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James Alvarado 5010 Broadway Albert, KS 67511

Career Objective Establish a long term career with a company that will utilize as much of my expe rtise as possible while providing opportunities for advancement and or opportuni ty to embark on a new career as a game tester. Career Sum mary Have over twenty years industry for employee esolution, consulting/ writing in addition to Accomplishments : Prepared and supervised over proper insurance forms preparation for filing with the following: Medicare, Medicaid, Workmans Compensation, Blue Cross/Shield,Comm ercial Insurance, Self Insurance and others. Handled accounts receivable/payable involving patients, insurance vendors and in sured.Generated (monthly, daily, weekly) revenue reports, using various software packages designed for insurance, vendors and medical provider environment. Trained/Managed employees on proper billing, collection, payment, appeal and pro cessing procedures. Involved in filing judicial court hospital/medical liens and appeals processing. Processed medical coverage applications for insurance as well as payment of clai ms. Supervision over departmental operations, staff and daily operations. Completed multiple game titles within 24-90 hrs. of game play. Relevant Accomplishments: Completed : All Command and Conquer series, Star Craft, Duke Nukum series, Godzi lla Destroy all Monsters, Zombies Vs Plants, Dawn of War, HellGate, War Craft se ries, Solar Empire series, Supreme Commander, Star Craft II, Giants Citizen Kabu to, Luxor,Galactic Civilizations, Fate, DC Vs Mortal Kombat, Dark Siders, Infamo us, Batman Arkam Asylum, Sacred 2, F.E.A.R , Halo series, Medal of Honor Series, Section 8, Gundam 2, Tiger Woods PGA Tours, Madden 2010, NHL 2010, all SIMS tit les and many other current titles. In addition to operating with all titles onli ne when permitted per software. Additional Skills : Typing 80 WPM Ten Key operation, Alpha/Numeric 12,000 KPH (Touch/Sight) Facsimile and large volume copiers. IBM computer skills, hardware and software. Software packages (Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98 , 2000 Professional Nt, 2000 and Win XP, MS Word, Word Perfect, Excel, Mos Dos, Medicare Florida Shares, PHS, M.E .D.S,MS Office) Experience in CPT/ICD-9 coding and billing of claims for payment. Excellent customer relation skills in person and on phone. Excellent oral and written communication in English. Experience in decision making, auditing, accounting and employee experience in the medical/insurance financial management management, claim-collection, billing, payment, dispute r analysis industry, plus seven years professional article 19 years gaming experience since the early 1990s

management and training. Experience in system setups regarding daily procedures. requirements, payment pr ocessing, medical records, billing systems, filing procedures and collection pro cedures. Experience in third party liability claims involving motor vehicle personal inju ry cases. Spend 50 + hrs. a week in gaming pursuits depending on challenges. Excellent problem solving, investigative and analysis skills in detail. Personal Data : Education: 1985 Graduate Forney High School, Forney TX 75126: Born: 11/20/66, Married, Personal Hobbies include, Model trains, fishing, comput er HTML website work, history, roller blading, reading, oil painting, hockey, te nnis, golf, cooking, movie collection, game programming threw FPS creator and he avy gaming activities on various formats (PC, PS2,PS3 and Xbox) and online gamin g with various game titles. Previous Employment References: Self Employed (Disabled) 6499 FM 2451 Moved To: 5010 Broadway Scurry, TX 75158 Albert, Ks 67511 May 2003 to Current (Still Relevant) Duties: Freelance writing of articles for feature magazines, news papers, chari ty organizations and books. Endeavors: Game programming threw FPS creator and he avy gaming activities on various formats (PC, PS2,PS3 and Xbox) and online gamin g with various game titles. Health Linx/Career Linx. 12750 Merit Dr. Dallas, TX 75251 214-987-1600 Feb 2001 May 2003 Position: Collector Hire Rate: $12.50 hr. Duties: Collection of Manage Care outstanding financials, billing, data entry, a uditing, handling of customer service request, UB92 contractual (interpretation, summation and reporting), 10-key operation, multi-line phone operation, National Teachers Association 4949 Keller Springs Dallas, TX 75248 972-532-2100 Nov 98 July 2000 Position: Processor Hire Rate: $12.50 hr./ End : $13.50 hr. Duties: Processing new applications for insurance coverage, heavy inbound and ou tbound calls, heavy data entry, multi-phone line answering, 10-key operation, un derwriter referrals, preparation of daily progress reports and team overflow sup port. Genex Services Incorp. 3340 LBJ Frwy. 4 Th Floor Dallas, TX 75248 800 -993-2637

Feb. 97 March 98 Position : Processor Hire Rate: $13.50 hr./ End : $14.50 hr. Duties: Handle in bound calls for authorization for medical treatment, heavy dat a entry, patient /client relations, medical record review and summation, determi nation response via fax or phone.

Please, note that periods of unemployment, were due to time in the care of a ter minally ill family member. Employment was active as an in home writer for variou s literary entities. Potential employers, depending on state, may be eligible fo r tax credits for hiring of a disabled employee.