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Vol. 107 - 2010

nr 1 3 12 20 27 31 37 Models for Chloride Diffusion Coefficients of Concretes in Tidal Zone / Miguel A. Bermudez, Pilar Alaejos Investigation into Yield Behavior of Fresh Cement Paste: Model and Experiment / Gang Lu, Kejin Wang Intrinsic Model to Predict Formwork Pressure / Seung Hee Kwon, Surendra P. Shah, Quoc Tri Phung, Jae Hong Kim, Yun Lee Temperature Stability of Compressive Strength of Cement Asphalt Mortar / Fazhou Wang, Zhichao Liu, Tao Wang, Shuguang Hu Effect of Filtering on Texture Assessment of Concrete Surfaces / Pedro Miguel Duarte Santos, Eduardo Nuno Brito Santos Julio Investigation of Alkali-Silica Reaction Inhibited by New Lithium Compound / X. Mo, Y. Zhang, C. Yu, M. Deng, M. Tang, K.-J. Hunger, B. Fournier Effect of Different Dosages of Polypropylene Fibers in Thin White- topping Concrete Pavements / Maria Carolina Rodezno, Kamil Elias Kaloush Effect of Bottom Ash as Fine Aggregate on Shrinkage Cracking of Mortars / Ilker Bekir Topcu, Turhan Bilir Polyvinyl Alcohol Fiber-Reinforced Mortars for Masonry Applications / Brian N. Skourup, Ece Erdogmus Effect of Curing Methods on Autogenous Shrinkage and Self-Induced Stress of High-Performance Concrete / Mohammed Seddik Meddah, Ryoichi Sato Synergistic Effect between Glass Frit and Blast-Furnace Slag / Said Laldji, Alounsak Phithaksounthone, Arezki Tagnit-Hamou Expansion of MgO in Cement Pastes Measured by Different Methods / Michelle R. Nokken Discussion Critical Corrosion Threshold of Galvanized Reinforcing Bars. Paper / David Darwin, Joann Browning, Matthew O'Reilly, Lihua Xing, Jianxin Ji In ACI Structural Journal

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Byung Hwan Oh Interface Tailoring of Polyester-Type Fiber in Engineered Cementitious Composite Matrix against Pullout / J. Rathod. Bhattacharjee Inspection of Concrete Using Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity / Gonzalo P. A. Bhethanabotla. Ivy Fung-yuen Ho Ultra-High-Strength. Kondraivendhan. Eamon. Quanbing Yang Measurement of Oxygen Permeability of Epoxy Polymers / Chandra Khoe. Stawson. Sonia M. Kurama. Popovics Compressive Strength Relationships for Concrete under Elevated Temperatures / Adam M. Roth. Tonyan. Sanchari Chowdhury. C. Solt. C. Bong Seok Jang. D. Dubey Compacted Sand Concrete in Pavement Construction: An Economical and Environmental Solution / Saloua El Euch Khay. Juenger. Eddie Siu-Shu Lam. D. Min Peng. Glass Fiber-Reinforced Concrete: Mechanical Behavior and Numerical Modeling / M. Centrangolo. David J. Amara Loulizi In ACI Structural Journal Reviewers in 2009 114 123 132 138 147 155 164 176 185 195 203 205 . Mingshu Tang Modeling Mechanical Behavior of Reinforced Concrete due to Corrosion of Steel Bar / Ki Hyun Kim. John Hema Experimental Study on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Confined with Plastic Pipe / Junyan Wang. T. Yahya C. R. G. Knaack. Seung Yup Jang. Wilson Yuk-ming Chung. J. 2 99 106 Potential Approach to Evaluating Soundness of Concrete Containing MgO-Based Expansive Agent / Liwu Mo. Kirkner Creep Behavior of High-Strength Concrete with Polypropylene Fibers at Elevated Temperatures / Bo Wu. John S. Venkat R. Patodi Effects of Liquid Nitrogen Cooling on Fresh Concrete Properties / Maria C. Qun Liu. Rajan Sen Effect of Ago and Water-Cement Ratio on Size and Dispersion of Pores in Ordinary Portland Cement Paste / B. T. Jamel Neji. B. R.

Michael Neff. Davood Mostofinejad Effects of Hauling Time on Air-Entrained Self-Consolidating Concrete / Nader Ghafoori. Carse Assessing Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Fire-Damaged Engineered Cementitious Composites / Mustafa Sahmaran. Wu Jian Long New Viscoelastic Model for Early-Age Concrete Based on Measured Strains and Stresses / Seong Cheol Choi. Dimitrios G. Li Characterization of Deep Surface-Opening Cracks in Concrete: Feasibility of Impact-Generated Rayleigh-Waves / Hwa Kian Chai. Basu Shrinkage of Precast. Dux. Prestressed Self-Consolidating Concrete / Kamal H. Peter F. Shah Performance of Permeability-Reducing Admixtures in Marine Concrete Structures / Vinh T. Peter H. Shohei Momoki. Kyaw MyintLay New Methodology to Proportion Self-Consolidating Concrete with HighVolume Fly Ash / Subrato Chowdhury. Byung Hwan Oh Wavelet Analysis of Ultrasonic Pulses in Cement-Based Materials / Carnot Leal Nogueira Salt Weathering of Concrete by Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Chloride / Harvey Haynes. Amedeo Gregori. Dao. Kumar Mehta Environmental Effects on Mechanical Properties of Wet Lay-Up FiberReinforced Polymer / Hamid Saadatmanesh. Aggelis. Victor C. Ong. Lado Riannevo Chandra. Morris. Tomoki Shiotani In ACI Structural Journal 222 231 239 248 258 267 275 282 291 297 305 312 .nr 3 213 Early-Age Shrinkage Strains Versus Depth of Low Water-Cement Ratio Mortar Prisms / K. N. Robert O'Neill. Surendra P. Mary Barfield Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Early-Age Dynamic Young's Modulus of Normal Concrete / Giri Venkiteela. Khayat. G. C. Prabir C. P. Mohammadreza Tavakkolizadeh. Zhihui Sun. Mohamed Lachemi. Alan H.

M. lsabel Tejedor. Andersen. Soo-Duck Hwang. Andiön. Munoz. Malhotra Self-Consolidating High-Strength Concrete Optimization by Mixture Design Method / Ozlem Akalin. Marc A. Abhijit Mukherjee. Barzin Mobasher. Narayanan Neithalath In ACI Structural Journal 332 340 349 357 365 372 380 387 396 403 413 422 . Bahar Sennaroglu Calcium Hydroxide Formation in Thin Cement Paste Exposed to Air / Liv M. Emilio Zornoza. 4 323 Analysis of Mortar Long-Term Strength with Supplementary Cementitious Materials Cured at Different Temperatures / Karim Ezziane. Gramer Triple Percolation in Concrete Reinforced with Carbon Fiber / F. Sandwip K. Khayat. Della M. Abdelkader Bougara. D. Kadri Ulas Akay. Bentz. Dale P. Basu Corrosion Protection of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Wrapped Reinforced Concrete / Sangeeta Gadve. Javier Baeza. Rachid Bennacer Influence of Chemistry of Chloride Ions in Cement Matrix on Corrosion of Steel / Ha-Won Song. Luis G. Chang-Hong Lee. Prabir C. Ki Yong Ann Strength-Cementitious Material-Water Relationship for Proportioning of Fly Ash-Based Concrete / Subrato Chowdhury. Haselbach. Sang-Hyo Kim. D. Hulusi Ozkul Correlation of Reaction Products and Expansion Potential in Alkali-Silica Reaction for Blended Cement Materials / Aboozar Bonakdar. Pedro Garces Performance of Cast-in-Place Self-Consolidating Concrete Made with Various Types of Viscosity-Enhancing Admixtures / Kamal H. Sumanasooriya. L. N. EI-Hadj Kadri. M. Chung. Min-Sun Jung. Lu Liu Size and Wall Effects on Compressive Strength of Concretes / Aziz Türkei. Steven M. Kheira Belaid Planar Image-Based Reconstruction of Pervious Concrete Pore Structure and Permeability Prediction / Milani S. Roy Detection of Aggregate Clay Coatings and Impacts on Concrete / Jose F. S.

Leslie J. Al Jadiri Thermal Strain and Drying Shrinkage of Concrete Structures in the Field / Seongcheol Choi Moon C. Pavate Electrical Resistance Tomography for Assessment of Cracks in Concrete / K. Blunt. Beushausen New Method for Proportioning Self-Consolidating Concrete Based on Compressive Strength Requirements / Ghazi F. Koichi Maekawa Precision of Compressive Strength Testing of Concrete with Different Cylinder Specimen Sizes / Hosein Taghaddos. Struble In ACI Structural Journal 450 461 469 474 481 490 498 508 515 523 532 533 . Kaipio. P. J. Ahmed F. Aggelis Influence of Fiber Type on Creep Deformation of Cracked Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete Panels / Erik Stefan Bernard Suitability of Various Measurement Techniques for Assessing Corrosion in Cracked Concrete / Mike B. Hans D. Won Powder Additions to Mitigate Retardation in High-Volume Fly Ash Mixtures / Dale P. Kohei Nagai. Eduardo Nuno Brito Santos Julio Effect of Aggregate Type on Mechanical Properties of Reactive Powder Concrete / Serdar Aydin. Otieno. Mert Yucel Yardimci. A. Soleymani. Karhunen. J. Monteiro Discussion Influence of Mixing Sequence on Cement-Admixture Interaction / Chun-Tao Chen. Huseyin Yigiter Bidirectional Multiple Cracking Tests on High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composite Plates / Benny Suryanto. P. Mark G. Trimbak V. Seppanen. Hamid R. J. Rand S. Bentz Inclined Plane Test to Evaluate Structural Buildup at Rest of SelfConsolidating Concrete / Kamal Henri Khayat. M. Lehikoinen. Kheder. D. A. J. Halit Yazici. 5 433 441 Comparison of Methods for Texture Assessment of Concrete Surfaces / Pedro Miguel Duarte Santos. (Dave) Robson Numerical Simulation of Stress Waves on Surface of Strongly Heterogeneous Media / Dimitrios G. Alexander.

Li Effect of Aggregate Size and Gradation on Pervious Concrete Mixtures / Andrew I. D. Valeria L. Bao-Guo Ma. J. Putman Effect of Calcium Chloride and Initial Curing Temperature on Expansion Caused by Sulfate Exposure / Benjamin D. Moore. Wei-Zhong Gan. M. Kurtis Discussion Expansion of MgO in Cement Pastes Measured by Different Methods / Michelle R. Monteiro. D. Angel A. Jianhua Jiang. ZhiWei Xian Self-healing Characterization of Engineered Cementitious Composite Materials / Li-Li Kan. Kosbab. Mancio. Peijiang Sun Corrosion Process of Steel Bar in Concrete in Full Lifetime / Yingshu Yuan. Z. Nokken In ACI Structural Journal Oprac. Brooks. Villagran-Zaccardi. 6 545 554 562 568 577 586 Effect of Non-Ground-Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag as Fine Aggregate on Shrinkage Cracking of Mortars / Ilker Bekir Topgu and Turhan Bilir Effect of Mixture Compositions on Workability and Strength of Fly AshBased Inorganic Polymer Mortar / Hwai-Chung Wu. D. Tao Peng Hybrid Rotating/Fixed-Crack Model for High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Composites / Chung-Chan Hung. P. Chung Design and Research on Gradient Structure Concrete Based on Volumetric Stabilization / Xiao-Dong Wen. Kimberly E. Bradley J. Neptune. Sakulich. Joshua Host Instantaneous In-Situ Determination of Water-Cement Ratio of Fresh Concrete / M. Hui-Sheng Shi. Sherif EI-Tawil Conductive Concrete for Cathodic Protection of Bridge Decks / Sherif Yehia. Di Maio Carbon-Fiber Cement-Based Materials for Electromagnetic Shielding / Sivaraja Muthusamy. Taus. Glaser Time Evolution of Chloride Penetration in Blended Cement Concrete / Yury A. BPK 593 602 611 617 625 632 640 642 . S. J. R. Victor C. Aaron R.