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Services to the energy sector

Publicly Available Specification (PAS 55)
Asset management is a key aspect of good business management; the planning, implementation and performance management of assets over their lifecycle to ensure the business achieves its corporate objectives. It was recognised that a common approach to, and understanding of, Asset Management was required. Lloyd's Register made a joint proposal with the Institute of Asset Management to the British Standards Institution for a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) addressing Asset Management.
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Publicly Available Specification 55
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Must establish connection between top management and the asset base
Asset Condition

PAS 55 Requirements (Part 1) and Guidance (Part 2) were initially published by BSI in May 2004, and subsequently revised in 2008 with the assistance of 49 organisations from 15 industries in 10 countries. Structure of PAS 55 PAS 55 was developed based upon the ISO management systems Plan Do Check Act approach. It built on the structure of existing standards to ease understanding and adoption. The structure and content allows existing management processes to be adopted in the PAS 55 system where appropriate, without necessarily requiring a clean sheet. Aims of PAS 55 The challenge of Asset Management (AM) is to align the performance of the assets with the organisation's strategic plan reflecting stakeholder requirements. PAS 55 provides a framework in the form of an AM System within which the OSP, AM Policy, AM Strategy and Objectives are translated into practical objectives for the assets. These objectives are subsequently achieved through the implementation of compliant AM Plans.

Key Enablers Successful implementation of a PAS 55 compliant AM system is dependent upon a number of key enablers including: • senior management buy-in and support • understanding of strategic aims and how the asset base contributes to their achievement • understanding and management of all asset related risks • ability to define, collect and use the correct information to inform AM decisions • regular review and challenging of AM related activities.


Asset base and associated processes

procedures and processes • training courses: • PAS 55 Appreciation (1 Day) for Senior Managers • PAS 55 Practitioners (2 Days) providing guidance to implementers of AM Systems Lloyd’s Register also provides verification services including: • gap analyses provide a cost effective means of determining major gaps in current management systems • preliminary assessments provide detailed assessment of targeted areas of concern • certification assessments provide a full assessment of an organisation's AM system against the requirements of PAS 55. Utilities. When this is coupled with our work with PAS 55 in a variety of sectors including Rail. ns t Pla men nage Planning t Ma Asse tingency Con . If successful a Certificate of compliance with PAS 55 is issued by Lloyd’s Register Verification. As such. the Lloyd's Register Group has developed Asset Management Verification processes based upon proven assessment methods used by Lloyd's Register Group members for other British and International standards. Recognising the need for assessment and verification. Benefits of using the Lloyd's Register Group The Lloyd's Register Group was a sponsor and key contributor to the development of PAS 55.Services to the energy sector Organisational Strategic Plan Asset Management Policy Asset Management Strategy Asset Management Objectives Benefits of adopting PAS 55 • Properly implemented PAS 55 AM systems: • demonstrate to an organisation and its stakeholders that there is clear linkage between the controlling mind of the organisation and the asset base ensuring sustainable asset performance – and in turn that business objectives are met • ensure that stakeholder interests are visibly managed • provide a critical component of corporate risk management regimes • support funding requests and business cases with clear evidence and risk based technical and commercial arguments • provide assurance that asset performance and condition objectives are being met in practice. Oil and Gas it enables our clients to gain significant benefit from our Asset Management expertise. Scope of services We provide the following PAS 55 related services: • advice on Business Management processes and approach . we are able to draw on a detailed knowledge of the standard itself as well as having a thorough understanding of the guidance in PAS 55 Part 2. integrating new requirements with existing management systems.

Our member companies have now certified in excess of 50 organisations around the world in a variety of sectors including: • National Grid UK • EDF Energy Networks.Services to the energy sector Example Projects Lloyd’s Register Group member companies have become world leaders in the provision of PAS 55 services. UK • National Grid. UK • Western Power LNG Terminal. Hong Kong How can we help you? If you would like to speak to a member of our team to find out more about how we can help you call +44 (0)2476 518626 email or visit November 2010 Services are provided by members of the Lloyds Register For further details please see our website:www. Netherlands • Wessex Water. UK • E. UK • ScottishPower Energy Wholesale (part of Iberdrola Group). UK • Enexis. UK • British Energy (part of EDF Energy).lloydsregister. UK • Kowloon and Canton Railway Corporation. Ireland • National Grid USA • Envoy (part of Inexus).org/entitles .On Central Networks. UK • ESB Networks.