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Jude Alfred 83 Grusz Rd (845) 683-1058 Westtown, NY 10998 jad3fb78@westpost.

net SENIOR RESEARCH ASSOCIATE Molecular Biology / Gene Cloning and Sequencing / HTS / Cell-Based Assay / Cell Culture/ Molecular Pharmacology Research professional within a pharmaceutical environment executing experiments and performing data analysis using various Technical and Scientific tools. Techn ical and analytical thinker who thrives with projects requiring development and analysis. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Lundbeck Research USA, Paramus, NJ 2006-2010 SENIOR RESEARCH ASSOCIATE * Performed radioligand competitive binding assays (dose response, saturation an d cross reactivity) and functional drug assays (FLIPR, cAMP, GTPgamma S, PI, RIA , ELISA) on various GPCRs * Participated in various assays development and optimization (cAMP, PI and GTP gamma S and Kinase and Immuno Assays) * Performed MTS and HTS functional screens (Orphan Receptors, mGLURs, NPFF, MCH, Galanin, HSP90) * Performed Dissociation and Association Kinetic Assay using FLIPR calcium mobil ity assay on cells transfected with metabotropic glutamate receptor * Generated membrane from either transient or stable cells using standard steps such as centrifugation, sonication and ultra-centrifugation * Maintained cell line ( 293 human and rat mGLUR5) * Assessed cell count and viability using Flow Cytometry * Responsible for primary data management, data analysis, and report generation using Excel, PowerPoint, GraphPad Prizm, ActivityBase and Spotfire Decision. Synaptic Pharmaceutical/Lundbeck Research USA, Paramus, NJ 2002-2006 RESEARCH ASSOCIATE * Assisted in the evaluation and implementation of one new cytotoxicity assay to support compound profiling efforts within projects. * Performed cell-based monoamine transporter assay using stably transfected cell line * Supported new technologies development (Luciferase, RIA, Discoverex-cAMP, GTPg amma S) * Participated in setting up HTS instrumentation, validating and running cell-ba sed assays using fluorescence technology (FLIPR) * Responsible for primary data management, data analysis, and report generation using Excel, PharmWorksop, LSW, PowerPoint, GraphPad Prizm and ActivityBase. Synaptic Pharmaceutical, Paramus, NJ 2000-2002 LABORATORY ASSISTANT * Amplified DNA using PCR, gel electrophoresis, DNA extraction and purification, bacterial (transformation, plating and counting), plasmid vector ligation, rest riction enzyme analysis, primer (design, synthesis and purification), cDNA libra ry screening, gene sequence analysis, cell culture and harvest, and transfection of mammalian cells (CHO and Cos-7 cell line). Pepsi-Cola Company, Research and Development Department, Valhalla, NY 1999-2000 RESEARCH ASSISTANT * Assisted in the formulation and processing of new commercial beverages within a temporary capacity, compounding flavor formulas and modifications, chemical so lution, ordered raw materials from suppliers, inventory area organization and ge

neral lab maintenance. Vitex, Inc., New York, NY 1998-1999 ASSISTANT QC COORDINATOR / RESEARCH ASSISTANT * Performeded viral assay on PK13 and Vero cells with PPV virus, maintained cell lines, PCR group data analysis and validation, ensuring proper data documentati on for clinical samples. * Screened Parvovirus B19 including extraction and purification of DNA using Eas y-DNA Kit, DNA amplification (PCR) and Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) * Provided input in the writing of procedures and collaborated with QA to establ ish approved SOPs for QC laboratory * Implemented and maintained equipment and instrument maintenance and calibratio n program. EDUCATION M.S., PHARMACOLOGY Sherbrooke University, Fleurimont, Canada B.A., BIOLOGY Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI SOFTWARE SKILLS * * * * * MS Word, Excel * Activity Base 5.0 * Med-line * Lotus Notes MS PowerPoint * GraphPad Prizm * Sequencher * Outlook, 98 NT LSW Cytosoft 2.1.0 * Spotfire Decision BioRails

* Seglab * GuavaSoft Software * XLFit Software * FLIPR Tetra Software

EQUIPMENT SKILLS * 10.0-UNIX-Genetics Computer Group (GCG) * Filtration System (Brandel & Tomtek ) * Expedite 8909 Nucleic Acid Synthesis System * FLIPR Tetra (Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader) * Kodak Digital Science 1D So ftware * Detection instrumentation -Gamma Counter, Beta Counter, DU G40 Spectrop hotometer * Biomek (1000, 2000 and FX) * Multidrop 384 System * Centrifuge * Zymark Rapid Plate-96 * Hamamatsu FDSS * Cytosensor Microphysiometer * Tecan Genesis RSP 100 * FLEXSTATION * EnVision 2102 Multilabel Reader * 1450 MicroBeta Trilux * Envision Reader * Embla Cell Washer * UV/Vis Spectrophotometers * Bio-Rad Gene Pulser * Hydra Microdispenser * sciCLONE Pipettor System * Transfection Apparatus * Guava Flow Cytometer PUBLICATION/POSTER 1.Plante GE, Alfred J and Chakir M: The Blood Vessel, linchpin of diabetic lesio ns, Metabolism 48: 406-409, 1999. 2.Alfred J, Uberti M, Dovlatyan M, Li Z, Smith D, Weiss J, Jubian V, Grenon M, L

i G, Doller D and Brodbeck R: The Synthesis and invitro pharmacology of the sele ctive mGLUR5 negative allosteric modulator(NAM). AFFILIATIONS 1. BIOLOGY, Tri Beta National Honor Society, 1994 - present