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992 Hao Street * Honolulu, HI
808-373-5025 *

MANAGEMENT: Grocery, Customer Service

Accomplished Manager with 20 year portfolio of success directing operations, lo
gistics, and personnel. Customer-service oriented with a focus on bottom line ea
rnings. Creative problem solver and motivational leader skilled at cultivating h
igh performance teams.
Areas of expertise:
Customer Service * Staff Management * Vendor Relations * Inventory Control * Log
istics * Training
Account Development * Product Representation * Merchandising * Payroll * Manufac
Operations * Purchasing * Shipping & Receiving * Warehouse * Retail Sales Manage
Store Planning & Management * Trucking

MEADOW GOLD DAIRIES, Honolulu, HI * 2005-2009
A branch of Dean Foods involved with processing, packaging and delivering milk t
o schools, restaurants, hotels, and retail outlets.
Distribution Supervisor / Key Account Manager
Orchestrated product shipping and delivery logistics. Oversaw statewide contract
with Long's Drug Stores including product sales, in-store displays, and on-site
inventory control. Scheduled drivers, mechanics, and other personnel. Adhered t
o highest safety standards per EPA requirements to ensure product freshness. Add
ressed all EPA issues. Managed a team of 100 union employees.
* Hand selected by the company's general manager to train supervisors on the Do
ssier Parts Maintenance System for state certification.
* Served as Forklift subject matter expert and certification trainer.
* Facilitated a company savings of 17% annually by implementing a truck parts i
nventory system with multiple vendors.

LONG'S DRUG STORES, Honolulu, HI * 1988-2005

A retail drug and grocery store with 28 locations state-wide.
Senior Department Manager (1996-2005)
Commanded alignment of department operations including inventory, vendor relatio
ns, and employee management. Procured products. Finalized ad buys for all depart
ments. Managed accounts payable and payroll. Oversaw merchandising needs. Filled
in for store manager during absences.
* Served on an elite committee to represent the company as a buyer.
* Selected to oversee the pharmacy department (state-wide).
* Generated a 28% profit margin (average per store was 18%) by negotiating bett
er pricing structures with vendors.
Career Note: Prior work history with Long's Drug Store includes Department Manag
er. Managed food, pharmacy, back wall, paper goods, photo, school supply, and no
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General undergraduate coursework at University of Hawaii and Leeward Community C
ollege, Honolulu, HI
Dossier Truck Maintenance Record, Seattle, WA
Fork Lift Certification, Honolulu, HI
Accreditation Maintenance

MS Word * Excel * MS Office

992 Hao Street * Honolulu, HI

808-373-5025 *

Dear Recruiter / Hiring Manager:

Having contributed to the profitability and overall success of large organizatio
ns by maintaining a customer-centric management style that also emphasizes worke
r safety and training, I now seek the opportunity to join your organization as a
With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, production, retail, and
transportation, I am confident in my abilities to generate superior results for
you. In addition to my can-do attitude and vendor management, I am well respecte
d by my staff, peers and supervisors.
A selection of my career highlights includes:
* Being hand selected by the company's general manager to train supervisors on
the Dossier Parts Maintenance System for state certification.
* Facilitating a company savings of 17% annually by implementing a truck parts
inventory system with multiple vendors.
* Generating a 28% profit margin (average per store was 18%) by negotiating imp
roved pricing structure with vendors.
For the past year I've been working in concurrent part-time positions. My goal i
s to secure full-time employment with a company where I best utilize my diverse
skill set. For a more detailed presentation of my qualifications, please review
the enclosed r?sum? and feel free to contact me. I look forward to your call.

John C. Williams