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Romie Robert Pendleton IV 5552 Dewey Heights Road Pinson, Alabama 35126 USA Age: 43 (03/12/67) Email: rpd38058@westpost.

net Home/Cell : 205-601-5575

MISSION: To work for a company that offers challenge, growth and a stable futu re. To have an opportunity which will offer me and the company a chan ce to put my many varied skills to honorable and productive use.

CIVILIAN WORK EXPERIENCE: Jim Walter Resources, # 7 Mine (09/28/09 -10/01/10) - AMS / MWMS Dept. Manager Brookwood, Alabama, United States Supervisor: Phillip M. Hughes - 205-554-6705 Contact: Yes Salary: $77,000.00 per year. Hours per week: 50-55 Duties / Responsibilities: Manage the daily maintenance, preventative maintena nce and long term planning of the Atmospheric Monitoring System (AMS) in accorda nce with Federal Code (MSHA) 75.351. Write daily, weekly and monthly maintenance schedules. Schedule techni cians through 3 work shifts, 7 days a week. Supervise maintenance performed by my departments technicians, conduct planned and on the spot audi ts, conduct training, both technical and safety based. Maintain the SQL database, and all HMI graphics for the operator interfaces to t he Mine Wide Monitoring System (MWMS), and AMS. Supervise and maintain all min e communications, above ground and below surface, consisting of Industrial Ethe rnet Fiber Optics (Single and Multi-mode), UHF/VHF Radio Systems, and 2 wire P BX based telephone systems. Supervise and maintain above and below ground video camera systems, CCTV, through an overland/underground fib er optics ring network.

CMC Steel, Alabama (07/06/1997 - 01/22/2009) - Melt Shop Electrical Specialist Birmingham, Alabama, United States Supervisor: Brandon Washburn a" 205-599-7901 Contact: Yes Salary: $80,000.00 per year Hours per week: 50 Duties: Repair, calibrate and upgrade temperature, speed, PLC, valves and othe r associated systems. Maintain all electrical systems in the DC electric arc f urnace melt shop. Research failure modes and design upgraded, more reliable ele ctrical/mechanical systems. Calibrate all electrical control systems. Instal l/maintain all overhead AC/DC cranes. Supervise Melt Shop day shift personnel. Train new technicians. Develop Preventive Maintenance Systems.

Major Electrical systems: Furnace Hydraulic systems including Analog/Digital proportional/servo control va lves. AC/DC Motors and their associated pump systems. Tachometer/Servo feedback controls. Fiber optic communications. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's) in cluding associated data communications. 14 Stand Hot rolling mill, 100 TPH pushe r type re-heat furnace, 300 ton shear, and multi-product stacker.

ISC Teknologies, Inc (06/01/1991 - 05/01/1997) - Field Service Technician, Lea d Birmingham, Alabama, United States Supervisor: Romie Pendleton III a" 205-854-7251 Contact: Yes Salary: $40,000.00 per year Hours per week: 45 Duties: Field service technician on heavy industrial process controls to inclu de hydraulic, mechanical and electrical control systems. Repair, calibrate and upgrade temperature, speed, pressure, PH, flow, position, vibration and other pr ocess control sensors. Install and program PLC's, VFD (variable speed AC/DC dri ves), RF communications and their associated sub-systems.

MILITARY EXPERIENCE: Army National Guard (07/01/2005 -Present) - Military Police 337th MP. CO. 31B20- Military Police Maintain law and order on Army posts. Perform combat support duties in the fiel d. Certified Combat Life Saver. Qualified expert on all MP weapon systems. Army National Guard (10/01/1998 -07/01/2005) - Tank Commander/ Squad Leader 19K20 - M1A1 Tank Crewman 31st Heavy Cav. E Troop Calera, Alabama, United States Operate and maintain M1A1 series main battle tank. Performed duties as Loader, Driver, Gunner and Tank Commander. Qualified expert on all weapon systems and s mall arms. US Navy, Active Duty (06/05/1984 - 06/05/1993) - Aviation Electronics Technicia n Patrol Wing One, Det Kadena Advanced Electronics operate/repair. All Navy P3-C Orion navigation/fire control /ASW/Data systems. ASWOC Electronics Technician. Test Equipment Manager. Technical Publications M anager. Tool Control Manager. Calibration Control Manager.

EDUCATION: 31B Military Police School (10/01/2007 - 11/04/2007) Ft. Pickens, VA Seimens S7-PLC (06/01/2000 a" 06/28/2002) Atlanta, Georgia Description: S-7 Programming 1 and 2 VFD's S-7 Digital Communications S-7 Maintenance M1 Series Tank Crewman MOS 19k School (07/01/1999 - 07/21/1999) Camp Shelby, Mississippi Description: M1A1 Tank Military Training School. ABB Drive Systems (1991-1997) New Berlin, WI Certified technician on ACS 500,ACS 600 and ACS 800 series AC VFD's Electronics / Aviation Technical School (08/06/1985 - 01/15/1987) US Navy Class A, B and C schools Memphis, Tennessee Description: All manner of AC/DC and digital logic circuits. Radio VHF/UHF com munication systems. Repair, calibration and documentation Aircraft navigation , fire-control, and communications. Air-air/air-ground data-link systems, low-l ight and thermal targeting and search systems.

Additional Information/Qualifications: Hold MSHA Electrical Cards Certified Mine Medical First Responder Combat Life Saver NFPA 70E certified Micro-miniature Repair Technician ABB VFD's 500 600 and 800 series certified Technical Publication Librarian Tool Control Manager Qualified expert: M9, M4, M16, M249, M240, M9, MK19 Army small arms weapons. Awarded two Good Conduct Medals, two Army AAM's, one ACM, 19k-MOS-Instructor's Award and Army Close Combat Badge plus campaign ribbons from Desert Shield/Storm, Operatio n Nobel Eagle and Operation Iraqi Freedom.