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ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL Seasoned team worker and leader with extensive, demonstrated accomplishments in health information accounting, medical billing and coding, offering a broad know ledge base and wealth of experiences to the company that is seeking an analytica l, detail oriented, highly multitasking capable, profit-focused, service and qua lity-oriented professional. OBJECTIVE I seek a challenging, long term growth opportunity to utilize my professional kn owledge and accounting skills to effectively help streamline accounting processe s and data handling, which will prove to contribute towards the accurate, effici ent and profitable operation of a health organization. My years of medical codin g management experience, proficiency in accounting procedures and various comput er applications will prove to be of great value and advantage for my future comp any. I offer to perform my duties with proper dedication and integrity with the highest ethical standards. QUALIFICATION HIGHLIGHTS * EXCELLENT ACCOUNTING SKILLS INCLUDING P&L, GL, PAYROLL, AR/AP AND BANK RECONC ILIATION * HIGHLY ORGANIZED, DETAIL ORIENTED AND EXTREMELY PROFICIENT PROCESSING AND DAT A ENTRY * EXCEPTIONAL MULTI TASKING & PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS * ADVANCED UNDERSTANDING OF MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY AND BODY SYSTEMS/ANATOMY, PHYSI OLOGY AND CONCEPTS OF DISEASE * HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGER AND CODER * FLUIDLY PROGRESSES THROUGH JOB DISTRACTIONS, ELEVATED CHALLENGES AND/OR EMERG ENCY CONDITIONS WHILE MAINTAINING NORMAL WORKFLOW DEMAND * HOLDS HIGH REGARD TO ACCURACY AND DETAILS * BROAD BASED COMPUTERIZED ACCOUNTING SKILLS * TEAM PLAYER RELATING EFFECTIVELY WITH ALL PERSONNEL PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: ABEO MED 2008 to Present Health Information Manager and Medical Billing Professional, Salt Lake City, Uta h * Billing all charges to the insurance companies and/or patients. Run and resol ve computer error reports, audit results, and contact insurance companies via ca lling and/or writing appeal letters making sure claims are getting processed cor rectly and timely. * Follow up inquiries with patients confirming receipt of statements and workin g refund reports. * Managing India global operations, guidelines and corrections for efficient an d error free operations. * Advanced understanding of medical terminology and body systems/anatomy, physi ology and concepts of disease, evaluating and coding all diagnoses and procedure s. * Doctor Charge entry: CPT coding, adding modifiers if needed, cross walking an esthesia procedure codes with the surgeon's procedure codes, ICD-9 coding. Runni ng concurrent case audits. JORDAN VALLEY INTERNAL MEDICINE 2006 to 2008

Accounting Medical Billing Professional, Salt Lake City, Utah * Posting all payments from insurance companies and the patients, in addition t o Bank deposits, balancing and closing the books at the end of each the month. * Filing quarterly taxes and practice annalist's for all of the doctors in the office. * Assists with implementation of new coding software, and provide procedural ed ucation and documentation requirements to physicians, existing staff and new sta ff members. * Abstract clinical information from medical records and assign appropriate cod es to patient records in addition to Doctor Charge entry documenting and coding final diagnoses: CPT coding, ICD-9 coding. * Billing all charges to the insurance companies and/or patients. Write appeal letters and call insurance companies to make sure claims are processed correctly . Follow up inquiries with patients confirming receipt of statements and working refund reports. * Perform medical record data statistical analysis, identify and/or clarify int ernal medical information requests. Community Health Centers Accounting AR Specialist, Salt Lake City, Utah 2000 to 2006 * Process month end checks and balances, close month end and quarterly books, i n addition to generating and reviewing all associated reports. * Update patient accounts for proper coding, billing and Bookkeeping. * Process insurance medical dental EOB's for four health Clinics. * Process Record and balance insurance/private payments. * Coordinate with various insurance companies, Including Medicare/Medicaid. * Bill secondary insurance companies. * Handling patient phone calls and payment plans. ARMY NATIONAL GUARD 1998 to 2000 Bookkeeper / Accounting Specialist, Salt Lake City/Murray, Utah * Organized and maintained all records for financial transactions. * Reconciled and computed account balances. * Posted and compiled reports to show statistics for medical records. * Verified end posted details of business transactions. EDUCATION: SALT LAKE COMMUNITY COLLEGE 2007 (6 Months of Credit towards Above Associates Degree) GRANITE HIGH SCHOOL, Salt Lake City, UT 1989 COMPUTER SKILLS: * QSI, Medical Manager, MedSuite * Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook) * Adobe software * Intuit - QuickBooks WORK RELATED REFERANCES NAME NUMBER # RELATIOSHIP HOW LONG HAVE I KNOWN THEM * Gina Vigil #801-556-8701 Supervisor Over 4 years * Joyce Robinson #801-412-6920 Supervisor Over 10 years * Crystal Manning #801-412-6920 H/R / Co Worker Over 10 years * Nikki Bullock #801-604-8600 Co Worker Over 3 years

* Miquelon Johnson #801-787-8434 Co Worker Over 2 years