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Alpha Test Guide for Mathcad Prime 1.

0 Alpha 3
This is the final Alpha test for Mathcad Prime 1.0. We would like you to concentrate on converting your files into Mathcad Prime 1.0. Then try to recreate your previous worksheets from scratch in Mathcad Prime 1.0. If you do not have any previous Mathcad worksheets, then create new worksheets you might do in your work, trying out the features in Mathcad Prime 1.0 and report any issues.     

Installing Mathcad Prime 1.0 Alpha 3 Installing Mathcad 15 M005 (needed for conversion of older Mathcad files) Converting worksheets from earlier versions of Mathcad into Mathcad Prime 1.0 Creating new worksheets in Mathcad Prime 1.0 Features in Mathcad Prime 1.0 Reporting Issues and Feedback to

Installation of Mathcad Prime 1.0 Alpha 3
You may install Mathcad Prime 1.0 Alpha 3 side-by-side with any previous version of Mathcad. Software Requirements
 

Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (must be installed first from Previous Testers You must uninstall previous Mathcad Prime 1.0 Alpha software before installing Mathcad Prime 1.0 Alpha 3. 1. Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs 2. Select Mathcad Prime 1.0 Alpha and click on remove.

Download Mathcad Prime 1.0 Alpha 3 from and run the installation. If you are running on XP, see the hotfix instructions below.

Installing Mathcad 15 M005
Mathcad 15 M005 is necessary for converting older versions of Mathcad worksheets. This is prerelease software. As a tester you will receive the shipping version of both Mathcad Prime 1.0 and Mathcad 15 M005. If you do not have Mathcad 14 or 15 installed 1. You can download and install Mathcad 15 M005 from 2. In the Mathcad License Setup, choose “I want to acquire a license via the Internet.” 3. On the next screen, check the last option, “I want a trial license.” If you have Mathcad 15.0 F000 installed 1. If you have a license.dat file in C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad 15\licenses, back it up outside of the Mathcad install directory, to ensure that it is not deleted. 2. If you use a license server, then you should be able to use the license server for Mathcad 15.0 M005. 3. Mathcad 15.0 M005 will uninstall Mathcad 15.0 F000. You may want to do your Mathcad Prime testing on a separate machine from where Mathcad 15.0 F000 is installed. 4. Download and install Mathcad 15 M005 from 5. You can use Mathcad 15 M005 until the final release is available. If you have any version of Mathcad 14 but do not have Mathcad 15 installed. 1. If you have a license.dat file in C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad 14\licenses, back it up outside of the Mathcad installed directory, to ensure that you do not lose it. 2. If you use a license server, follow step 6 to obtain a trial license for Mathcd 15.0 M005.

3. Mathcad 15.0 M005 will uninstall Mathcad 14. You may want to do your Mathcad Prime testing on a separate machine from where Mathcad 15.0 F000 is installed. 4. Download and install Mathcad 15 M005 from 5. Install Mathcad 15 M005 in a different directory from the Mathcad 14 install. 6. In the Mathcad License Setup, browse to your backed-up license.dat file. a. If that doesn’t work then choose “I want to acquire a license via the Internet.” b. And on the next screen, check the last option, “I want a trial license.” 7. If you uninstall Mathcad 15 M005, you can reinstall Mathcad 14 using your backed up license.dat. Note, when you reinstall Mathcad 14 you may lose your user preferences. Note: If you are a single user, and run out of trial licenses, contact and we will provide you with a license for testing. Windows 7 or Vista: Disregard the Memory Leak steps below. This memory leak only affects Windows XP. Windows XP only READ THIS: Microsoft WPF has a major memory leak that may freeze up your computer. We are currently working with Microsoft to resolve this issue. Follow these steps to apply a hot fix provided by Microsoft. If you already applied the hotfix for Alpha 2, you do not need to repeat these steps. Please report the exact issues that arise when applying the hotfix so we can report the issues to Microsoft. First check to see if Mathcad Prime has the memory leak on your computer: 1. Start Mathcad Prime. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose Task Manager, then locate MathcadPrime.exe under the processes list:

2. Type a single character in Prime with your cursor remaining in it. On Task Manager, you will see the number under “Mem Usage” consistently go up. Exit from Mathcad

Using Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Let us know that the hotfix did not work. If You Still have a Memory Leak SP1 from this link: http://www.exe hot fix (it’s the second link. If you do not see this memory leak. Next uninstall . and you do not see the memory leak.msdn. 3. 2. Next uninstall . Let us know if everything works correctly.0 Service Pack 2. 4. Reinstall .microsoft.Prime before it crashes in about an hour.NET 3.0 5. Run Mathcad Prime. Restart your computer when requested.aspx?FamilyID=ab99342f-5d1a-413d- . with –x86. let us know. To Fix the Memory Leak 1.NET 3.NET 2. run the NDP30SP2-KB967634-x86.NET 3.5 SP1 by clicking on the Change/Remove button. uninstall .exe in the name).aspx?ReleaseId=3 248. On http://code.

but it should stop after Check that Mathcad Prime You do not need to report any issues that you have already reported. the memory does go up initially. and rerun the NDP30SP2-KB967634-x86. 3. 5. 1. You should not do any real work with the software. If the memory continues to rise after 2 or 3 minutes.msdn. as we may have another schema change before Mathcad Prime 1.aspx?ReleaseId=3 248. Translations: Only the first pass has been translated. Return to http://code. 7. repeat the steps you took to Crashes: If you experience a crash or the software closes or freezes. Boolean Equals: Ctrl+= on some computers looks like a lightning bolt instead of the bold equals character. 2. Known Issues In Mathcad Prime Alpha 3. with – x86.0 now runs. Please do not do any real work in Alpha 3. it means that the translation has not yet been done. Images that still need to be designed appear as asterisk stars. We are currently prioritizing bugs and issues and fixing them. please report it to mathcad-alpha@ptc.8319-81da479ab0d7&displaylang=en 6. We are fixing the character now. 4. We cannot fix a crash unless we can repeat it. If content appears in you may see issues that you have already reported. 8. Ribbon: We have revised the ribbon.0 is shipped.exe in the name). Restart your computer when requested. as they have been logged.exe hot fix (it’s the second link. Write down exactly what you did and report the steps to Mathcadalpha@ptc.0 and repeat the Memory Leak check above. Files created with Mathcad Prime Alpha 1 cannot be opened in Alpha 3. as your files may not be able to be read by the final software. We had a schema change in order to add conversion features. 6. This is Alpha software. Start Mathcad Prime 1. . Please wait at least a minute after you type the character.

Go to the XMCD.0 1.Converting Mathcad Worksheets to Mathcad Prime 1. The Clear Annotations button in the Input/Output tab on the ribbon removes all annotations. You cannot open worksheets from earlier versions of Mathcad directly in Mathcad Prime. 1. and click Convert. select the worksheet and click Add References.0. 4. You must have Mathcad 15 M005 installed. 5. Converted worksheets are created in the same folder as the original worksheets. Select the worksheets you want to convert. Note that results are not calculated until you press F5 or edit the file. locked areas must be unlocked before conversion. 3. so you will see the old results in the file on open. If any of the worksheets have references to other worksheets. Click on a converted worksheet in the Converter to see a log file of issues. Reviewing Converted Worksheets to Mathcad Prime 1. 3. MCD Converter on the Input/Output tab of the ribbon. Issues are categorized as:     Display differences Calculation differences Unsupported formatting Unsupported features . 2. Open the converted Mathcad Prime worksheet. so make sure you have reviewed all the issues. Click Add Worksheet and browse for the worksheets you want to convert. Each issue is annotated with a red annotation mark. 4. 7. You can continue working in Mathcad Prime while other files are being converted. 2. Click on the region to see the issue. You must convert them through the XMCD. Notes: Collapsed. 6. MCD Converter.

11. 7. . 2. 6. 7. 15. 12. calculation result changes. Include Worksheets (cache calculation option) is now working. Printing to paper. It is still not final. Page sizes.0: Features below. Previous Features 1. Be sure to include the source Mathcad file and the converted file. Programming operators Polar plots Solve blocks Equation editing Language and International issues Mathcad Prime Unsupported features such as 3D plots and symbolics are converted as images so no information is lost. loss of content. Report any crashes or loss of any content to mathcad-alpha@ptc.0 Ribbon Changes We have revised the ribbon based on Alpha testing and Usability testing feedback. Creating New Worksheets in Mathcad Prime 1. 3. 6. markers. Ribbon: revised based on Alpha and Usability test feedback Wide pages in Draft View Page Choices: Landscape and Portrait. 14. Report any issues that concern you such as: crashes. Fix the formatting and calculation issues so the worksheet works correctly. See Mathcad Prime 1. plotting Two new Fourier functions 2D plot features: waterfall plots. 9. overlapping regions. PDF and XPS. 4.5. 10. no workaround. 13.0 1. Rewrite your previous Mathcad worksheets in Mathcad Prime 1. 2. Margins and Grid size Contour plots Functions: The All functions panel is now docked on the left and is searchable . hiding axis expressions Labels now show for units on the left and right side of an equation .0 and let us know of any issues that are time-consuming or difficult. and display issues. Test features that you commonly use or that you have not previously tested and report your feedback to mathcad-alpha@ptc. 5. 8.

Create an equation or function that will have a wide result. Close Draft view by clicking on the Page icon at the bottom right of your screen or by choosing Page from the View group on the Document tab. Press Ctrl+Shift +T to create a text block. Document Features Wide Pages in Draft View We have implemented a non-printable draft view that is similar to the wide pages in earlier versions of Mathcad. Click on the nonprintable page marker to open the Draft View. and headers/footers. Add some content to the Draft View. the content in the Draft view cannot be printed. Page view shows you what will be printed. c. such as identity(20)=. You do not need to report this. Open Draft View by clicking on the Draft View icon at the bottom right of your screen or by selecting Draft from the View group on the Document tab. Notice that you cannot type anything to the right of it . and Symbols within the Mathcad Prime 1. Press Ctrl+T to create a text box. We plan to provide the same docked panel for Units. Draft view provides an unlimited wide page to the right without page breaks. 2. 3. Enter these types of elements near the far right edge of the Mathcad page. Unlike earlier versions of Mathcad. and then add content to it.0 schedule. which are searchable and can be viewed as an alphabetical list or by category. You’ll see a yellow starburst for missing icons. The All Functions button on the Functions tab now provides a docked list of functions. To Test Draft View 1.The new and revised icons have not yet been designed. so that it runs for several lines. You will notice a nonprintable page marker on the right margin (triangle) indicating that unseen content is on the Draft View. past the right-hand page margin. and then add content so that it runs off the page or wraps. thereby extending the page horizontally. 6. b. you can change your page size to a wider page for printing purposes. 5. 4. margins. Please provide feedback on any issues you find using the Ribbon. then view them in Page View and Draft View a. however. You can arrow or drag the content as far to the right as you want.

and then return to Page View.  Multiple margins including standard. Create math regions on the Draft View page. Contour Plots To create a contour plot: 1. narrow. Make headers and footers and report any issues. 3. 7. and margins. Send the before and after worksheets to demonstrate any issues. it will not cause math regions to its right to lose calculation order. Save the worksheet. such as: . Margins and Grid Size Under the Document tab in the Page Group. 4. is the behavior what you expect? 5. orientation. This is so that when the Text Block grows and shrinks. Page Options: Landscape and Portrait. then press tab repeatedly. Define a function dependent on x and y. then change the page parameters and see if your content is still placed as expected. Click in a math region on the Page View. based on user feedback. the Draft View. Report any issues. Save the revised worksheet under a new name so you can compare the two sets. and wide To test page options: 1. and change the grid size from standard to fine. and then add your content. Page Sizes. you now have:  More options for page size  Portrait or landscape page orientation  Choice of grid size. The standard grid has been made smaller. 2. Investigate spacing options using Remove Empty Space and Add space. Place content on a worksheet. The content stays at the same gridline so content moves on the page. Define one set of page parameters with size. Will you be switching grid size? If so.

Insert a contour plot and insert N in the bottom placeholder: . Create a matrix: 2. Insert a contour plot from the Plots Tab or press Ctrl+5.2. Type f in the bottom placeholder. Creating a Contour Plot from a Matrix 1. 3.

y. a matrix of zcoordinates. or three vectors specifying the x. and z coordinates. .To Create a Contour Plot using the function CreateMesh To Test Contour Plots To create a contour plot.mcdx. See the Mathcad Prime worksheet Example_Contour_Plots. Create different contour plots from functions of f(x. 3.y). you need to define a function of two variables.

If you get an error on a contour plot. 2. Create contour plots from matrices and the CreateSpace function. 1. 2.4. Known issues with contour plots 1. Functions Docked Function List All functions can now be viewed in a docked panel. Tick Mark Values: You can edit the tick mark values on each of the x. 10. 6. The values on the z-axis (color scale) currently have too many decimal places. 5. Let us know which of these features you find the most valuable.0 for contour plots. Show/Hide contour values: Showing contour values is currently slow. second. Change the 2nd tick mark value to 0 at the same time as entering the z-axis expression. 8. . Color Scheme: Click in the z-axis expression (f) then on the Plot tab > Trace Styles > Color Scheme to change the default Rainbow color scheme to other options such as Topographic. Reformat the color and style of the contours and hide the contours by using options under Plots tab > Styles. Open a group of functions such as File Access to see the functions listed under it. If the data is symmetric. or last tick mark value. please send the file to Mathcad-alpha@ptc. You should not resize the plot while “show contour values” is on. Show and hide the tick marks and tick mark values. 3. then the 3 tick marks will appear spread across the axis and it will be easier to edit the values. Not in Prime 1. Press All Functions button on the Functions tab. 7. which is not clear. The docked list of all function appears on the left. y.       Log scale Markers Hiding the color scale Controlling the grid size for contours Dragging the color scale to a new location x and y axis placeholders to define contour plot in a parametric way. making them difficult to edit. Hover over a function to see the arguments and brief description. or z-axis by clicking in the first. as the reprocessing is very slow.

F1 for context-sensitive help is currently broken. Choose Sort by category or Sort by name. dft and idft. The data must have compatible units. One-dimensional Transforms Forward Fourier Transform Inverse Fourier Transform . They are based on the standard widely used forms. 7. Both functions will use the fast algorithm if the number of rows (and columns for matrices) is a power of 2 (can be expressed as 2m . Search box: Type in a function or a term such as “complex” to find functions that work with complex numbers. Click on a function to insert it.4. These differences are summarized in detail below. They differ from the formulas currently in use by Mathcad both in the sign of the exponent as well as the scaling factor. Z := dft(A) Performs the forward Fourier transform as defined below. Both A and Z are real or complex-valued vectors or matrices of any size. 6. New Fourier Functions We have added two improved Fourier functions. where m is an integer > 1) Fourier Transform Definitions The definitions adopted in the new Fourier functions are listed below. A := idft(Z) Performs the inverse Fourier transform as defined below. 5.

Inverse Transforms ifft/icfft IFFT/ICFFT idft . The following tables summarize the various combinations. and n the number of columns for the input. you need to divide the dft result by 1/√n and reverse the sign of the complex part. Also. Forward Transforms fft/cfft Scaling Factor Exponent Sign 1/√n√m positive FFT/CFFT 1/n.Two-Dimensional Transforms Forward Fourier Transform Inverse Fourier Transform Main differences with existing Mathcad functions Scaling and Signs Existing Mathcad functions use different scaling and signs for the exponents. m represents the number of rows. with fft and FFT. to recover the same result obtained by say fft.m Negative dft 1 negative Note. m is always 1 (only vectors are supported) For example.

Scaling Factor Exponent Sign 1/√n√m negative 1 positive 1/n. Delete the markers. You can now add multiple vertical and horizontal markers to your plots from the Plots tab > Markers. Insert vertical and horizontal markers on your plots. which is the conjugate part of the first part. Edit the callouts on the markers to move them to different position. 5.m positive Return Values The existing Fast Fourier Functions fft and FFT. You can insert as many as you want. 1. 4. Show/Hide callout on marker. which accept arguments of length 2m. 2. Move the markers to different positions 3. 2D Plots Go to Getting Started tab > Tutorial > Task 5-1 and Task 5-2 to learn how to work with 2D plots in Mathcad Prime. . To test markers: 1. must be reconstructed manually by the user. fft/FFT Result Half length cfft/CFFT Full length dft Full length Performance The new functions dft and idft offer significant performance improvement over existing functions particularly for larger data sets and the cases where the size is not a power of 2. Not in Prime 1.0: Let us know which features are the most important. The other half. Add defined variables to the markers or set a marker to pi. only return half the result vector plus one or 2m-1 +1. The new function dft returns the full result. Markers 1.

You can add multiple traces to experiment with Waterfall plots. Let us know if the information in Help is clear and if you were able to make each of those plot types. You can change the type to Column. choose Insert Plot > XY Plot. read about them in Help. Click in the y-axis placeholder and select Change Type in the Plots tab. Point Markers (like Trace in Mathcad 14). 3. 5. by pressing Shift-Enter in an existing trace. If you would like to try a Box Plot or Effects traces. Plot the data with different traces available from the Change Type button in the Plots tab. 6. try making them using Help. Effects plots and/or Pareto plots. To test plotting matrices: 1. 4. Enter two matrices in your worksheet as shown below by using the Insert Matrix button on the Matrix/Table tab and filling in the numbers or by typing [ or Ctrl+M 2. Hiding Axis Expressions . Enter a 2D plot by pressing Ctrl+Shift+@ or on the Plots tab. Markers in polar plots and contour plots. 2. and Waterfall. 6. Move callout to different positions on the marker. Variable in marker shows as variable. Formatting markers: color and font styles To Plot Matrices 1. Add new traces. Bar. 3. If you use Box plots.2. Error. 5. 4. Insert matrices with data. 3. not numeric value. Enter x in the y-axis placeholder and y in the x-axis placeholder.

the word ORIGIN is still a variable so . They can also be used to format math styles. such as a variable and a unit as shown below: You can change the look of labeled elements by going to the Formatting tab > Label Styles. and maximize. and CTOL.You can now hide the axis expressions or functions that appear next to each axis. Symbol Choices You can use symbols instead of lines for plot traces under Plot Tab > Styles > Symbol. Note. TOL. then all the built-in functions in your worksheet will be bold and red. such as units and variables. There are now additional symbol choices for plot traces. and change the style of the labels. Use the same name for two different elements. In the first instance below. To test labels: 1. To do so. 4. Labels in Mathcad Prime 1. If you change Functions to bold and red. You can change the thickness of a symbol by trace thickness and the color by trace color. go to the Plots tab > Axes > Axis Expressions when the plot is active. You have to apply the function label to user-defined labels. Choose line style > none if you want to only see symbols.0 Labels are similar to the namespace operator in Mathcad 14 and 15. 2. miner. A label enables you to use built-in names for two different elements. and see if it works the way you expect. built-in system variables such as ORIGIN. 3. the keyword label is automatically applied as you type in the solvers: find. minimize. In solve blocks. need to be labeled as System to work. Label different elements in your worksheets.

To turn off caching the content of an included worksheet. 2. Content that is not critical to the calculation such as text regions are not cached to reduce the size of the worksheet. you may include a region that pulls in the definitions from another worksheet. You may include multi-level included worksheets. In the second instance. Browse to the worksheet you want to include. You can cache included worksheets. You can edit the file path directly. such as Worksheet A may include Worksheet B that includes Worksheet C. which uses the default value of 0. in order that the parent worksheet will still function when moved away from the included worksheet. . Include Worksheet At any point in a worksheet. toggle Calculation Options > Cache Worksheet. To include a worksheet: 1. Press the Include Worksheet button from the Math tab or press Ctrl+Shift+W. under the Calculation tab. ORIGIN has been labeled as system.doesn’t affect the matrix index. You can disable the region that includes an included worksheet. so it affects the matrix.

1. 3. When do you expect the revisions to appear in your current worksheet? 6. Test both relative and absolute file paths. or XPS (XML paper specification). You can enlarge your page to print additional content. Content that is visible only in the Draft view. To print to PDF: Choose Print under the Prime icon in left side of the Ribbon. PDF. Print your worksheets to your printer and as XPS and PDF. Include multilevel worksheets with different definitions and settings in each one. Test moving.0 you can print directly to paper. You should be able to open the file with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Note only content visible in the Page view will print. All three prints should look identical. 2. The file is saved as an XPS file. Do so with caching on and off. Printing to Paper. Report any issues to mathcad-alpha@ptc. Adobe PDF. model. 2. . Also include your printer name. To print to paper: Choose Print under the Prime icon in left side of the Ribbon. and XPS With Mathcad Prime 1. 3. Try revising an included worksheet and check the behavior. Does everything behave as you expect? Are the warning messages clear? 4. copying.To Test Included Worksheets: 1. Take a look at the warning messages and error messages. cutting and pasting the included worksheet region. Check “Print to file” in the Print dialog. Include worksheets with errors in them. 5. Include various Mathcad Prime worksheets in your current worksheet (you cannot include Mathcad 14 worksheets into a Mathcad Prime worksheet). 3. You can cache the worksheet from Input/Output tab > Mathcad Worksheets > Cache Worksheet. Please include your worksheet and the XPS or PDF file. does not print. To test printing: 1. Can you tell when an included worksheet is reloaded? Does that matter? 7. Choose the Adobe PDF in the Select Printer dialog. and printer drivers. To print to XPS: Choose Print under the Prime icon in left side of the Ribbon. Move the worksheets to different folders and make sure they still work.

Or they can be typed in followed by Ctrl+J to turn the words into operators.New Programming Operators There are new programming operators and constructs in Mathcad Prime. take a look at Help (press F1). means that an assignment (definition) inside of a program is not valid outside of the program. Local assignment in a program. The list of programming operators and their keystrokes are: Insert Program or Subprogram New line Program local definition <Program If statement Program else (follows if or else if) Program else if (follows if or else if) Program also if (follows if or else if Program For loop Program While loop Program break Program continue Program return Program Try (On Error) ] { } Ctrl+Shift+} None Ctrl+Shift+? Ctrl+Shift+" Ctrl+] Ctrl+Shift+{ Ctrl+[ Ctrl+\ Ctrl+' To use the Programming Operators The operators can be entered from the ribbon under the Math tab > Operators and Symbols > Programming. which has some basic information. . Type Ctrl+J Program operator “while” If you are not familiar with Mathcad programming.

elseif.New Program Operators if. Elseif. Clicking on if shows that all pieces of the operator are connected.else operator with conditions and statements. . and else are now part of the if operator. Note that you cannot use both alsoif and elseif in the same if operator. Else do statement 3. since the old if/otherwise caused a great deal of user confusion. alsoif. If condition 1 is true then do statement 1. and else cannot stand alone. Elseif. also if. Elseif condition2 is true. then do statement 2. and else operators can only be entered after an if operator. alsoif. and else: elseif. also if. If-elseif.

0. We have also clarified the Try/On Error operator. then do statement2 else do statement 3. Rewrite your old programs in Mathcad Prime 1. Click on first “if” to see what belongs with it. then do statement 1. The second if operator and conditions are separate. If condition2 is true. Click on the second “if” to see what belongs with it. .If condition1 is true. To Test Programming: 1.

Test inserting and editing programs. try-on error d. Create various polar plots that you might use in your work. Navigate through the programs. 3. In the left placeholder (angular placeholder). Try out the operators: a. by pressing Shift+Enter after the first trace. Format the plot. 5. Set logarithmic scaling on the radial axis. Test typing in program operators in different positions in programs. To test polar plots: 1. and pressing Ctrl+J to change them to operators. Make polar plots with negative radii. In the bottom placeholder (radial placeholder). if-alsoif-else c. You must return to the baseline. 3. Polar Plots To insert a polar plot: 1. Cut. 4. if-if-else 8. if-elseif-else b. 4. . Let us know if you can do everything that you need to on a polar plot. Add more than one trace. Are you able to add comments using strings? 7. type a function or the body of a function. Revise the tick mark values. type another function in terms of the same angle. Try using program operators with math functions or expressions. You can find out more about polar plots in Help by pressing F1. 2. copy and paste sections of programs. 5. Go into a program and try editing or deleting portions of it. 3. On the Plots tab choose Insert Plot > Polar Plot or press Ctrl+7. in terms of an angle. 6. 2. Note: You cannot enter a new line from the exponent. 6. 4.2. .

1-4. a. The other Boolean operators can be found in the Math tab under Operators > Comparison. Enter your solver and evaluate it. To insert a solve block: 1. go to the Getting Started tab > Solving Tutorial Getting Started tab. or an optimization problem.0 is a group of regions that solves a system of linear. b. You must use the Boolean operators to define your constraints. x + y < 25 x2 + y2 (Ctrl+=)= 25 4. Enter your guess values within the box. The Boolean operator for equals is Ctrl+=. choose Solve Block or press F1. From the Math tab. differential equations. However you can assign the result of a solve block to a variable that can be used outside the solve block. Variables defined inside solve blocks are local variables. 2.y)= . a. the definitions are true only inside the solve block. 3. and review the Solve Block section of Task 1-1. such as a. A solve block contains one of the solving functions:      find maximize minimize minerr odesolve If you are not familiar with solve blocks in Mathcad.Solve Blocks A solve block in Mathcad Prime 1. and 3-3). A solve block must have guess values and constraints. 2-1. find (x. and if you wish these other sections (1-2. x:= 1 y:=-1 These are starting places for the solver. Enter your constraints for the solver.

To test solve blocks: 1. Tasks 1-2. such as find to a variable if you want to use the result in another equation. 4. 5. 2. 7. If you are new to solve blocks. Add units to your solve blocks. 6. 2-1. Try solving with the solvers find and minerr. . Solve differential equations using odesolve. 8. Assign the result of the solver. Read about them in Help if necessary. first work through the Solving Tutorial under the Getting Started Tab. and 3-3. Try combining a solve block and a program. Try solving both linear and nonlinear equations. Tutorial > Solving Tutorial > Solve Block section of Task 1-1. You can look up the solver minerr in Help if it is new to you. 3. 1-4. Try optimizing a function using the minimize or maximize solvers. Move the solve block on the page.5.

Mixed units can be used in matrices. product.Equation Editing The new Equation Editor has been designed to follow the order of operations and math precedence. a:=1.  Some operators have been combined so you no longer need two different forms. and derivative operators. Report any issues you have with the equation editor. A row (Ctrl+Shift+R) extracts a row from a matrix. Both square roots and root operators are entered with a \.0 are dynamic.10     Units Units in Mathcad Prime 1. or apply operators to them. 5. 3. To Test Equation Editing: 1. You can move up and down within a variable so that you can type H2O. and paste expressions and parts of expressions. This means that units are checked while functions are processed. units are checked first and then processed. A column operator (Ctrl+Shift+C) extracts a column from a matrix. 4. You can learn how to use the new equation editor in the Tutorial under the Getting Started tab. Delete.. and plots. copy. A range variable operator is entered by pressing two periods as it looks. Operators  Enter operators through keystrokes or from the Math tab > Operators group. Type in literal subscripts. or using the arrow keys or spacebar. such as the summation. Perform the kinds of the math and calculations you need for your work. Select different parts of math expressions by highlighting them with your mouse.(Ctrl hyphen). Units are included in all functions where they make sense. In Mathcad 12 through 15. Units can be typed in or inserted from the Math tab > Operators and Symbols > Units. . 2. then copy or move them. Type in complex expressions and edit them. They can be deleted directly and retyped as a different unit. The new keystroke is Ctrl+. tables.

exe" /culture:de-DE Italian "C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1.0 Alpha is available in 10 different languages: English.exe" /culture:fr-FR German "C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1. Chinese Simplified "C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1. Chinese-Simplified. If you use one of the languages other than English. you can switch the language in the Start > Run text box. Russian.0\MathcadPrime.0\MathcadPrime. After installing Mathcad Prime 1.exe" /culture:ko-KR Russian "C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1. French.0 is not installed on your C drive). if it is one of the supported languages.0\MathcadPrime.Testing Different Language Versions of Mathcad Prime 1.0\MathcadPrime.0\MathcadPrime.0\MathcadPrime. Korean.0 Alpha.0\MathcadPrime.exe" /culture:zh-CN Chinese Traditional "C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1.exe" /culture:ja-JA Korean "C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1. Then click OK. German. Spanish. Japanese.exe" /culture:zh-TW French "C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1.0\MathcadPrime. we would appreciate you testing in that language. Italian. Copy the line below for the language and locale that you want to run.0 Mathcad Prime 1. Let us know if Mathcad Prime does not install in the correct language for your locale. (adjusting if Mathcad Prime 1.exe" /culture:ru-RU Spanish .exe" /culture:it-IT Japanese "C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1. and Chinese-Traditional.

0\MathcadPrime. please let us know.exe" /culture:es-ES Help Help should install in the language of your locale if it is one of the 10 supported languages. If not."C:\Program Files\Mathcad\Mathcad Prime 1. To switch to a different language in the Help Center follow these steps: Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: .

2. All function names and variables are in English. A number of these have already been reported. please indicate on your bug reports that you are testing another language version. units and other keyed elements that you cannot insert into math. To test: Report these issues: 1. plots. . 3. Operators. Words that are cut off in tooltips and the Ribbon. or text regions. Some software issues may be present only in a particular language version of the software. symbols. Keyboard shortcuts that don’t work 7. 4. Most but not all documentation and tooltips have been translated. tooltips. Weird characters. although most software issues are in all language versions. 6. If you are testing a language other than English.Step 4: Press the Submit button. 5. Misspelling in translations. and other user interface elements. Missing translations in the Ribbon. but not yet fixed. error messages. Incorrect or nonstandard translations.

READTEXT and WRITETEXT functions Math and Equation Editor Choice of solving algorithms Custom currency symbols Error tracing Explicit evaluation feature        x x  x x Hexadecimal. Signal Processing.0 Improved performance for a number of computational signal and image functions Most functions now accept units New Read/Write functions: READCSV and WRITECSV. binary number format Included worksheets can be cached for portability Literal subscripts can be in middle of a variable name for names like H2O Math styles   x . Data Analysis . and customized unit system Features and new features Not in Mathcad Prime 1.Mathcad Prime 1. and Image Processing Extension Pack functions merged into Mathcad Prime 1.0         x Most functions now accept units Functions 2 new more flexible Fourier transform functions 24 new DOE (Design of Experiments) functions that support units. READEXCEL and WRITEEXCEL. None. not buried in menus and dialogs Units Dynamic units Mixed units in matrices and tables Mixed units in plots MKS.0 Features New Ribbon Customize Quick Access Toolbar Physical constants in ribbon Ribbon user interface based on Microsoft Office Features and functionality are more visible.0: Features Mathcad Prime 1. octal.

Mixed numbers (fraction) Multi-level worksheet include (referenced files inside another worksheet) New improved equation editor showing structure of math New Labels feature. E-notation Solve Blocks as a block that can be moved as a grouped regions with a border Solve Blocks contain local variables. prefix and postfix operators Direct substitution of operators by overtype Global definition Gradient operator Indefinite integral New Linear and Circular Convolution operators New Polar operator New Row operator for matrices Picture operator Scalar operator Square root and nth root operator combined into one operator  x x x    x   . Partial derivative operator display Pdesolve and PDE solve blocks Results formatting: Zero threshold and complex threshold. such as m for meters and m for variables. Symbolic math Matrices and Vectors Add and delete rows and columns from ribbon or mouse Insert matrix with desired rows and columns from Ribbon Matrix navigator for panning and resizing large matrices Mixed units in matrices Operators Custom display of operators x    x x x   x     x x Custom operators. so same names can be used for different elements. exponential threshold.

column. box. vector field plot. error Box plot Contour Plots (improved) Effects plot Hide axis expression Line markers (unlimited number) Mixed units in plots Pareto plot Plot legends and titles Plots: 3D Plots. 2nd y-axis.Two Derivative operators combined into one operator with multiple placeholders Two Product operators combined into one operator with multiple placeholders Two Summation operators combined into one operator with multiple placeholders Plots 2D plots traces: line. stem. bar. Trace and zoom Polar plots Waterfall plots and plotting matrices (for lines only) Programming Debugging tools Easier editing of programs New Programming operators: if else-if else and if also-if else Programming operators can be inserted by typing Document Features Align regions horizontally and vertically Auto save Collapsed and locked areas Compare worksheets Draft view/Page view options E-books Embedded math in text Find /Replace Find all/Replace all Grid with two grid settings            x x x   x    x x x x  x x  x  . animation.

0 with annotated differences Documentation Detailed tooltips Migration Guide for converting older worksheets to Mathcad Prime 1. and Programming Tables Add and delete rows and columns from ribbon or mouse Header for table with units row Insert table with desired rows and columns from ribbon Mixed units in tables Spec table: can define multiple variables with vectors and units Integration with other applications  x           .0 worksheets New Tutorials: Getting Started. and math that can be copied to Mathcad Prime 1. MCD Converter (single or batch) for converting previous versions of Mathcad worksheet to Mathcad Prime 1.0 New Help with bookmarks.Hyperlinks Improved Headers and footers Landscape pages Multiple tabbed worksheet interface Paste special Print to XPS and PDF Region background color and border Ruler and guidelines Separate regions: vertically or horizontally Spell check Subscripts and superscripts Tab to different regions Templates Text blocks that push down other regions Text styles Tile worksheets View regions x    x  x x  x x  x  x x x Wide pages in draft view Worksheet protection XMCD. Solving.

Attach your files and any helpful screenshots. 6.0 Alpha functionality. include a screenshot and the correct wording and spelling. Repeat the steps before reporting an issue to make sure it is repeatable. your graphics card and video driver if appropriate. . 5. Include information about your system including your OS. If you are reporting a printing problem. 3. include the language and locale. If you are reporting translation issues.Automation API Components Excel 2007 support (*. Some software issues may only occur in a language version of the software. include information about your printer and printer driver. 2. You can send a screenshot of Control Panel > 1. your browser and version if appropriate. and for communicating directly with the Mathcad Alpha team. Language: If you are using a version other than English. Please send your issues with attached files directly to: Mathcad-Alpha@PTC. Report the exact steps that happened when you had a problem so we can duplicate them here.xls is coming) Excel Add-in Import or paste from Excel Mathsoft controls and web controls Pro/ENGINEER integration Windchill Product Point integration READEXCEL function with preview and ability to edit function for parametric processing SDK User-defined dlls. suggestions. The Alpha email is for reporting problems. scripts Windchill integration x x  x  x    x x  Reporting Issues and Feedback to Mathcad Alpha Thank you for testing the Mathcad Prime 1. 4.

. We will be logging feature requests separately. put Request in front of that item or at the top of your email. If you are requesting a feature.7.