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82 Tenby Drive
Nashua, NH 03062

Profile: Results-oriented Manufacturing Manager with extensive amount of exper

ience involving a wide variety of manufacturing operations including injection m
olding, medical devices, membrane casting, prototyping, robotics, Semi-conductor
and wafer manufacturing.
Total solutions provider with exceptional leadership, decision-making, problem s
olving and team building skills.
Catalyst in implementing positive change.
Successfully motivated technical teams by creating a work environment conducive
to productivity.
Coordinated the transfer of an entire product line to a new location on time and
within budget.
Successfully turned around production operations that were behind plan without e
ffecting product quality by using a team approach and laying out goals for each
Successfully coordinated multi-shift operations by eliminating shift competition
Developed a aHow toa training manual for newly appointed supervisors.
Reduced employee absenteeism rate from 15% down to below the company goal of 3%
by meeting with each employee on a weekly basis to let them know where they stan
Successfully resolved production issues resulting in a cost savings of$250K by c
oordinating the efforts of manufacturing and its support groups.
Reduced outstanding safety issues from 125 per year to 12per year by institution
a safety ticket system for outstanding violations.
Received the Manageras award for the design of a piece of equipment for a failin
g process which reduced the clean-up time from 48 hours to 2 minutes per cycle,
resulting in a cost savings of $600K per year.
Received the customer satisfaction award for outstanding leadership and service
for responding to customer needs with on-time deliveries.
Improved product quality by 30% by restructuring the training program resulting
in a cost savings of $50K.
Increased the inspection output by 30% by instituting a limit sampling plan resu
lting in a cost savings of $75K.
Consistently met or exceeded department goals on a weekly basis by keeping emplo
yees motivated.
Responsible for safety talks on a monthly basis.
Increased the output of the inspection area from 1500 units per hour to 2200 uni
ts per hour without affecting product quality. This was done by spot- checking e
ach station three times per day resulting in a cost savings of $100K per year.
( 08 - Present) - Downsized - Bad economy, worked part time sheet rocking.

(07 - 08) Section Manager- Skyworks Solution -Woburn, Ma

Responsibilities a" managing the backend operation.
Broke and set new output records 6 times in 2007 and
7 times in 2008 without affecting the quality of pro
being produced. Weekend shift.
(04 -07) GE Health care- Westborough, MA. Medical Device
Temporary position-production worker. Assembled, tes
packaged and shipped cartridge filters.
(02 - 04) Charity work,
Writing and a training manual for newly appointed
(00 - 02) Analog Devices- Wilmington, MA a" Technical Supervisor
Supervised the wafer and component testing operatio
(99 - 00) Compaq Computer Corp.- Salem, NH- Quality Engineering
Auditor. Responsible for incoming material.
(94 - (99) Optimum Systems Technologies a" Billerica, MA a" Technical
Supervisor. supervised an injection molding operatio

(92-94) Ciba Vision a" Medical Device- Injection Molding

Norcross, GA
Technical Supervisor.
Responsibilities -
Supervised 55 production employees for a five shift
Reduced mixed product incidents from 35 per shift to12 per week, resulting in a
cost savings of $200k per year.
Coordinated the CISS Safety training program.
Scheduled and monitored workflow to ensure on time deliveries. 3rd shift.
(79-91) Millipore Corporation-Medical Device / Injection Molding
Bedford MA -Technical Supervisor
Included 35 production employees and two techn
icians for a five
Shift operation
Coordinated the safety training program.
Facilitated the TQM training program.
Coordinated the efforts of an injecting molding operation. Greatly improved the
working relationship
between five shifts that had difficulty working together. Ended the year 100k fa
vorable and was able to eliminate the weekend and the third shift without effect
ing the output and quality of the products being

Professional Development
ISO 9001,9002, 9014 Inventory control systems
Managing the troubled employee SOP training
Managing for motivation Time management
Professional leadership skills SPC training
MRP Advanced training Lean manufacturing
Scheduling, purchasing TQM training
Six sigma - (yellow belt)
Education: Middlesex community college a"Bedford, MA
Associates degree in Business Administration.

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