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Vauxhall Vectra Clock Removal by David P.

1. Turn steering wheel to gain access to screw covers. Remove covers and unscrew the screws (1 either side of steering wheel). 2.

3. Locate and unscrew the three screws holding the bottom half of the ignition cowl on. Before going any further remove the key from the ignition and open and close a door. 4. Remove the top and bottom cowls. 5. Remove the exterior light switch assembly. Use a piece of wadding underneath the screwdriver blade to protect the dash.

Do the same for the indicator switch. remove the right hand dash vent.6. Allow it to hang free. 7. . Using suitably thin implements. Release the wiper switch by pressing the top and bottom clips and sliding it out. Access to the right hand clips of the vent can be gained via the vent on the right. 8.

Unscrew the two screws now visible along with the one under the clocks. 10. 11. Pull the dash clock surround out and allow it to hang down. Unscrew the two screws found underneath .9. Remove the dash centre vents. 12.

13. along with the one under the dash clocks .


and I got sick of looking at it). Firmly pull the clocks forward. Reason for that is the info display suffers from the missing segments problem. Reach behind the info display and locate the black clip holding the plug on.and lever the clip up to remove the dash clock surround. . (You’ll notice that I have no info display currently fitted. 14.

other bits of trim hanging down.15. 17. 16. bits of trim all over the place. and then remove the info display plug itself. Ta-da. Pull it. Doesn’t it look great! . Clocks are out. as it’s a little tight) them towards the passenger side of the car. The clocks are removed by manoeuvring (and I do mean manoeuvre.

which needs to be cleared at a dealer. 21. then fit the vents. Check to make sure the dash lights up correctly etc. as these are the most annoying part of the job. Refitting is a reverse of removal. probably with a code 40. Do not. 19.It will once you get it back together any way! 18. turn the ignition on as when you get it back together you’ll have the airbag light on. . 20. Do everything except put the dash vents back in. Job done. under any circumstances. indicating ‘signal missing’. bar the screw that has the washer on it that screws into the bottom cowl.