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EXPERIENCE Junior Derivatives Broker/Trading Assistant Tradition (North America) Inc.

, New York, NY (April 1, 2009 - March 15, 2010) 1. Brokered overnight and short-term OTC Mexican Peso Swaps for institutional cl ients. My portfolio of clients included ING Amsterdam and BoNY Mellon. 2. Linked trades verbally between New York and foreign Broker Desks. 3. Booked FX Swap, Forward, IR Swap and Basis Swap trades for two other brokers besides myself. 4. Confirmed trades using Reuters 3000, SwapsWire and Bloomberg. 5. Assisted with price modeling of structured/bundled trades across Forwards, IR Swaps and Basis Swaps. 6. Monitored live client prices, spot rates, IR spreads and relevant economic re ports. 7. Handled end-of-day trade reconciliation, trade break investigation, as well a s settlement reporting. 8. Created excel broker tools, ad-hoc reports and monthly brokerage attribution reports. 9. Assumed the role of desk lead-support, liaising between IT, BackOffice and cl ients to improve trade system processes (STP) and to resolve issues. Trading Operations Analyst Barclays Capital, Jersey City, NJ (March '08 - April '09) 1. Produced daily manual reconciliations across a variety of product areas, incl uding: Futures & Options, DTC Settlements, Collateral Management, Corporate Acti ons, Government Settlements, Commercial Loans, Product Control, Total Return SWA PS, Credit Default SWAPS and Interest Rate SWAPS. 2. Resolved exceptions between cash transactions and trade settlements versus ex pected results. 3. Handled daily live reconciliation of Nostro cash accounts ensuring the proper flow of collateral funds, settlement funds, coupon payments, adjustment fees, s wap payments as well as internal transfers. 4. Investigated failed trades/trade queries and escalated any unresolved reconci liation items. 5. Responsible for EOD MIS control reporting. 6. Assisted in the collection and reconciliation of brokerage fee payables and r eceivables. 7. Trained new members to the operations team. Commodities Trading Floor Clerk PRIME International Trading, New York, NY (July '06 - May '07) 1. Worked closely with option traders/market-makers in the COMEX division of the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) and New York Board of Trade (NYBOT). 2. Monitored and quoted futures bid/ask prices inside the pits using trading sig n language. 3. Helped hedge option positions by placing orders with futures brokers. 4. Captured trades and updated implied volatility. 5. Ran proprietary derivatives pricing program and compiled option pricing sheet s. 6. Analyzed open positions and calculated daily PnL. 7. Researched and resolved trade breaks and any other discrepancies with the cle aringhouse. 8. Handled daily settlements and exercised/assigned options on expiration. 9. Attended weekly Futures & Options trading learning seminars/mock trading sess ions.

Market Intelligence Intern Capital-Bridge (now Ipreo), Hoboken, NJ (May '06 - Aug '06) 1. Contacted Buy-Side Analysts and Portfolio Managers to compile information use d to create investor suitability studies that match clients and investors. 2. Performed firm research for Capital-Bridge's proprietary shareholding databas e IRx. 3. Compiled and e-mailed daily financial reports to individual clients. 4. Queried Portfolio Managers and Analysts to help clients prepare for IR road s hows. EDUCATION Pace University, NY. B.S., Finance, Minor: Economics. GPA: 3.42 (Grad 2008) Undergraduate Business Society Phi Chi Theta Business and Economics Business Society Winner of the Glo-Bus intercollegiate management competition. SKILLS * Computer: Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access. Working knowledge of VBA and SQL programming. * Financial: Knowledge of Swapswire, Bloomberg, Reuters3000, SUMMIT, IMPACT, CQG , TT and Whentech. Basic knowledge of CME's Give-Up Payment System (GPS), Sungar d GMI, FIA EGUS, and ACBS. Also, good knowledge of Option Greeks. * Language: Fluent in Spanish. * Accustomed to working in a high-pressure, fast-paced work environment. RELEVANT COLLEGE COURSE WORK * * * * * Quantitative Analysis & Forecasting Principles of Fixed Instruments & Markets Futures, Options and SWAPS Econometrics: Models & Organizations Advanced Financial Analysis