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Rev. Paul R Ricard 8 Elizabeth Ann Drive New Haven, CT 06512 US E prbd85d2@westpost.

net P 203-733-3133


Dates Employed Job Title Company 9/2006 - 6/2010 Program Manager Middletown/CT The Non-Violence Alliance

Responsible for day to day operations of our home office and satellite locatio ns. Overseeing a staff of 12-16 part-time group facilitators. Reporting responsi bilities to our referral sources, including DCF and CSSD. Co-lead group counsel ing sessions. 10/2005 - Present Pastor Brookfield/CT Newbury Congregational Church

Provide spiritual guidance to congregation members; meet with individual members and small groups to discuss topical issues, including family values; work with congregation members on their personal issues to provide guida nce and motivation, function as a Coach and Mentor to congregation members, repr esenting all age groups and diverse social, ethnic and economic backgrounds. 12/2005 - 10/2006 Facilitator, Nurturing Father's Group work Danbury/CT Healthy Family's Net

Facilitate the Nurturing Father's group, using the established curriculum, mar ket the program, seeking increased father participation, network with other soci al service providers 10/2005 - 9/2006 Parent Aide Danbury/CT Child Advocacy Center

Work with the parents of children identified as at-risk for child abuse; teach basic parenting skills, age-appropriate behavior, proper disciplinary technique s, assist in accessing various community and government benefits. 10/2004 - 7/2005 Residential Counselor cut Danbury/CT Mental Health Association of Connecti

Work with a caseload of clients with various mental illnesses, developing resi dential and living skills, ensuring medication compliance, coordinating appointm ents with medical and psychiatric health providers. Serve as a liaison between t he client and the many varied Social Service agencies, both public and private. Advocating for the mentally ill. 2/2000 - 10/2004 Client Services Consultant Danbury/CT Cendant Mobility

Single point of contact for transferring employees. Facilitated all aspects of

relocation. Working with many different individuals, both inside and outside Ce ndant Mobility to ensure as stress free a move as possible. Committed to providi ng top-block, pro-active service. 9/2000 - 9/2003 Youth Minister - DCYM urch of Christ Danbury/CT First Congregational Church, United Ch

Work collegially with the pastors and congregations which sponsor the Downtown Cooperative Youth Ministry (DCYM). Facilitate the combined youth ministry, whil e juggling the denominational differences and structures of the 2 congregations (UCC and Episcopal). Working closely with the youth to develop a program to meet the very different needs of youth in very different places in their lives. 4/1999 - 2/2000 Consultant Danbury/CT Jenny Craig

Assisted individual clients in achieving their weight-loss goals. Helped indiv iduals keep sight of their goals, aiding them in creating a structured, multi-fa ceted program to keep them on track. 5/1998 - 2/1999 Conference Coordinator Bethel/CT MCI Worldcom

Work closely with corporate clients to set-up multiple types of conference calls; set-up small or large group conferences, providing two-way communications or listening only; provide for all telecommunication linkages and monitor hook-ups to ensure compliance with quality assurance standards. 9/1997 - 5/1998 Resident Chaplain al Hartford/CT Ana M. Fulling Chaplaincy, Hartford Hospit

Worked closely with families in crisis; provided companionship to patients; discussed patient concerns regarding health and other personal issues; and provided counseling to individuals, patients and family members. 3/1996 - 9/1997 Pastor Lancaster/NH Lancaster Congregational United Church of Christ

Provided spiritual guidance to congregation members; met with individual members and small groups to discuss topical issues, including family values; worked with congregation members on their personal issues to provide guidance and motivation. Functioned as a Coach and Mentor to congregation members, representing all age groups and diverse social, ethnic and economic backgrounds.


5/2006 University of New Haven Master's Degree West Haven - CT - US 1/1998 Anna M. Fulling Chaplaincy - Hartford Hospital Certification Hartford - CT - US 1/1994 Fairfield Hills Hospital Certification Newtown - CT - US 1/1994 Lancaster Theological Seminary Master's Degree Lancaster - PA - US 1/1990 Western Connecticut State University Bachelor's Degree Danbury - CT - US