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Christopher Malave PO Box 548, Round Rock, TX, 78680 623-792-0822 cmd35fa6@westpost.

net --------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm actively seeking a position in the business field allowing me to use my skil ls in the fields of computer science and management information systems to lend my expertise to an organization looking to grow. --------------------------------------------------------------------------Education and Certifications Masters of Public Administration - Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA Bachelor of Business Management - Evergreen State College, Olympia,WA. Bachelor of Health Science - The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA Associate of Arts of Interdisciplinary Studies - Central Texas College, Killeen, TX Associate of Arts of General Studies - Central Texas College, Killeen, TX Computer Efficiencies MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, MS Explore, Firefox Mozilla, MS PowerPoint, WordPerfect, MS Works, HTML formatting/design, Page maker, Macintosh, QuickBooks, FORTRAN Languages Fluent in Spanish Employment * Business Consultant, 2008 to present, Nuestros Ninos Child Placement/Adoption Agency * Conducts in-depth analysis of child placement business functions, * Designed new marketing, communication, and management plan for recruitment of foster parents/homes * Implemented tools resulting in identification of wasteful/abusive business pra ctices and procedures * Contract creation, implementation, and negotiation of home study fees and supp ort services * Reconciled financial reports and performed internal audits maintaining complia nce with State and Federal Government regulations * Independent Equity Market Analysis, 2004 to present * * * * * * Create financial portfolios in equity and money market Develop strategies to maximize gains from security investments Diversity portfolio of numerous underlying hedge funds to reduce risk Compile macro and micro economic data and prepares reports Evaluate performance levels on weekly, monthly, annually Short and Long range planning to maximize profits

* Third Grade Teacher, 2002-2004, Dove Academy College Preparatory, Phoenix, Ar izona * Teacher created assessments based on academic standards. * High expectations for all students. * Develop standard based long and short term plans that use a wide variety of in structional activities that motivates and actively engages student learning. * Appropriate modifications and differentiate instruction. * Consistent parent communication.

* Collaboration with grade level team members to provide specific instruction ba sed on the academic needs of students * Enforcement Officer II, State of Washington/Social and Health Services, 1998 t o 2002, Olympia, Washington * Collects, reviewed, and corrected accounting logs and documents * Assisted with financial planning input and analysis * Negotiate contract provisions and payment obligations * Expertise in understanding and explaining State and Federal policies/laws for clientele and constituents * Verify accuracy of court orders, payment schedules, and other accounting docum ents * Prepared administrative orders within State and Federal guidelines * Integrate new information, policies, and procedures to stay current with const antly changing public sector * Managed with detail quality un monitoring of client, State, and Federal monies * Assistance in hiring of new personnel * Perform and interpret complex mathematical/financial calculations with use of financial reporting procedures and accounting systems * Peer Counselor, The Evergreen State College, 1996 to 1997, Olympia, Washington * * * * * * Guide students with class/course studies Coordinate and spearhead campus events Counsel students in personal and academic issues Work with other school departments at all levels Work hand in hand with admissions office in enrolling students Work with professors and other administrator with regard to curriculum details and student requirements in entrance

Pertinent Courses/ Management Classes Policy Writing Training, Grant Management Writing, Quality Management Training, Accounting and Financial Management, International Business, Organizational Management, Technical Writing Training, Computer Programming Training, Business Applications, Public Speaking, Thurston County Dispute Resolution Certified, QUEST Management Training, Supervisory Management, Government Policy and Procedures Training, Edward Jones Investment Program Completion