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Ted Perdue 601 Johnson Avenue Fairhope, AL 36532 Phone 251-928-1744 - Cell 985-951-9647 Objective To secure a position which will utilize and compliment my 24-year career experie nce and specialized training in 3rd party commercial collections and commercial credit management. Qualifications 14 years managerial experience Skilled in the operation and maintenance of PC compatible computers, laser print ers, backup tape drives and disks, office automation including CDROM & CDR, desk top scanners and modems. Office environment software experience includes MS Win dows, Windows NT Workstation, Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint, Win Zip, Pk Zi p, Adobe Acrobat, & MS-DOS Excellent business correspondence and telephone skills Knowledge of accounts receivables and procurement operations Dependable, flexible and proactive. Capable of performing duties with little or no supervision Conscientious and professional image Trustworthy in regard to handling of sensitive and/or confidential information Career 9/04-7/09 Vericore, LLC 1200 West Causeway Approach Mandeville, LA 70471 Mediator/Large Balance Quality Control Collector (Letter of Reference attached) Responsible for finalization of all large balance collection cases for Vericore' s national offices when primary collectors were unsuccessful in achieving satisf actory resolution. My duties required negotiation of settlements beyond ordinary parameters where feasible, closure of collection efforts after my analysis and determination of insufficient debtor assets and/or debtors' unwillingness to ami cably resolve the debt, and to further advise our corporate clients of the neces sity to forward such cases to the appropriate attorneys for possible legal remed ies. 2/03-8/04 Singer Bach & Associates 1200 North El Dorado Place, Suite E550 Tucson, AZ 85715 Collection Manager/Large Balance Collector Worked closely with a software developer to implement improved operations softwa re which streamlined and integrated collections and accounting functions while a llowing for tighter quality control which resulted in higher yield collections. Launched a consumer collection department (in full FDCPA compliance) in respons e to the company's acquisition of a large credit card portfolio. 1/02-1/03 Randall & Richards 5151 E Broadway Blvd., 8th Floor Tucson, AZ 9571 Consultant/Legal Department Manager

Hired on a contractual basis to set up Randall & Richards' in-house legal depart ment. Developed departmental procedures, standards for correspondence, handling of files and calendar follow-up. Established a nationwide attorney network for forwarding litigation files. 1/00 - 11/01 Newton & Associates (business closed) Kenner, LA 70126 IT Associate until 2/01 when promoted to Senior Legal Forwarder. 6/96 - 12/99 Whitney and Richardson 201 Evans Road, Suite 310, New Orleans, LA 70123 Senior Analyst Duties included investigation of existing asset to liability ratios of ongoing d ebtor businesses for creditor clients; account collections and/or determination of cost-effectiveness of such accounts for the company. Ancillary duties includ ed assembly and networking of office workstations, beta testing and troubleshoot ing application-specific software. 1/96 - 6/96 Clovis & Roche, Inc. (504) 831-3030 2800 Veterans Blvd., Suite 330, Metairie, LA 70002 Investigator/Collector 11/95 - 1/96 National Corporate Investigating Bureau (no longer in business) 6100 Hamburg Street, New Orleans, LA 70122 Vice President, Director of Operations, Chief of Investigations 4/86-10/95 Milliken and Michaels of Louisiana, Inc. (acquired by NCO) 3850 N. Causeway Blvd., Suite 200, Metairie, LA 70002 Founding Manager, Legal Forwarding Department Education New Horizons Computer Training Center 2000 Certifications received for A+ and Net+ University of New Orleans 1981 Courses included Symbolic Logic, Scientific Writing Louisiana State University 1974 Courses included Chemical Engineering, Advanced Algebra, English Literature Alfred E. Bonnabel High School, Diploma 1974 - Personal references available upon request. -