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JARVIS A. MACLIN 4710 Buckner Lane Paducah, KY 42001 C (270) 564-2589 H (270) 443-9796 EDUCATION: B.S.

Biology - 1978, Tennessee State University, Nashville, Tennessee CERTIFICATIONS: 40 Hr Hazwoper, OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120, DOE L-Clearance, Asbestos Supervisor, Lead Worker Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene CORE COMPETENCIES: Management, Organization, Planning, Chemical Analysis, Nuclea r Regulations INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS: Ion Chromatography, LIMS & Beckman, Wet Chemistry, Total Volatile Organic Compound Analyzer (TVA), MultiRae Analyzer, Qualitative/Quantit ative (Q2) assay monitors 7/15/09-Present: Nuclear First- Line Supervisor- Paducah Remediation Services- M anaged and operated warehouse and receiving area. Responsibilities included orde ring equipment, clothing, PPE and supplies in support of the D&D Project. Superv ised several operators in the transportation and delivery of equipment and suppl ies to different projects. Performed time entry for each direct report. Ensured training was current for each direct report. Conducted daily safety and plan of the day meetings. Generated monthly Chemical Inventory reports. Also supervised operators in the removal of lead based paint from the walls and ceilings of targ eted buildings. Also supervised operators in the application of Asbestos Binding Compound in targeted buildings. 8/31/07-7/15/09: Field Safety Representative-Paducah Remediation services- Assig ned to different projects to ensure the health and safety of each individual emp loyee while performing specific job tasks. Performed heat stress measurements, p hysiological monitoring and noise assessments. Revised safety procedures, Activi ty Hazard Analysis and Safety and Health Plans. Discussed safety topic at each P lan of the Day Meeting. Inspected inbound equipment, heavy equipment, eyewash st ations and fire extinguishers. Sampled drum containers to confirm the presence o f HF. Assigned to the C-746-D -Yard Project from the beginning to its completion . Contract Assignments: 2/26/07 a" 5/4/07: Outage Environmental Safety Coach - Atlantic Group, McGuire N uclear Station, Huntersville, NC 11/1/06 - 12/18/06: Outage Environmental Safety Coach - Bartlett Inc., Catawba N uclear Station, York, SC Outage Safety Coach - Monitor and assess potentially hazardous work conditions a nd worker safety during outages; authorized to issue citations and rewards to em ployees performing tasks safely; coach and counsel workers not meeting minimum s afety standards; recommend preventive measures; initiate corrective action repor ts; write daily safety reports. 4/1/06 a" 5/5/06: GEO Consultants, EPA New Orleans Hurricane Recovery, New Orlea ns, LA Environmental Specialist/Safety Investigator a" Assigned to Facility Assessment Coordinator and Safety & Emergency Response Team Member, assessed and documented hazardous wastes and ambient air quality caused by Hurricane Katrina; surveyed neighborhoods to assess, segregate, and document hazardous waste from landfill d ebris, reported findings to EPA Site Inspectors.

8/2002 - 11/30/2005: United States Enrichment Corporation/PGDP, 5600 Hobbs Road, Paducah, KY 42001 Waste Management First-line Manager - Managed and operated waste disposal facili

ty using safety procedures; Conducted safety meetings; characterized and supervi sed several operators in environmental wastes handling (PCBs, fissile, hazardous , and radioactive), treatment, disposal, and storage; ensured potentially fissil e U-235 concentration was below 120 grams; managed, programmed, and operated thr ee drum monitors and waste compactor; scheduled pick-up of sanitary landfill was te dumpsters from each USEC leased building. Served as Material Balance Account Custodian --kept track of all nuclear material in a particular account. Responsi ble for packaging dry-active waste in B-25 boxes and sea land containers for off site disposal; ensured training was current for all direct reports. Provided sci entific leadership and quantitative analyses to direct and conduct associated fi eld work associated with disposal; wrote compliance reports, plans, and assessme nts. 8/94 - 8/2002: Lockheed Martin Utility Services, 5600 Hobbs Road, Paducah, KY 42 001 Technical Support Representative a"Trained/assisted waste generators in handling , storage, and disposal of hazardous and radioactive wastes; co-managed C-727 Ha zardous Wastes Area; Relief Section Manager; certified On-The-Job Trainer to aBa Operators; characterized and evaluated potentially fissile wastes; programmed a nd operated qualitative/quantitative waste assay drum monitor; developed and rev ised procedures and reports; conducted internal surveillances; liaison between D OE and USEC in final disposition of PCB wastes; helped to establish and inspecte d DOE Material Storage Areas (DMSAs). 1/1991 - 8/1994: Lockheed Martin Utility Services, 5600 Hobbs Road, Paducah, KY 42001 PCB Monitoring Coordinator and Service Supervisor - Organized and scheduled PCB sampling events; supervised and evaluated crew in sampling oil bearing equipment , PCB gaskets, and non-gasket spills in Cascade buildings; evaluated sampling gr ids and plans; resolved customer complaints; signed and approved health & safety work permits. 1/90 - 11/1991: Martin Marietta Utility Services, 5600 Hobbs Road, Paducah, KY 4 2001 Senior Laboratory Technician - Determined PH, calcium hardness, and total hardne ss of various solutions and cooling tower waters; determined phosphate and chrom ate concentration using spectrophotometer; collected uranium hexafluoride (UF6) gaseous samples from cascade cells; performed water and biological oxygen demand analyses; performed tests on wastewater and sludge samples; petroleum hydrocarb on content by gas chromatography; biochemical oxygen demand, chemical oxygen dem and by spectro-photometry, oil and grease content, total solids, volatile solids , pH, alkalinity, volatile acids, chlorine content by spectrophotometry, and tot al and fecal coliform bacteria counts. Determined chlorine concentrations of RCW water; prepared analytical standards; ordered reagents and supplies; trained co -workers on tests; analyzed EPA performance evaluation samples. 5/1988 - 1/1990: Martin Marietta Utility Services, 5600 Hobbs Road, Paducah, KY 42001 Waste Disposal Coordinator and Relief First Line Manager - Relief First-line Man ager over aBa Operators; ensured treatment, storage, and disposal of classified and radioactive wastes; managed C-404 Burial Ground and contaminated scrap yards ; wrote request-for-disposal (RFD) of radioactive wastes. 9/1979 - 5/1988: Martin Marietta Utility Services, 5600 Hobbs Road, Paducah, KY 42001 Senior Laboratory Technician a" Collected gas over solid samples; analyzed UF6 f or chromium and molybdenum; performed various analyses on cooling tower waters, KPDES samples, and well waters. Awarded Martin Marietta Excellence Award.