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Robert J.

Laube vd ady NY 12308

1056 Glenwood Bl Schenect Phone;

518-346-6308 rld36 Energetic professional with over 8 years of Information Technology experience to include; creating operating system templates for specific applications; managin g client to server support and acting as a liaison for the company/customer's n eeds, as well as participating in group meetings regarding proposed hardware and software additions and changes to upcoming projects. I am a logical, forthright thinker who is able to provide effective solutions to solve difficult problems while clearly articulating intricate technical problems in business terms. Training Installing Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Managing an d Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment. Implementing, managing, and maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Net work Implementing and administering security in a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Netwo rk Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure. Cabling Installation and wiring management Managing power in a network environment. VMWare Infrastructure: Install and Configure V3.0 A+ Hardware and Software. Experience New York Independent System Operator nectady, NY Windows System Administrator 2005-2009 * Responsible for maintenance of NYISO's Servers, such as Microsoft security u pdates, service packs, hot fixes, software installs and deploying antivirus upda tes * Implementation and administration of DNS and DHCP * Provided on call support for technical issues via remote desktop protocol (R DP) and/or phone triage as necessary. * Created and implemented recommendations to improve scalability and performanc e for NYISO's organizational groups. * Created secure server builds. * Good knowledge of client computer's and server hardware and software with the ability to repair on site. * Worked closely with project managers for technical support concerning new pro jects. Network Systems Technician B 2004-2005 * Installation of Cat 5wireing and fiber runs to all server rooms. Installed an d wired servers and appliances. * Used HP's smart start to configure Raid configurations and multiple NIC' team ing. * Supported multimedia setups involving video conferencing, multiple A/V device s such as DVD players and projectors. Set up's of public address systems and lig hting. Provided support for private meetings that included audio delegation conf erencing. Sche

* Responsible for phone installs, punchdown connectivity and service to the PBX as well as the tools used to manage them, evaluate problems and make improvemen ts. Advanced Technology Services Schenectady, NY Field Service Representative2002-2004 * Responsible for all GE Power Systems client computers repairs; including ord ering parts and maintaining repair log's and parts ordered. * Provided local and remote desktop support for corporate headquarters and sate llite locations. * Preformed data recovery, data transfer and operating system upgrades from Win dows 2000 to XP. * Perform maintenance on computer hardware and software, installations, physica l moves and disposal of computer hardware products. Comsys Help Desk 2001-2002 Albany, N Y * Trouble shot network connectivity, network printing and user access issues. * Logged call Data and service tickets for call tracking monitoring appropriate times and resolution. * Built and maintained computer systems and performed memory upgrades Certifications Microsoft Certified 2003 Systems Administrator Microsoft Certified Professional 2003 MCP Microsoft Certified Professional 2000 MCP A+ Certification HP/Savin/Richco Technician Microsoft Transcript sharing available upon Request