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MOMIN K. UDDIN 24 Middlesex Circle, Apt 13, Waltham, MA 02452 Tel :(857) 231-6179, mu83e78c@westpost.

net Environmental Scientist Expertise in Site assessment, characterization and remediation PROFILE Result oriented environmental scientist with proven ability to lead and support environmental site investigation and remediation programs associated with proper ty transfer, site cleanup, and Brownfield redevelopment. Self-motivated professi onal to offer five years of experience in the environmental consulting field wit h a wide range of innovative technologies and solutions for expedited site chara cterization, and remediation. Proficient to work with local, state, and federal regulation.Passion talented, problem solver with potential to deliver the right solution to clients with industry-leading teamwork and responsiveness. Self-star ter to work independently in a challenging and fast-paced work environment. CORE COMPETENCIES * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ASTM and MCP environmental site assessments Hydrogeologic Investigation Multi-media environmental sampling Site investigation field activities Risk Characterization of harm to health Selection and design of Remediation system Construction and operation of remediation system Expedited remediation applying chemical oxidants, bacteria and bionutrients Writing and preparation of reports, work plan and memo Mentoring of staff Data Management Project coordination, cost estimates and budget tracking Client communications and business development Attention to detail

PROFESSIONAL ACHEIVEMENTS Site Assessment and Investigation * Provided a routine checklist for conducting ASTM Phase I environmental site as sessment of parcel of commercial real estate and identified Recognized/Potential Environmental Conditions efficiently that facilitated the development of new cl ients. Implementation of All Appropriate Inquiry Delivery of ASTM reports with m inimal data gap provided credibility to achieve client satisfaction. * Developed standard operating procedures (SOP) for drilling (Geophone, hollow s tem auger and air hammer), boring and wells logs, tank removal and closure repor ts, soil excavation and dewatering, elevation survey, emergency response, spill cont ainment, installation of equipments, system monitoring, water quality, environme ntal sampling, field and laboratory analysis in compliances with local, state and fed eral regulation. * Coordinated and participated in site investigation for known or potential thre at of release of petroleum or hazardous materials by applying the SOP and approv ed scope of works. * Utilized portable photoionization detector, portable field analyzer (UVF-3100D ), portable water quality meter with flow through cell, five-gas meter. Utilizat ion of

UVF-3100D for measuring petroleum contaminants increased profit margin by saving s in laboratory analysis costs, disposal costs and treatment time. * Employed pump test, slug test, tracer test to investigate the hydrogeologic ch aracteristics of the disposal site. Site Characterization * Designed and implemented comprehensive site assessment to collect, develop and evaluate sufficient information to support conclusions regarding the source, fa te and transport, nature and extent, migration pathways, and potential impacts of relea ses of oil and/or hazardous materials. * Implemented standard procedure for the characterization of the risk of harm to health, safety, public welfare, and the environment for evaluating the risks po sed by oil and/or hazardous material at disposal sites in a manner consistent wi th scientifically acceptable risk assessment. Remediation * Executed the identification and screening of remedial technologies that are re asonably likely to be feasible to clean up the site using the tool of Federal Re mediation Technology Roundtable (FRTR). Detailed evaluation of selected technol ogies was performed by benefit-cost analysis for feasibility evaluation. * Utilized new products (Fentons reagent, ozone, persulfate, surfactant, bionutr ients and enzymes, stabilizer agent, activated carbon) and tools (soil excavatio n,dewatering, soil vapor extraction, geoprobe injection, injection using trenche s, soil washing, efficient product recovery) for effective remediation of site c ontaminants. * Completed soil excavation and dewatering to numerous sites, chemical oxidation (persulfate) technology to 23 contaminated sites, Fentons reagent to 15 contami nant sites, ozone to 2 sites, natural attenuation to 10 sites for cleanup of gasoline , fuel oil and chlorinated solvents impacted soil and groundwater for expedited site closure within targeted timeframe. * Renovated soil vapor extraction system to significantly increase the treatment capacity and efficiency. * Achieved successful completion of mercury abatement project located in High Sc hool. Achieved revenue increase after successfully closing five contaminated sit es impacted with gasoline, fuel oil and hydraulic oil. * Provided operation, inspection and maintenance of onsite wastewater treatment plant where upon completion of oil skimming, settling, pH adjustment, metal remo val and ultra filtration, the treated water are being discharged to sewer line. Data Management * Implemented data usability assessment of analytical data that facilitated scie ntific validity, precision, accuracy, and completeness of data for interpretatio n and technical report. * Utilized statistical analysis that enabled to identify the usable data and to make an interpretation of site conditions based on valid data. Project Management * Managed field and office tasks according to SOP with frequent audits to ensure compliance with existing regulations and policies that significantly reduced ex penditures for clients and operations for the company. * Developed site specific health and safety plan for remediation or civil constr uction projects resulting in reduction of workplace injuries and insurance premi um. * Supervised the installation of soil vapor extraction system and sub-slab depre ssurized system. * Increased profit margins by delivering accurate cost estimate, record keeping and budget tracking. * Contributed expert technical input for assisting staff on complex projects rel

ating to geologic or hydro-geologic concerns. * Directed job responsibilities to support staffs and mentored junior level staf f in conducting field activities and communicated effectively with contractors, project team, and other stakeholders. * Proved proficiency in implementing approved tasks within time and budgets that secured contracts for environmental investigation and cleanup projects. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES Project Manager Expedited Environmental, Weston, Massachusetts 03/2010 to Present Provided sound project management support in areas of site assessment, site char acterization, remediation selection, remedial design and specifications, impleme ntation of remedies (surfactant flushing, sodium persulfate, Fentons reagent and Permang anate, micronutrient, soil-vapor extraction, natural attenuation) and report wri ting. Environmental Project Manager Green Environmental, Norwell, Massachusetts 11/2008 to 02/2010 Managed field and office tasks related to planning, evaluating, implementing and monitoring of environmental/hydrogeologic investigations and remediation projec ts. Remediation Project Manager Stewarts Global Environmental Services, Haverhill, Massachusetts 06/2007 to 10/2008 Directed remediation program for a remediation company with the implementation o f remediation selection process, work plans, application of remedial solutions, and monitoring of remediation progress. Environmental Scientist Knoll Environmental, Needham, Massachusetts 11/2003 to 06/2007 Performed environmental site assessments and cleanup for legal, lending, real es tate and commercial clients in Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Responsibilities included tank removal oversight and closure report preparation; drilling oversig ht and construction of boring and well logs; hydrogeologic investigations includ ing slug, pump and tracer test; collection of soil, groundwater and indoor air sampl es for field screening and laboratory analysis; remedial design and implementati on; data interpretation and report writing. EDUCATION University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, PhD in Hydrogeology University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Masters in Geology University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bachelors in Geology LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONS OSHA 40 hours HAZWOPER with yearly 8 hours of refresher OSHA 10 hour Construction Work and Safety Certified Professional Geologist Industrial Wastewater Treatment Operator Grade IV