using primary research technique * Understood competitive climate of the automobile industry and performed feasib ility analysis to explore the potential for new Honda Dealerships with respect t o the competitors' and Honda's own presence in the region * Identified three possible locations for future Honda dealerships and formally presented the findings and recommendations to the management team FIELD PROJECT FOR SHOW LOW MAIN STREET, Show Low, Arizona January 2009 - May 2009 Member of the Field Project Team Managed a 'University Feasibility Study' project for a proposed four-year univer sity campus at Show Low, Arizona * Analyzed the student-demand for degree-programs by gathering data through prim ary and secondary research * Completed primary research to determine business participation and demand for university programs in the region * Evaluated risk through analysis of existing community colleges and other compe titive university programs in the region * Recommendations have been executed and other findings are being considered as the project progresses I. C. S. CARGO, New Delhi, India May 2005 - May 20 08 Owner / General Manager A company involved in handling the documentation and logistics related to the cl ients' import and export operations, having offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kandla and Ludhiana. Provided consultation and delivered unique cost effective solutio ns tailored per the clients' individual needs. Understood and analyzed the busin ess-process and introduced innovative changes to the existing practice, leading

to a significant reduction of time taken to completion. Ensured and witnessed a constant increase in revenues through effective resource utilization, strategic planning, and calculated risk-taking. * Devised a strategy to restructure the organization by upgrading software, equi pment and technology * Performed statistical trend analysis by studying 5-year historic data of cargo 's value and volume through the proposed ports for setting-up new branch offices at Kandla Sea Port, Gujarat and Ludhiana Inland Container Depot, Punjab * Forecasted revenues and conducted cost-benefit analysis, instrumental in final izing the new branch facilities * Prepared documentation, handled negotiation and secured financial guarantees w orth $250,000 for company projects * Increased revenues by 30% and achieved economies of scale by generating additi onal business from existing clients * Handled business, established new contacts and maintained existing relationshi ps with multinational business clients such as BMW, Yum Restaurants, Snap-on-Too ls, Danisco Ingredients, Pepsi Foods and various foreign embassies * Recruited and managed a motivated staff of over 50 employees across all branch offices

EDUCATION ELLER COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona May 2010 Master of Business Administration (MBA) GPA: 3.56 / 4.0 Awarded merit-based scholarship Graduate Assistantship (Marketing Analytic and Statistical Inference in Manageme nt) Gained knowledge in diversified fields and focused on enhancing critical thinkin g and analytical skills along-with applying creativity and number crunching skil ls to come up with competitive solutions to challenging situations. * Business Strategy and Integrating Business Principles: Understand strategy ide ntification and evaluation, and response to external changes in multi-business e nterprise management. Develop virtual, creative implementation proposals and str ategic turnaround plans for Chapter-11 financial restructuring, to transit from crisis to profitability. * Marketing Research: Acquire and use information for critical business planning and effective marketing decision making. Use projective techniques, focus group s, cross-sectional and longitudinal survey research, causal experimentation and test marketing for market structure analysis, advertising research and new produ ct models. * Valuation Modeling and Financial Statement Analysis: Apply corporate finance c oncepts, principles, and methods to analyze complex real-world financial problem s and become proficient in valuation of real and financial assets. Build skills related to understanding accounting disclosures and using information in financi al statements. * Product Strategy and Brand Management: Manage multiple product lines and produ ct extensions. Learn tools and methods for product design, development and handl ing product growth, maturity and decline stage issues. Learn how products become brands, and analyze issues in building and managing brand assets. * Negotiation: Explore major concepts of psychology of negotiation, dynamics of interpersonal and intergroup conflict and resolution. Create new forms of value, manage communications, and build working relationships.

LAW CENTRE-I, FACULTY OF LAW, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India May 2008 Bachelor of Laws Member, Bar Council of Delhi (Enrolment # D/2301/2009 as Attorney-at-Law) SRI GURU GOBIND SINGH COLLEGE OF COMMERCE, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India Post Graduate Diploma in International Marketing Bachelor of Commerce / Business Studies (Honors Program) 004 ACADEMIC PROJECTS Guinness Beer Brand Audit Learned how Guinness was able to sustain growth despite its product's position i n a relatively limited niche market. * Conducted interviews to gain insights on the Guinness' Brand Image, constructe d and hosted an online survey to confirm the findings, studied overlap between G uinness Brand Image and Brand Identity and created mental maps * Provided recommendations to protect the established brand and to increase the brand equity Developing Strategic Recovery Plan for Borders Developed a strategic recovery plan for Borders, an underperforming publicly tra ded company and provided recommendations based on identification of various issu es related to its strategy, business and finance to help recover as a profitable enterprise. * Formulated a transition plan by creating perception maps for the main category of products like books, music and videos and created an improved business model based on the transition plan * Developed financial plans and financial projections for 5 years with emphasis on cash flows from the new model Developing a New Product Concept Developed a new product 'Knife Guard' used to protect hands from getting hurt wh ile chopping vegetables. * Worked on each stage of product development. Conducted primary research by way of in-depth interviews, consumer trials and conjoint analysis and secondary res earch through cooking shows, articles and journals * Created Bass Diffusion Model to forecast the market potential for the product and estimated sales per year * Developed the marketing strategy and advertising strategy for the product Project to Identify Barriers to Internship Participation among Undergraduates at Eller Undertook a study to examine the potential underlying variables which serve as b arriers to participating or ultimately securing internships, considered importan t in career development among university students. * Conducted focus groups with sample population to gain insights on factors whic h may inhibit internship participation * Prepared questionnaire based on focus group observations and hosted an online survey to confirm the observed themes * Analyzed the survey data through uni-variate and bi-variate statistical analys is using SPSS tool MEMBERSHIPS AND ACTIVITIES * Vice President, Law Centre-I Students' Union: Acted as a liaison between stude nts and college authorities to understand and voice students' problems and negot iated optimum solutions * Member, Legal Aid Committee: Assisted underprivileged university students with free legal advice * Won many swimming competitions at club, school and state level May 2005 May 2

* Actively participated in blood donation camps and volunteered to donate blood and platelets on call