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I am an accomplished Executive/Manager with extensive Fortune 500 experience in

full P&L, Operations, Sales, Human Resources, People Development and goal-orient
ed Customer Service. I have utilized my experience in Business and Education to
successfully implement performance management programs and improve operational
efficiencies. My expertise in creating a positive work environment that stimula
tes personal growth, development, accountability and the performance of all dire
ct reports is my greatest asset. I am the recipient of numerous Chairman Awards
for exceeding sales and EBIT objectives. Have the maturity to forge productive
relationships with customers, employees, students, and business partners. Othe
r leadership qualities include:
Skilled Operational Excellence
Excellent Coaching, Mentoring & Leadership Skills
Effective Motivational Skills
Strong Customer Service, Clear Verbal and Written Skills
Multi-Unit Management
Attention to Detail, Problem Solving & High Standards
Nationally known for innovative programs coupled with a solid foundation in the
teaching of basic skills. Presented the C.S. Robinson Award for outstanding Sub
stitute Teacher Programs: Scope & Implementation Procedures by the American Ass
ociation of School Personnel Administrators. Largest school district in the Stat
e of Arizona.
District Substitute Teacher (10/2007 Present)
Certified by the Department of Education as a Substitute Teacher for the State o
f Arizona. Current teaching responsibilities are High School Business Classes w
hich includes marketing, economics, accounting, computer applications and busine
ss entrepreneurship. Also, Elementary Grades which includes all grade level subj
Nationally recognized innovator in technical and professional education delivery
, specializing in Information Technology and Health Care certification training;
Business skills training for Bookkeeping and Project Management and Corporate T
raining Solutions utilizing blended learning offerings through classroom and web
-based training.
Arizona Market Campus Director, Operations (1/2007 7/2007)
Directed and managed all aspects of both the Phoenix and Mesa campuses which inc
luded revenue, operations and P&L. Also responsible for recruiting and hiring f
aculty; attracting and enrolling students; graduating and placing students; hiri
ng staff, supervising, motivating and retaining campus personnel; ensuring compl
iance with all Company and HR policies and procedures.
Presented business plan to Senior Corporate Management to re-organize the leade
rship of both campuses and create the positions of Director of Admissions and Di
rector of Education to help support both campuses with staffs in both categories
reporting to each Director. Plan approved and started 3/1/07.
Set up visual and logistic standards for each campus involving reception area w
all graphics, company logos, signing, corridor and classroom branding.
Exceeded January June 2007 sales plan by 15% and EBIT plan by 82%.
Multimillion dollar manufacturer-endorsed educational institution in automotive,
motorcycle and marine industry. Operates under the Accrediting Commission of C
areer Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT).
Assistant Campus Director, Operations (6/2004 10/2006)
Key Senior Director responsible for $42 million in revenue including all operati
ons, human resources, staffing, training, development and overall performance of
the campus. Co-supervised the following management personnel: Director of Edu
cation, Director of Student Services, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Emp
loyment Services,

Director of Human Resources, Information Technology Manager, Facilities Manager

and the Campus Controller. Dotted line (matrix reporting) relationship with the
Director of Admissions. Reported to the Campus President. Utilized data, stat
istical analysis and reporting methodologies ensuring implementation of performa
nce metrics and reporting tools that achieved superior organizational outcomes.
Restructured the execution of classroom standards in organization, cleanliness,
tool inventory control logs, equipment care and manufacturer identification. C
lassrooms graded out an improvement of 9.3% increasing the education score from
75% to 82%.
Created an Education Managers accountability program for areas of responsibilit
y that was measurable in the areas of Instruction, Curriculum, Training Aids and
Equipment. Achieved a total Department grade of 97.25%.
Developed a quality Customer Service Program for the entire campus to practice
every hour the campus was open. Achieved the highest rating (82.6% excellent/go
od responses) scored by the campus.
Championed the discipline/training to help each Director/Manager improve their
time management skills by utilizing the Microsoft Suite/Outlook Program to sched
ule and execute all work assignments.

re, catalog and e-commerce retailer
Store General Manager (1997 - 2004)
Responsible and accountable for all store operations and sales activities. Prov
ided hands on leadership to store management on sales, merchandising, merchandis
e presentation, operations, logistics, receiving, distribution, stockroom planni
ng, styling salon / portrait studio / optical dept. performance, catalog initiat
ives, safety and shrinkage control. Achieved $48 million in revenue and full P&
L accountability. Executed Company marketing plans for promotional and sales ev
ents. Directed store budgeting, auditing, forecasting and planning. Led a staf
f of 10 Direct Reports and 150 employees. Reported to the District/Regional Man
Surpassed event sales goal 120% over previous year and increased 100th annivers
ary sales month by 22%. Designed sales strategy, goals and incentive plan for d
epartment managers and teams.
Revolutionized customer service and quality initiative by setting new standard
for initiating and resolving customer interests. Developed and delivered custom
er sensitivity and quality assurance programs to all staff members resulting in
an annual sales increase of 15%.
Received recognition and awarded the Companys Chairman Award for exceeding the
store sales and EBIT plans for fiscal 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2003. Stores exceedi
ng plan (up to maximum of 10% of all 1100 stores) were awarded the prestigious J
CPenney Chairmans Award.
Lead Store Team in creating a fun and exciting store environment where direct a
nd indirect customer service initiatives were highly visible through selling con
tests, customer awareness and merchandise presentation. Averaged a 10% sales im
provement during Store Manager assignments.
Managed and ensured execution of training programs which centered on sales, cus
tomer service, product knowledge, department organization, employee motivation,
credit solicitation and catalog referrals. Helped restructure the employee orie
ntation program which increased actual training from two to five days and improv
ed the quality of each new employee prior to reporting.
Achieved a yearly labor cost improvement of 6% by directing each department man
ager to review sales trend forecasts, marketing plans, staffing plans and produc
tivity guidelines on a consistent basis. Helped execute an action plan addressi
ng each business factor and HR process to ensure consistency and efficiency.

Bachelor of Science, Business Management
Business School
Arizona State University