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OBJECTIVE To secure a senior position related to the acquisition, development, testing, or fielding of military systems.

Duties may entail performance of detailed and co mplex studies and calculations, implementation of practices/principles necessary to assess advanced systems concepts, assessment of specifications, and system i ntegration. EXPERIENCE Two years (current position) supporting USCG Command, Control and Communications Engineering Center (C3CEN) in Portsmouth, VA on the Nationwide Automatic Identi fication System (NAIS) I2 program. Three years evaluating live, virtual, and constructive simulation technologies i n the Joint Advanced Training Technologies Laboratory (JATTL) under the JNTC in Suffolk, VA. Over 25 years in hardware & software- during analysis, design, development, inte gration, testing, and fielding. Areas include electronic systems (analog and di gital), microwaves, antennas, digital signal processing, statistics, evaluations , requirements breakdown, software systems, and writing reports. Extensive RF ex perience. Have participated in every phase of test development and execution to include te st planning, test procedure development, test conduct and data collection, posttest analysis, and test reporting. Have extensive knowledge in airborne and land-based sensors, such as Global Hawk , Joint STARS, MOTR (Multiple Object Tracking Radar), and Eastern Test Range rad ars. Can translate user requirements into technical specifications to ensure that the resulting product meets the user's expectations. Can identify technical weaknesses and strengths in the contractor's approach, an d ensure that the resulting product will be adequately integrated, tested, and s upported to meet requirements. Have reviewed, analyzed, and provided inputs for Capability Development Document (CDD), Technical Requirements Document (TRD), Radar Subsystem Specification (RS S), and Interface Control Documents for the GH and E10A MP-RTIP programs. Total years work experience: 30 SECURITY CLEARANCE Top Secret, DoD, June 2006 WORK EXPERIENCE Systems Engineer Oct 2008-Present Truestone LLC/Suffolk, VA Provided major support for Project Resident Office (PRO) in Newport News VA whil e it was being stood up and undergoing staffing. Received special recognition from USCG C3CEN for a "job well done" - April 2009.

Work with C3CEN personnel and other NAIS team members to review NAIS system mana gement and design documents, and provide analysis and comments. Attend team meetings and develop review documents for use in presentations and t alking points, including recommendations on best industry and Coast Guard engine ering practices; make recommendations for improvements to system plans, and revi ew recommendations from other team members. Manage or provide technical input on certain aspects of the project to include; project management planning stages, system design, integration testing and evalu ation documentation and procedures. Conduct or participate in design document reviews, system Program Management Pla n reviews, System Requirements Specifications, matrix alignment reviews, Critica l Design Reviews, System Risk Management Plans, System Baseline Reviews, System Integration Plans, Trade Studies, Configuration Plans, Transitional Plans, Syste m Product Specifications, Reliability, and Maintainability Plans. Review documentation and inputs to provide technical reports and other data rela ted to proposed recommendations on NAIS Increment Two Planning documents. T&E Systems Engineer Jan 2006-Oct 2008 General Dynamics Information Technology/USJFCOM, Suffolk, VA Ensured that current and emerging live, virtual, constructive tools and products were capable of adequately supporting and enabling joint training based on pres cribed standards, architectures, and training requirements. Produced certification reports that provided valuable insight to exercise planne rs and those involved in funding new technologies. Conducted certification assessments for newly acquired joint training applicatio ns that could be used in the Joint Live, Virtual, and Constructive (JLVC) Federa tion and the Joint Multi-Resolution Model (JMRM) Federation. Conducted testing at high level (use cases) and low level (technical detail- exa mination of Ethernet packets, IP addressing, adherence to standards and protocol s). Facilitated vulnerability and risk assessments for new systems which were not ye t documented under a System Security Authorization Agreement (SSAA), and for whi ch an Authority to Operate (ATO) or Interim Authority to Operate (IATO) did not exist. Senior Engineer Jul 1999-Dec 2005 L-3 Com/ Joint STARS Joint Test Force, Melbourne, FL Developed test requirements for MP-RTIP Global Hawk radar sensor that was contra cted to Northrop Grumman and Raytheon. Led the technical effort for the Joint Te st Force (JTF) as the responsible test organization (RTO). Attended working gro up meetings around the country, developed test strategies, plans, schedules, and technical feasibility assessments. Formulated test scenarios for ce control subsystem hardware ncluding the system/subsystem ocument. Participated in lab the Joint STARS radar system. Verified surveillan and software functionality and program documents i specifications, and the operational requirements d simulation and ground tests.

Analyzed data collected during testing, evaluated system performance, recommende d system enhancements, and prepared briefings. Wrote and reviewed technical rep orts. Provided system analysis, which included statistics (standard deviation and conf idence intervals), noise and sensitivity calculations, variations of the radar r ange equation, and electronic circuit design considerations. Designed and prototyped special electronic circuitry that now accurately measure s Joint STARS RF power levels during field testing- was given special Air Force recognition. Analyzed J-STARS Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data and recommended specific so ftware code fixes that corrected an image degradation anomaly that had existed f or years- was given special Air Force recognition. Senior Engineer Oct 1988-Jul 1999 Computer Sciences & Raytheon (CSR) Corporation / Eastern Test Range, Patrick AFB , FL Retained by CSR, who won the contract from Pan Am World Services during the 1988 contract re- bid. Leadership duties and responsibilities increased. Provided direction and guidance to other engineers. Led the fabrication, reloca tion, and testing of the precision mono-pulse tracking Radar 12.18 system (with 29 foot dish) from modular trailers and aging pedestal foundation to a newly con structed facility at Ascension Island. Engineer Jan 1979-Oct 1988 Pan Am World Services / Eastern Test Range, Patrick AFB, FL Made engineering modifications and upgrades, as tasked by the Air Force, to nine Eastern Test Range S-band and C-band mono-pulse ground based radar systems. Th is involved analysis, electronic and mechanical design, giving direction to tech nical support personnel, fabrication, unit/system level tests and integration, g eneration of supporting documentation, operational performance testing, writing acceptance reports, and sell-off to the government. Provided cost estimates, created schedules, procured materials, supervised techn ical shop work, wrote manuals, maintenance procedures, reports, modified/created drawings, and gave briefings to management and Air Force. EDUCATION MS, Computer Science- 2000 (Distinction), Webster University, Palm Bay, FL. BS, Electrical Engineering Technology- (Deans List), Fairleigh Dickinson Univers ity, Teaneck, NJ AS, Electronic Engineering Technology- (Deans List), DeVry Institute of Technolo gy, Woodbridge, NJ TRAINING HTZ Warfare RF Modeling and Analysis Training, USCG C2CEN- Oct 2009 AIS Miner Website Training, USCG R&D Center- Sep 2009 RF Analysis Website Training, USCG R&D Center- Jul 2009 Microsoft Project 2007 Level 1, Hyper-Learning Technologies, Inc.- Dec 2008

ACQ 101 Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management - May 2005 Defense Acquisition University (